Twisted Plot Podcast
Twisted Plot Podcast
Evelyn Marley
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Evelyn is so down to earth and funny
Her podcast is so fun to listen to, and Evelyn is awesome, the kind of person you can picture yourself just grabbing a drink with and chatting for hours. She’s witty and sharp and perceptive and excellent at what she does!
A message of self love and empowerment.
While the beginning was marked by commenting on celebrity culture and the “bravo sphere” The host really found her voice and mission after the long hiatus. I really want to see more interviews like the one we saw with Deanna Moffit about self improvement. The energy, love and passion was something I felt was missing early in the journey, and it’s really refreshing to see it in both the host and guest! Recommend!
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Happy to see Twisted Plot back in action in 2021. I hope more episodes come out soon!!
Great Podcast! Tons of fun
Twisted Plot Pod is witty, raw and totally entertaining.
Highly recommend!
Evelyn gets me, gets it, gets the absurdity of reality television and I am here for it! Always at the intersection of mental health, problematic reality stars and our love for Bravo, she gives great insight on real life and reality “stars”. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Listen in, you may learn something!
One of the best
Evelyn is hilarious in such a smart way, and I love the sound of her voice. Made to be a podcast host (although she has a face for television💜). Witty, smart, funny, [insert Lady Gaga groundbreaking quote here]. If you’re not listening, you should be.
Loved the therapist he was fair. You sound like a hateful person get to know the people you judge on your pod cast You clearly hate max and Brett ~they are not bad people ~ we AlL make mistakes..
2020 reset please
Love it.
Love her easy way with interviewing, her unique guests, and her expertise on Vanderpump.
Cindy l. Word crazy
Lame attempt to get views
Hilarious to be claiming you and her comments were taken out of context almost as if they were edited. Lame
Plot Twist! It’s a great podcast!
Love the interviews, great conversations, and the plot twists are awesome!
Bad news
So not a fan.
Host with poor judgment.
Unbelievable how this host encouraged bullying and bad behavior.
Trash interviewing trash
Nuff said
Love it, keep them coming.
I am a big fan of this podcast, love how easy and entertaining it is. Evelyn makes me feel like I’m there sipping cocktails with her when she’s talking. Love love love the intro too, so cute.
Ciarra cat
Love it!
I love the host! She is so funny and cool. I think we’d be real life bffs haha. Her topics are fun and I enjoy the guests. Thank you for bringing us all the tea. Good or bad.
Love this show
I listened to your episode with @ohnobravo and love what you do! You have great banter and I’m so excited to hear more from you. Keep up the great work!
Love this podcast
The host is hilarious and the content is gold. Also the intro is too cute.
Like BullShittin with your sister and friends after a bottle of wine and a joint
I loved that it was like being with friends and it was a great listen! The girls are awesome! I love it! Found a new podcast and I to look forward for more content to drop!
Pretty cringe that this host is trying to capitalize off of the Bri D drama when she’s the one who put this out there in the first place, laughed about it with that ridiculously unprofessional editor, and now she wants to play the victim because she’s getting bad podcast ratings. I’ve heard all I need to hear from this interview and you should be ashamed of yourself for taking that much joy in a grown woman bullying someone else because she didn’t befriend her. I’m not sure you’ve ever heard of feminism, but this ain’t it.
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Incredibly done!
Evelyn is a hero. I love this pod because it’s both hilarious and informative, and is always the first to have new and interesting guests in the reality sphere. This show is a sleeper hit, and if you love all of the ridiculous nonsense that I think you do, you should go ahead and subscribe. Can’t say enough good thing! 🧡⚰️✝️👑
The intro is NOT ADORABLE
Hilarious, sounds like a friend
This podcast is an easy listen, a little sarcastic but not mean, and makes me feel like I’m with a friend! Love it, more please!
Not good
Terrible to listen to. Poor quality.
Phenomenal Podcast
Can’t wait to hear more episodes from Evelyn. Plus the intro is adorable.
This Podcast is Dull
This podcast is dull and the quality is reminiscent of a podcast from 2003. Lame. Don’t waste your time. Head to Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast, you will find quality and well thought out content.
bring @ohnobravo back 😉
Justice for Scheana
The Bachelor called and they want their spineless producer with a penchant for making grown women look bad back. I’m sad that this type of editing goes on in the first place and that others exploit it to build their own subscriber base.
I’m always stoked to hear the next episode!
So fun
So entertaining! Keep up the good work Evelyn. The sun is shining on you.
Chel Who Else
First and eighth episodes gone
What a bummer. Wanted to hear what that editor wanted to say. Maybe it got pulled from the powers that be...
Bring back episode 1
Bring back episode 1 vanderpump rules
Where is your first episode?!
Hey, interested in listening to your podcast, but I’d like to start with the first episode. Where is it?
Justice for Sche Sche!
Johns rvshrhbev
Vpr should be cancelled
Are getting paid by bravo to hype up a show that should be cancelled? For unfair editing, showing coke addicts
Justice for SheShu
Seeking justice for Schena Marie Jancan Shay
Poor quality, spineless
Sound quality awful. Invest in better equipment. And stand behind your interviews don’t go “dark” and private when you dip into some hot water.
Justice for SheShu
How dare you!
So good!
Great interviews and good over podcast. Love Evelyn and her instagram @this1s4u2night is hilarious
Looks like episode 1 has been removed
Why would you remove the episode giving you media attention? Dumb move. Bring back the VPR producer trashing Schena.
Bri editor
Love this podcast!!!
I have so much fun listening to Twisted Plot, I find myself talking back and joining the conversation all the time. Keep me coming!
Juicy AF
Full disclosure: I started listening to this podcast after appearing as a guest host, but now I am hooked! Evelyn is so funny and a natural interviewer. And she gets great guests- so much hot goss and so many hot takes. Definitely check it out!
Shackie Backie
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