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Twisted Plot Podcast
Evelyn Marley
A podcast dedicated to stories, tips, tricks and tools to help manage those wild real life plot twists and turns that life can present us at any given moment!
Episode 19: This is Jeopardy with Eugene Henderson
Game show fans unite for this behind the scenes episode of what it is like to be a contestant on the hit show Jeopardy. Listen as Eugene Henderson, host of Problem Addict Podcast, shares his experience and all the juicy details of his experience, from taking the test, to meeting the man the myth the legend himself Alex Trebek. Listen as Evelyn gets the scoop on if the buzzer does in fact punish you for being too quick. Important details that could help make or break you if you are ever on this game show. Speaking of breaks, we get to hear a big break through moment and conclusion that Eugene has about his experience on the show, that reframes his perspective in a way he never thought of before. This episode will either motivate you to watch or go try out for a game show and thats exactly what we want. Please stay awhile, click that subscribe button and if you could be so kind as to leave a review, it really does help get visibility and everyone knows I want the world to learn how to be  game show contestants.  Find Eugene: Instagram: @problemaddictpod Apple: Spotify: Google: Find Evelyn: Instagram: @evelynmarley and @twistedplotpod
Sep 28
1 hr 2 min
Episode 18: Reframing Rejection with Deanna Moffitt
What if rejection reframed from a point of no return to a point of ALL the BEST possible way...crazy, right? Maybe not this episode listen as Evelyn gets a crash course in rejection, imposter syndrome and "miswanting"...all from the help of her teacher and friend Deanna Moffitt. The idea that rejection could actually guide us into a perspective to look inward and let go of the subconscious and expectational backpack that others have made us carry, and lead us into the authentic lightness of living our best lives...well if being rejected is wrong, I don't want to be right!  Find Deanna Moffitt: IG: @deannamoffitt Find Evelyn Marley: IG: @evelynmarley  @twistedplotpod References: "Rejection Proof" Jia Jiang "Never Split the Difference" Chris Voss "Rejection Free" Scott Allan "Science of Wellbeing" Laurie Santos
Aug 13
53 min
Episode 17: The Butterfly Effect with Taria Faison
The Butterfly Effect in its most simple terms is chaos theory, which broken down even more, is when a small change can make much bigger changes happen. With the idea that one small change can have such a big effect on the future, I present to you, my guest and podcasting friend, Taria Faison. While we do not talk about the Butterfly Effect, I can honestly say our connection just made us experience it, in totality. In this episode, Taria and I deep dive her love of information, her multiple podcasts and we discuss how the small effects of something not so great actually can turn your life around completely and save you. This one is deep, so grab your weighted blankets, a glass of water or cup of tea and buckle up buttercups.  Find Taria Faison: Tales From A Butterfly Podcast: What Else is Going On Podcast: Instagram : Find Evelyn Marley: Instagram:
Jun 22
1 hr 2 min
Episode 16: Fix My Life! with Marianela Mendoza
To kick start Season 2 Evelyn starts off catching up on the last few months and leads into a special podcast with Marianela from Fix My Life Podcast on Instagram. But before Evelyn gets a reading, Marianela talks about how she went from a doubting Thomas to a believer in self! And how the journey for Marianela into the spiritual world of Tarot and shadow work was one of purpose and fulfillment. We end with a reading that at the time left Evelyn speechless but in the current leaves her understanding more about her purpose with Plot Twists! Catch Marianela on Instagram @fixmylifepodcast for live Tarot card readings every Weds at 6pm pst! Find: Marianela: @fixmylifepodcast Evelyn Marley: @twistedplotpod Notes and Mentions: Podcast: Matt Bodner The Science of Success Podcast Instagrams: Chris Medina Psychic Medium @chrismedina Christina Lopes Life Coach @theheartalchemist Book: A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle
May 17
1 hr 8 min
Episode 15: The Reality Is....with Obi from Odd Black Individual
After a  personal and nice little mental break(down) I'm back! And I have a very special guest. This episode features my friend Obi, who shares as much of a love of reality tv as I do. We get into how to separate the problematic characters that we see on TV compared to the real lives they lead and how they effect our viewership. We also talk about how Obi's journey of his love of reality tv has propelled him on his podcast journey... I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it with my friend Obi. And after you listen, go right back to your search engines in the podcast app and find Odd Black Individual with Obi. If you are into Bravo (which I know 80% of you are, my stats tell me...) go and listen to his will love it.  Follow: On Obi on Instagram @oddblackindividual Evelyn on Instagram @twistedplotpod
