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Trivial Warfare is the podcast that takes the pub quiz out of the pub and brings it home to you. Trivial Warfare is a weekly game shared by people all over the world that features all the same banter, jokes and fun that you share with your friends at your local quiz nights. TW is your gateway to a larger world of trivia and your invitation into an awesome community of people who love trivia games just as much as you do. Give the show a try and have fun with Jonathan, Chris, Carmela and Ben as they partner with guests just like you to battle for victory each week. Trivial Warfare is an Oakes Media Group podcast.
TW292 - Whose Goat is This?
I'm thrilled to share another great game with you. I know I sound like a broken record sometimes but time after time our hosts and guests have so much fun playing the game that it can't help but shine through in the final cut of the episode. This week Jonathan teams up with Courtney Shah against the team of Ben and Paul Osborn while Chris hosts. Enjoy!
Oct 18
1 hr 36 min
TW290 - The Power of Math
Great game for you today, it's not often you're able to play with the Most Interesting Man in the World :-) Today's game is Jonathan and Hannah Landvater vs. Chris and Steve Ellison with Ben hosting. Enjoy! REMEMBER to grab your Calendar at
Oct 4
1 hr 39 min
Trivia Awareness Bonus
I'm excited to share this bonus episode with you where I take a few minutes to share different podcasts and streams and twitch channels and other variations of online trivia games that have helped to step in and fill the gap when live pub quizzes became a thing of the past for many of us this year. There are some hard working people putting together games for everyone to enjoy and I'm happy to shine a spotlight on their work!
Sep 30
21 min
TW288 - K I D S!
Absolute blast of an episode this week. We're joined by the Warm it Up Chris legend himself Matthew Stephens. He teams up with Jonathan against the team of Paul McLaughlin and Noah Hauber with Chris hosting. Enjoy! Sponsored by Everyplate. Use code 3TWA at!
Sep 20
1 hr 34 min
TW286 - 100% That Jerk
Super fun episode this week. We're joined by John Presloid who teams up with Chris and Dane Kyle who teams up with Jonathan in this game hosted by Ben. Enjoy!
Sep 6
1 hr 26 min
TW284 - BP Trivia Takeover
We're joined this week by special guest host Bill Patschak representing BP Trivia. He runs a great game for us today with some awesome moments! In today's game Sara Callori teams up with Carmela while Kylie Digges from Brainwave Trivia teams up with Jonathan for a great competition. Sponsored by: BP Trivia - sign up at and Podcast Movement - Sign up at and use the promo code TWA.
Aug 23
1 hr 46 min
TW282 - You're an All Star
Huge show for you this week! It's a triple threat match! Chris team's up with H-Bomb, Carmela team's up with J.K. Simmons.... I mean Bryan Nash and Jonathan hops on at the last minute as a third team competitor. We welcomed Katie Sekelsky as a guest host who wants to remind you that you can order an awesome trivia calendar for 2021 at! Sponsored by: Podcast Movement - - use the code TWA! EveryPlate - - use the code twa1
Aug 8
1 hr 33 min
TW280: Don't Give Me The Runs
We've got a great crossover episode for you with guest player Moxie Labouche from the Your Brain on Fact Podcast! She's teaming up with the first lady Carmela against the team of Jonathan and TWA Captain Scott Handelman! Don't forget to pre-order your Everyday Q&A Trivia Calendar at!
Jul 26
1 hr 29 min
TW278 - Your Name is Mookie Now
This was one of the most fun recording sessions I can remember, and that's saying something. This week Will Dennison teams up with Becky Demott to take on the team of Jane Carmichael and Jonathan with Ben hosting. Enjoy! This week's show is sponsored by Water Cooler Trivia -
Jul 12
1 hr 30 min
TW276: Have Some Pride!
This week we're excited to bring you our annual PRIDE Month episode for 2020! Carmela hosts a game featuring the teams of David Livasy and Liz Thaler going up against the team of Shaun Klein and Fred Vaughn. Enjoy! Sponsored by: - get 4 free weeks!
Jun 28
1 hr 9 min
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