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Trivial Warfare Trivia
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Trivial Warfare is the podcast that takes the pub quiz out of the pub and brings it home to you. Trivial Warfare is a weekly game shared by people all over the world that features all the same banter, jokes and fun that you share with your friends at your local quiz nights. TW is your gateway to a larger world of trivia and your invitation into an awesome community of people who love trivia games just as much as you do. Give the show a try and have fun with Jonathan, Chris, Carmela and Ben as they partner with guests just like you to battle for victory each week. Trivial Warfare is an Oakes Media Group podcast.
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Its good trivia!
The questions are generally well written. Not too difficult or too easy. The format is entertaining. The main host (Jonathan) has a big personality and it comes across negatively at times. I think the show could benefit from rotating hosts regularly and giving J a break from micromanaging every game he participates in. Much of the feedback he has for his co-hosts could be saved for off-air. Or, in the case of interrupting to argue with a co-host’s solicited opinion: kept to himself.
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Desiree Dillon
Maybe the worst trivia podcast ever?
Poor research and the moderator apparently didn’t graduate from middle school? When naming African countries the moderator not only got half of the names wrong but also said countries which weren’t even IN Africa. Amateur and embarrassing.
It’s a trivia podcast - chill
Loved this podcast when I originally found it about a year and a half ago. Listened to almost every episode. Now it has become very awkward and cringe-worthy and I only listen when I’ve run out of new episodes of other podcasts. Jonathan’s know-it-all, “well actually” personality is almost unbearable at this point. I don’t know if it’s a symptom of running a trivia podcast where listeners are constantly nitpicking and correcting information or if it’s just how he is, but it’s turned me off completely. Having Chris and Ben on the show less often only makes it even more glaring. Maybe Jonathan could consider loosening up a bit.
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Overall good, but Johnathan is obnoxious
Great questions, but Jonathan is extremely obnoxious, forces his answers on his teammates, argues whenever he is wrong, and exceedingly braggadocious about his intelligence. I stopped listening for a while because of this, and tried it again. It’s only become worse.
Awesome pod
This is the BEST trivia podcast I know. You guys are so funny, great questions, and it is very entertaining. I just recently started listening and I love that there are so many episodes to listen to even though I am not a patron, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to all of them! I really enjoy the show, I think that you guys have done an awesome job with it and I can’t wait for the next show to come out!
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Correct terms and facts are important in trivia
Upon my first listen, there was a question about black widow spiders. One of the guys referred to it as “poisonous”. They are VENOMOUS, not poisonous. There is a big difference.
Could be good but...
They drag the trivia in with nonstop talking and laughing at their own comments. Luke easily be cut down to 20 minutes of actual trivia. Talk less and more questions. It is trivia after all... 30 seconds a question is still to much. Also, more historical trivia would be nice. I feel like these people do not watch jeopardy or any real trivia show. Too much non-trivia trivia. Plus it seems like they maybe do two episodes a week. Better off just buying a trivia book to read or doing something with friends. Very surprising their rating is above even a 2.
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Taylor Leigh V
Best of the trivia shows
Found this show when searching for shows to fill the void left by the absence of Good Job Brain. It has now become my first choice for a good trivia fix. Since I am all about girl power, I am team Carmella all the way as she provides the balance that some other trivia shows could use and she aptly keeps the game play on track when needed. As for the other regulars, I could listen to Ben’s voice forever, Chris frequently cracks me up, and Jonathan is an able host although he should sometimes listen better to his partners when he plays as he sometimes talks them out of correct answers. The show offers a wide variety of trivia ?s with a lot of chuckles between. This is as close to being out at trivia night as I will get right now.
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Good questions but hard to listen at times
The questions are typically very good. Carmela is a great host as is Benjamin. Other parts of the show make it hard to listen to. The joking with each other can quickly come across as passive aggressive behavior and makes it awkward to listen to at times. Also the constant breaking into song is annoying.
Love these hosts!!!