Dec 21, 2020
43 min
Episode 14: Candling The Truth with Madison
On this weeks episode of Twisted Plot Podcast, Evelyn learns the truth about how she has been candling all wrong. Listen as Madison gives a play by play of how she got started on social media, her Youtube Channel and how candles make her feel. We also of course bring it on back to the mothership that is Bravo. There were a lot of great candle companies named in the episode so I have provided all the details here, as well as a 15% promo code for Freckles and Feelings. Plot Twist, you don't just light candles and go on your way, there is way more to it.  Please don't forget to rate and subscribe.  FInd Madison: Instagram: @candlethetruth Youtube: Find Evelyn: Instagram: @twistedplotpod Candle Companies mentioned in todays podcast: Freckles and Feelings: Use code: CANDLETRUTH15 for 15% sitewide at Freckles and Feelings Natural Annies Essentials: The Sisters Stoned: Bijou Candles: Candle Accoutrement on AMAZON:
Nov 19, 2020
58 min
Episode 13: That's So Greek with Gus Constantellis
Evelyn gets a chance to sit down with Comedian Gus Contstantellis, and they really deep dive their greek experiences. Evelyn and Gus talk about growing up Greek, his journey as a comedian, how he almost stole a scone from Lady Gaga's mom and his connection with the Bravoverse.  Come be greek for 50 minutes and enjoy this fun conversation between two Greek Americans just trying to survive a pandemic.  Find Gus: Instagram, Twitter and TikTok: @constantlygus Book Gus on Cameo to get a message from your favorite Greek Mom: And please check out his merch collab with Allthatglittahs available on etsy here: proceeds for purchasing the "Toula" merch will be donated to the Trevor Project! Find Evelyn: Instagram: @twistedplotpod and please subscribe, review, follow and as always...stay twisted. 
Nov 12, 2020
49 min
Episode 12: Children of the Corn with OhnoBravo!
In this episode, Evelyn dressed up with Chelsea from OhNoBravo and they had a face to face zoom meeting about the subtle pull of a corn meme. Evelyn asks Chelsea to delve into her creative process and how she handles the stress of the gram. At the time of recording Chelsea had 16,400 Instagram followers, at the time of posting(a short few days later) she currently has jumped to 17,500, the gram works quick. Join Chelsea of Ohnobravo on Fridays and Sundays 8pmEast/5pmpst for her recaps and interviews with many of your favorite Instagramers and Bravo lovers. And If you are in need of more Ohnobravo content, find her on Patreon, where you can fulfill that Bravo void, one OhnoBravo episode at a time. Find Chelsea from Ohnobravo: Patreon IG: @ohnobravo Evelyn: IG:@twistedplotpod
Oct 27, 2020
39 min
Episode 11: Hitting Reset with Jackie Santillan
Hi everyone, welcome back, and as the episode states, Evelyn and her guest Jackie Santillan are talking about what Evelyn has done to hit reset. After a brief six month hiatus, Evelyn has revamped and hit reset on her life and her podcast. In this episode Jackie and Evelyn discuss the tools that Evelyn used to help get her out of her funk, or what Jackie so endearingly calls Evelyn's All In program, don't worry, no one is going to hold you accountable but yourself, we don't need to create co-dependency around these parts. They also talk about Jackie and all her businesses (she has about 100) but one in particular that will really warm your soul. Her Kind Mind Smart Heart YouTube Series is a gift to the world, and Evelyn is so happy to get a chance to talk about this venture for Jackie. Evelyn will also never get used to talking in the third person, and if you have read this far, you are sure to enjoy this episode.  Find Jackie Santillan: Instagram @kindmindsmartheart  Kind Mind Smart Heart YouTube Find Evelyn Marley: Instagram: @twistedplotpod  Don't be shy and slide into my DM's to let me know what you think of the podcast or even better, please leave a review, thank you so much for your support. 
Oct 20, 2020
53 min
Episode 10: I'm back...kind of
Checking in and letting you all know that Twisted Plot Podcast still lives. I have gotten some very amazing dm's asking me to come back and record again and so I am working on guests and content. I will be back and better than ever in the next couple of weeks but until then I wanted to share a project I am working on with the Bravo Literary Society ladies. We have a podcast called Residential Confidential and it is short and sweet and fun. If you love neighborhood gossip and crazy stories about neighbors, then this is the podcast for you. It is interactive, meaning we have shared real stories from people who have sent them in. They are anonymous and you will be too. I have released a preview of our latest Episode 5: What’s in the Box? So please send us your stories and find us on IG @resconpodcast and go check out Residential confidential on all podcasting platforms. SPOILER ALERT: my alias is Judy. Apple Podcasts: YouTube:
Jul 2, 2020
20 min
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