Twisted Plot Podcast
Twisted Plot Podcast
Evelyn Marley
Episode 17: The Butterfly Effect with Taria Faison
1 hour 2 minutes Posted Jun 22, 2021 at 12:26 am.
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Show notes

The Butterfly Effect in its most simple terms is chaos theory, which broken down even more, is when a small change can make much bigger changes happen. With the idea that one small change can have such a big effect on the future, I present to you, my guest and podcasting friend, Taria Faison. While we do not talk about the Butterfly Effect, I can honestly say our connection just made us experience it, in totality. In this episode, Taria and I deep dive her love of information, her multiple podcasts and we discuss how the small effects of something not so great actually can turn your life around completely and save you. This one is deep, so grab your weighted blankets, a glass of water or cup of tea and buckle up buttercups. 

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