I’ve loved trivia for years but have never connected with hosts on other podcasts. I have listened subscribed and become a Patreon supporter so that I can have all episodes. I love the banter and competitiveness! I am almost caught up on all of the shows and it’s making me sad to think I’m going to have to wait for each new episode!! #armymember
Not only do we have to listen to constant inane laughter and Carmella finding the weirdest reasons to bring up her age (omg, we get it, you’re the youngest), but unlike other podcasts who’ve backed off patreon now that most are out of work because of the global pandemic, this podcast has done the complete opposite. Also, Jonathan’s treatment of Chris is absolutely appalling. I know he claims to care about Chris, and Chris is way too nice to stand up for himself and that’s exactly why Jonathan feels comfortable treating him so badly. You can save putting out another special episode to defend yourself like you did last time Jonathan, it’s clear you’re just a horrible person. If you cared about Chris you wouldn’t treat him the way you do. This also explains why you still have your hands out expecting people to be able to give while many are barely surviving.
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Jetta J
Long time TWA lurker here. It took me a while to find a trivia podcast that I liked the format. This is by far my favorite. I laugh, I learn and I can’t stop listening.
Always been a fan but happy to see them stand up.
Happy to see they’re using their platform to have a conversation about a topic that has been silenced for too long because it may make people feel “uncomfortable” or whatever the case. Spread it!
Capn Nubs
Not great but Not Bad
Could be a great Trivia Podcast but for them shoving their politics down your throat every now and again. I guess they have to show how "woke" they are.
Slow Drover
Trivial fun
Look forward to this pod. Fun and informative.
Sarah Cyclone 78
Ok but for the Racisim
I had heard every episode of Trivial warfare so far an it has been ok. I got to listening to the Shakespeare episode and the Questioner started in on a racisct rant about white people - The host did not stop her or refute her open racisim. I am suprised it was not edited out or the whole episode dropped. I really can not take the degredation of a whole group of people reguardless of what race, it is just wrong.
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Love so much
I love this podcast. Trivia questions are a perfect difficulty level. If I had one suggestion I’d say more women’s episodes! Thanks for all the entertainment :)
Black History Episode - 2020
CIAA was missed as a conference consisting mostly of HBCUs.
Too much Jonathan
I used to love this podcast, and I could handle Jonathan’s personality in small chunks, but now the podcast feels like 80% banter and Jonathan putting people down and only 20% trivia. Really disappointing and a poor show of class from what was once a good podcast.
Love it
Hilarious, educational, fun. Make this your next listen on a road trip.
Uses other’s content without permission
The host of this podcast is all about drama and on top of that, steals content from other writers without so much as a thank you. Pretty embarrassed I used to be a fan. Take note - lots of people are pulling their money from this podcast... there has to be a reason.
Melody (S8)
Had to stop listening
I love trivia and in that sense this is a good podcast. But had to stop listening because Jonathan just seems like a bully in his treatment of co-hosts and guests and such, and whines and makes excuses when he’s wrong. Unfortunately it seems like this is just how he is- I tried to listen to his other podcasts, but he’s almost even more unkind and condescending on those shows.
Starts off great but wears you down
Content is amazing and the questions are the perfect balance of difficult and easy. But the hosts will wear your down to the point where you can’t listen any more. Not everyone is bad, Ben and Chris are very fun and entertaining. Jonathan is an egotistical, narcissistic, and often jerk of a trivia player. He has excuses whenever he gets a question wrong. Makes fun of other people often. And is always putting down the other hosts. He often says that it’s all in fun but it’s not enjoyable to listen to. You can tell other hosts aren’t really having “fun” which is why I assume Chris isn’t on very often anymore. Carmelas personality can be a little grinding and a little similar to Jonathan’s at times but she writes great questions. This issue with this show is that the personality of some of the hosts comes through in a not-so-fun way often and it makes the listener uncomfortable and turned off. I think it’s clear that other people in the trivia community feel a similar way because the usual people that make the rounds on all the trivia shows don’t come on trivial warfare anymore. Kudos to to TW for being one of the first trivia podcasts but a lot others do it better at this point.
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Addicted to Trivial Warfare
I discovered Trivial Warfare a few months ago and have steadily digested every episode I can get my hands on at a rate of 8+ hours a week. As a girl who has always reveled in her nerdiness and has alway sought to be a connoisseur of random and possibly useless facts, trivia has always been an interest, but this podcast, along with joining a local pub trivia team, has helped to fan the flames. As a mom, college student professional cleaning fairy (i.e. housekeeper), I have precious little time to sit and read, but when I'm working I pop in my earbuds and learn and giggle my way through several episodes. Can't get enough!
