Twisted Plot Podcast
Twisted Plot Podcast
Evelyn Marley
Episode 11: Hitting Reset with Jackie Santillan
53 minutes Posted Oct 20, 2020 at 2:00 am.
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Show notes

Hi everyone, welcome back, and as the episode states, Evelyn and her guest Jackie Santillan are talking about what Evelyn has done to hit reset. After a brief six month hiatus, Evelyn has revamped and hit reset on her life and her podcast. In this episode Jackie and Evelyn discuss the tools that Evelyn used to help get her out of her funk, or what Jackie so endearingly calls Evelyn's All In program, don't worry, no one is going to hold you accountable but yourself, we don't need to create co-dependency around these parts. They also talk about Jackie and all her businesses (she has about 100) but one in particular that will really warm your soul. Her Kind Mind Smart Heart YouTube Series is a gift to the world, and Evelyn is so happy to get a chance to talk about this venture for Jackie. Evelyn will also never get used to talking in the third person, and if you have read this far, you are sure to enjoy this episode. 

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Kind Mind Smart Heart YouTube

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