True Crime Couple
True Crime Couple
True Crime Couple
Join married couple Kay and John as they cover some of the lesser known true crime cases. In this bi-weekly podcast, Kay presents the case to both the audience and John at the same time, so they can react together. We pride ourselves on the research we conduct and the respect we show to victims. We hope you enjoy!
Episode 181: Fred Martinez Jr. | The Murder of Two Spirits
Fred ‘FC’ Martinez Jr. was brutally murdered on the night of June 16, 2001. He is one of the youngest recorded victims of a hate crime in the United States. Join me as I tell John the case of the Navajo teen and his two spirits.  Trigger Warning: mentions of suicide and hate crimes or join on the app to get ad free episodes and two full length bonus episodes per month Sponsors: Miracle Made and use the code TCC to claim your FREE 3 PIECE TOWEL SET and SAVE over 40% OFF IQBAR Text TCC to 64-000 20% off all IQBAR products, plus get FREE shipping Sources: Two Spirits (2009) from filmmaker Lydia Nibley
Jun 16
1 hr 18 min
Episode 180: Claire and Natasha Peernock | A Planned Murder
In the early morning hours of July 22, 1987 a mother and daughter were found in a car wreckage. An first responders worked to save the women's lives they quickly realized the crash had been no accident... Sponsors: Detective Perspective Podcast Sources: A Checklist for Murder by Anthony Flacco 
Jun 2
1 hr 24 min
Episode 179: The Abduction and Murder of Alexis Murphy
On August 3, 2013, just weeks before beginning her senior year of high school, 17 year old Alexis Murphy left her family home after telling her mother that she was going to spend the day shopping in Lynchburg, VA. Unfortunately Alexis never returned home that night so her mother reported her missing to the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department. Within a week investigators would find a suspect, but it would take years for the family of Alexis Murphy to receive justice. Sponsors: Miracle Made Go to and use the code TCC to claim your FREE 3 PIECE TOWEL SET and SAVE over 40% OFF. Criminal Coffee WWW.CRIMINALCOFFEECO.COM and use our code CRIMECOUPLE10 for 10% off your order!  FÜM Head to and use code tcc to get a free gift with your order today. Sources:
May 19
1 hr 33 min
Episode 178: Jasmine Block | A Disappearance into the Night
On the night of August 8, 2017 15 year old Jasmine Block seemingly disappeared into thin air. When her mother returned home after only being gone an hour that night Jasmine’s cell phone was near the couch which she had left her daughter sitting on. Join me as I tell John the case of Jasmine Block.  Trigger Warning: Sexual assault and descriptions of extreme violence Correction: John told me to let you know he was wrong about St. Paul and he apologizes to all Minnesotans! Join for two full length bonus episodes a month and ad free episodes! Sponsors: Crime Weekly Listen to Crime Weekly wherever you listen to podcasts or on YouTube. Be sure to tell them we sent you Füm Start the Good Habit at to save 10% off the Journey Pack today. Sources:,daughter%2C%20Jasmine%2C%20was%20missing.,has%20already%20spent%20in%20jail. Polaris Project ​​
May 5
1 hr 39 min
Episode 177: Roylynn Rides Horse | Three Miles on Castle Rock Rd
On April 17, 2016 A motorist found the burned, beaten, and frostbit body of a woman on a desolate stretch of Highway 212 in the Crow Reservation in Montana. Miraculously she was still alive. Join me as I tell John the case of Roylynn Rides Horse and the senseless act of violence that left her in the condition in which she was found.  Trigger Warning: domestic violence, extreme violence ** Correction: the time between the murder of Hanna Harris and Roylynn Rides Horse was 3 years not 9, I apologize.** National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center Sponsors If you order today you can save over 40%. AND if you use our promo TCC at checkout you’ll get 3 FREE TOWELS and SAVE an extra 20%! Sourcing: Map showing distance from Kirby Saloon to Castle Rock Road,respect%20of%20the%20other's%20crime. Investigation Discovery Show: Dead Silence Season 4 Episode 8
Apr 21
1 hr 19 min
Episode 176: Nadia Kajouji and Mark Drybrough | The Chatroom
Today’s case spans three countries and the course of ten years. It begins as separate tragic cases of young individuals who are in crisis, but when a 64 year old self-admitted armchair detective got involved she slowly began to connect all the dots…something horrible was happening on the internet.  Trigger Warnings: Today’s case deals with discussions surround suicide and suicide ideations Resources: Suicide Prevention resources The national suicide prevention lifeline is now 988 (Suicide and Crisis Lifeline) You could also call 1800-273- TALK (8255) Learn the warning signs for suicide International Suicide prevention hotline lists Sponsors Füm Start the Good Habit at to save 10% off the Journey Pack today. Sources: archives from the Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Windsor Star, Battle Creek Enquirer, and New York Times Death on the Web miniseries Web of Lies (ID)
Apr 7
1 hr 32 min
Episode 175: Gabriella Doolin | Allen County's Angel
On November 14, 2015 the most unthinkable crime was committed in the midst of a youth football game in Scottsville, KY reaffirming the scary truth that it is not the unknown we should fear, but those closest to us. Join me as I tell Johnny the case of seven year old Gabriella Doolin. Trigger warning: sexual abuse and murder of a minor Sponsors: Factor Meals and use code truecrimecouple50 to get 50% off Miracle Made and use the code TCC to claim your FREE 3 PIECE TOWEL SET and SAVE over 40% OFF Morbidology Podcast You can find Morbidology wherever you listen to podcasts! Sources:
Mar 24
1 hr 40 min
Episode 174: The Murder of Cindy Monkman
30 year old Cindy Monkman went missing in the hours before she was supposed to catch a flight home with her sister for Christmas. Join me as I tell John the heartbreaking case of Cindy and how falling in love can sometimes be a very dangerous thing to do.  Kathy Monkman Higham’s links: Blog Youtube Channel  Sponsors: FUM Get 10% when you use code tcc Sources: Source 1 Clip from American Monster (Season 9 and Episode 4) access to the Arizona Republic and the Arizona Daily Star archives
Mar 10
1 hr 44 min
Episode 173: Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg | Wrong Turn
The case that we have for you today will take us on a scenic road trip from the beautiful Vancouver Island through the majestic pacific northwestern state of Washington, with our final destination being Seattle. But somewhere along the way a wrong turn was taken, and the vast and dense forests around us, once beautiful and intoxicating, will take on a new sinister light. And very quickly the trip that was supposed to be fun for a young, new couple, just beginning to map out their own lives, would send them on the path towards their brutal murders…because a killer was now following them.  Join me as I tell John the case of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg  For ad free episodes, and two full length bonus episodes a month Sponsors: Factor Meals and use code truecrimecouple50 to get 50% off. Sources: The Forever Witness: How DNA and Genealogy Solved a Cold Case Double Murder By Edward Humes Penguin Random House 2022 Purchase book,reversal%20and%20affirm%20his%20convictions.
Feb 25
1 hr 43 min
Episode 172: The Murder of Brad Dodd
In New Washoe City, Nevada two armed gunmen stormed into the trailer of the Dodd Family in late December of 2012. In their wake they would leave the head of the household dead and a family reeling from the seemingly senseless act of violence. But as the investigation fell into the lap of investigators the family would only be further torn apart by devastating secrets and betrayals. Sources: Reno-Gazette Journal archives accessed through (2012-2015) Source 3 Snapped Season 19 Episode 6 (Interviews)
Feb 11
1 hr 38 min
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