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Twisted Plot Podcast
Evelyn Marley
Episode 19: This is Jeopardy with Eugene Henderson
1 hour 2 minutes Posted Sep 28, 2021 at 1:05 am.
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Show notes

Game show fans unite for this behind the scenes episode of what it is like to be a contestant on the hit show Jeopardy. Listen as Eugene Henderson, host of Problem Addict Podcast, shares his experience and all the juicy details of his experience, from taking the test, to meeting the man the myth the legend himself Alex Trebek. Listen as Evelyn gets the scoop on if the buzzer does in fact punish you for being too quick. Important details that could help make or break you if you are ever on this game show. Speaking of breaks, we get to hear a big break through moment and conclusion that Eugene has about his experience on the show, that reframes his perspective in a way he never thought of before. This episode will either motivate you to watch or go try out for a game show and thats exactly what we want. Please stay awhile, click that subscribe button and if you could be so kind as to leave a review, it really does help get visibility and everyone knows I want the world to learn how to be  game show contestants. 

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