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Rose Ashline
Take the trivia...leave the cannoli
10/1 Update...after this week’s episode I’ve decided Jonathan is just too unkind with his words, so I will be unsubscribing. Once I was obsessed with this podcast, but lately I can’t get over how Jonathan speaks to his “friends.” He is always “joking” but it come across cruel to me. Especially when it comes to Chris, he seems to have the best time making fun of him. I imagine this might work in their real life, but on air it comes off cruel. Love Ben and Carmela!!
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Fun game. Annoying bits.
I’m currently listening to the live in Vegas episode. The game is fun and entertaining, but Carmella’s constant vocal fry is a big speed bump in the fun and is just plain annoying. It comes and goes making it seem like she’s forcing the fry. I may listen again, but will probably skip the episodes she’s in.
Don't understand new business model
EDIT: Need to update to reflect new opinions. This podcast shouldn't even be on Apple Podcasts. It should be on stitcher premium or something else in that category. Recently went to subscription service for weekly content. Free listeners were getting one every other week which was fine and fair. The last two episodes for free listeners were OLD EPISODES!!! Who does that? What are you doing with your money from your subscribers?? You're making much more money than before and putting out less content... Makes zero sense. And on top of that I was on the fence about starting to subscribe but now that I'm seeing lack of effort to free listeners I'm no longer on the fence and will not be subscribing and may unsubscribe since I'm not getting new episodes anyway. Older Review I just want to start this off by saying I LOVE this podcast. I've been subscribed for a long time. I drive a lot for work and listen to tons of podcasts. I've donated to quite a few and was close to doing so with TW as well until recently. Jonathan recently mentioned wanting to make the podcast his full time job soon which is a great decision. With that said I'm not entirely sure why the podcast changed. It was normally a weekly podcast and now it's bi-weekly unless you pay the monthly "donation" to get beyond the pay wall and get the episodes. I feel if he wants to become a full time content creator then the result should be to create more content with the money he is earning. People who don't want to donate, or can't donate, shouldn't be penalized by missing out on an episode. The people who do donate should be getting the weekly episode plus an exclusive episode. Otherwise he is just getting paid more money for the same amount of content. I understand that if we like something we should pay because many people say that but some of the success of the podcast can be attributed to the listener base since they have subscribed, listened, and I'm sure mentioned it to friends. Again, I still like the podcast but I feel the TW team is alienating some of their listeners by asking for money and not producing an equal amount of content with those earnings
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Ovin vonKrumpenstien
LoveD the podcast..
I used to love this podcast. I love most of the hosts, I don’t mind the bit of conversations and I think most of their interaction is great...except..I can’t handle Jonathan’s personality. Don’t mean to call him out but it’s made my husband and I stop listening. He comes across as egotistical and narcissistic. I feel like when he created the paywall (I get it, it’s a’s a lot of work) he criticized people who didn’t pay and it majorly turned me off. I felt reprimanded and felt he was greedy playing up people who paid and created not great content for people not yet paying. I do donate to podcasts but not ones that smack my hand if I chose not to donate. I stopped listening for months but tried again today. Jonathan is full of himself and is too competitive in a cocky way. Again, I really like everyone else so if that doesn’t get on your nerves it’s a fun podcast. Definitely fun with the set up and’s not hard enough that I feel like an idiot but not too easy. Just don’t know what to do when the main creator is someone I just can’t handle anymore.
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This Fab Four keeps me coming back for more
I look forward to starting my week with a new episode from Trivial Warfare. I try and save that episode for my Monday commute to work but sometimes I just can’t wait! Jonathan, Chris, Ben and Carmela are wonderful hosts who complement each other very well. They each bring their own strengths to the show and it’s so hard to pick a I don’t! I look forward to being able to meet the whole gang in person someday, but until then I will admire them all from afar, come back each week and continue to listen to past shows over and over again. Jonathan’s hard work on this podcast really shows and made my decision to support the show through Patreon a no-brainer. Don’t let the nay-sayers grind you down! You have so many more supporters than not, my friends! #TWA4LIFE
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5 stars 4 years ago
This used to be my favorite podcast. I couldn’t wait for the next episode. Now I find it’s a filler. Once I fast forward through the intros, and usually the Warm it up Chris segment as well. The questions are very good, however everything else is generally annoying. Because I don’t pay for it, I have access to 1 Episode every 2 weeks, which is just fine!!
I’m sad.......
Because this show used to be my favorite and now I only listen to certain episodes. I love the trivia and the banter and the guests but some of the hosts have really turned me off mainly due to what feels like them pushing their societal/political beliefs on the listeners. I understand we all have opinions but this show used to be about trivia and unity and now it seems like it’s turned into ego hour with a side of trivia. I’m not done with it but I will continue to delete certain episodes and move on.
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Good but...
Enjoy the podcast but...I understand everybody has their own opinions and it’s your podcast and what not but after the latest episode I must say...I don’t tune in to listen to political spiel. There’s other places I can go for that...
Brent Niggli
One con outweighs the positives
Pros: Best technical quality of any podcast I subscribe too... well done.; Nice assortment of categories of questions and level of difficulty. Have run across several questions in local pub trivia.; Team Ben - Good answer logic and the only legit laugh on the podcast.; Guests plus Facebook group really seem like a tight knit community. Cons: The if/or, true/false Warm It Up Chris is not enjoyable; The biggest con is the too often political stance against Republicans. I get if someone has issues with the President or a party, but that is personal and not on a professional (full time job) podcast. It instantly turns me off on the podcast when this occurs and usually is said with an annoying laugh that only comes off as bitter and sinister. If you want this to be a liberal based podcast then no thank you. I love 90% of the podcast, but the 10% of pure lumping of a party into what one thinks is bad is disrespectful and changes the whole tone of the podcast, which should be about trivia.
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Great Podcast at a Great Value
I've been listening to Trivial Warfare for about 2 years, and have probably listened through the entire catalog 3-4 times. I look forward to the new episodes each week, but the older episodes really have great replay value because you can listen to them in the background at work / home and test what knowledge you retained from earlier shows. So if you are in the market for some entertaining banter where you just might learn something, you should definitely give Trivial Warfare a try. #TeamChris
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Fantastic trivia podcast!
Love the show. Have been listening for about two years now. The podcast has such a wide variety of questions. I always feel like I learn something and once in a blue moon am shouting an answer at the car radio (I listen while I commute) when I know the answer and none of the players do. If you want to be entertained and learn some great facts along the way, check this out!!
Very Entertaining!!!
I discovered this podcast a little over a year ago. I have caught up on the back episodes and now that I contribute to the Patron, I am catching up on the exclusive episodes. It is a fun podcast and the perfect length that gets me through my commute and long car rides when visiting family. My husband and I enjoy listening to the podcast together when we’re driving in the car, and find that we make the perfect trivia duo! Trivia Warfare has great questions that cover a myriad of topics both historical information as well as current events. I would have given a five star rating, except for the fact, there are certain aspects of the show that occur that I can only take in small doses. Other than that, it is a wonderful podcast, I love listening to it, and I hope one day I can get a chance to team up with one of the hosts for a great game of trivia! Keep up the good work!
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General Lee Brit
Trivial Warfare was my first and favorite podcast to listen to. Learn the craziest things and can't wait to catch up on all the episodes!!
Great fun!
As their tagline says, they manage to take the pub quiz out of the pub and into your home/car/jog/wherever you listen to podcasts. I discovered this podcast while on a road trip a few weeks ago, and it quickly became part of my regular rotation. In fact, it is the first podcast that actually inspired me to pay extra for a Patreon subscription. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good pub quiz, but can’t make it out to the pub!
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Flyer Ryan 76
You might feel dumber, or smarter...
You could feel dumber...or smarter...all in the same episode because of the random questions and topics they cover! 6 rounds, a mid-point question, and a final crazy “gauntlet” multi-part question. They have a Patreon feed with many more episodes updated weekly, but these ones available here are very fun, updated once a month. I like the premise of advanced pub trivia at your fingertips. Fun podcast, with traditions and inside jokes the more you listen to it. Definitely would give a listen.
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Jigga J Rich
Declining quality
It’s really hard for me to write this because I used to really love this podcast. I have listened to every *free* episode and something has gone off in the last few months. Perhaps they focus their quality content to those who are donating, but the rest of us are left scratching our head. My biggest complaint is with Warm it Up Chris. I listen to trivia podcasts to learn, well, trivia. The “is this real or fake” nonsense is just filler and of no intellectual value. Please go back to naming actual things off a list or other mind warming puzzles. The ads are a bit too long. I listen to MANY podcasts weekly. I hear an ad for a certain meal delivery service 20 times. No one else makes me hit my 30 second skip ahead button five times to move past it. I’m all for ad revenue, but it’s a bit much. The meat of this podcast, the actual trivia, is great. Questions are well thought out and not unreasonably difficult. I like the personalities. I just wish they’d go back to the way they used to be. Too much other noise covering up the good stuff. Please reconsider.
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Used to be good
Then it turned into a business and instead of increasing value they cut content and added a paywall to have the value we used to get for free. It was a poor business move. That combined with the increased chatter of the in crowd of guests. I’m looking for a new fix.
This is one of my favorite podcasts! I drive for work and am in the car at least 1-2 hours a day. I love that I can turn this on and know that I'll be entertained and probably learn something as well. All of the hosts are great but Ben and Carmela are my favorites, especially when they host. (Give me all the science and Disney Junior questions #parentprobs) Keep up the great work and thanks for all of the great entertainment (and education) I've received while driving!
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A wonderful trivia podcast
If you like pub trivia or quiz shows, this podcast will be right up your alley. Jonathan along with Carmela, Ben & Chris as well as guest hosts/players (which are often listeners) provide a great mix of knowledge and banter. I learn at least one thing every episode. I enjoy taking a good question from the show and stumping my friends and family with it. Thank You for the weekly entertainment. I’m also a patron of the show and the strides that Jonathan and company have made to improve the quality and presentation of the show are also well appreciated. Even if he doesn’t Boston and its sports teams. Thanks John
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Straight Shooter 764
Great Trivia Podcast
Great questions that are well balanced, and a fun group of regulars that are entertaining and funny. Really is like playing a pub trivia game in your house/car. This is the first trivia podcast I started listening to, and it’s great fun. The online community that Jonathan has built is also really good.
Just awful
90% of the podcast is random people with no charisma TALKING about the questions rather than actually answering questions. This is so awful to listen to. Does anyone actually enjoy this?
I like it, but not as much as I used to.
Good podcast with a good structure, but sometimes they ramble far too much. Banter is fine, but if I’ve gotta yell at my phone “hurry up” even when I’ve got it set to 1.5x you gotta speed it up. I used to really like the “warm it up Chris” segment too but now I just skip it because it’s not really trivia anymore—it’s “is Rover acat or a dog name.” Overall pretty good though.
The best trivia podcast, as far as I can tell.
As far as I can tell, this is the best trivia podcast available.
S. Pezzi
Love, Love, Love!!!!
This past summer I started binging ALL the trivial warfare episodes. With the plan of becoming a warrior/reviewer when I finished all the episodes and now I am finally leaving a review as a major. I love this podcast, it feels like I’m sitting at my local pub trivia table with my friends. While this show has taught me a lot, it has also brought me tons of enjoyment and laughter.
For the love of rage!
The army is coming!
(This is a resubmit, because I did not know how to edit reviews) You’re standing at the corner of your favorite coffee shop when you hear the sounds. The drumming of boots on ground as they march. You hear the first group before you see them. “Warm it up Chris!”, as #TeamChris rounds the corner being lead by their illustrious leader. They (almost) harmonize, as you hear the call “Mussssiiicc!” The next group flows up as if riding a wave, you hear #TeamBen in that silky soft yet brazen voice “Are you ready for some juicy points?” Finally your head snaps around as you feel the presence of #TeamCarmela, you grow weak in the knees as you hear the sweet sound, “Hello boys.” You dive behind the nearest table for cover as trivia grenades are thrown, joke shots are fired, and pun blasts make contact. Then all grows silent as you hear the whistling sound, everyone looks up to see Jonathan riding a knowledge bomb, with the word “Science!” Written along the side. The last words you hear before all goes dark ”Another win for Jonathan!” Thanks for all you do in making trivia fun and entertaining. I’m not the smartest person around but I still feel good when I know some of the answers on the show. You make trips in the car all the more bearable with your witty banter and punny humor. Keep up the great work, I love the show exactly how it is. Some of my favorite parts are when you make each other laugh. It shows just how close of friends you truly are and how much you enjoy what it is you do. #TeamJonathan (I apologize for any spelling or punctuation mistakes)
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