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Trick or Treat Radio is the world’s most dangerous podcast! They discuss at least one film a week, argue, make fun of each other and hope to make you laugh, some hosts might even die trying. Trick or Treat Radio has been rated one of the top horror podcasts according to Rue Morgue Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly! Join hosts; Johnny Wolfenstein, MonsterZero, Ares, and Michael Ravenshadow as they discuss all manner of topics including, but not limited to: genre cinema with a heavy focus on horror and recent VOD, music, comics, video games, professional wrestling, and anything else relevant to the interests of the hosts. The show is broadcast via live video stream every Thursday evening from 8-11pm EST and can be viewed at The audio gets released every Friday morning on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc. Come check out the world's most dangerous talk radio show! *This podcast is explicit and not recommended for the faint of heart!
TorTR #434 - The Nut Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
We discuss Possessor from director Brandon Cronenberg!
Nov 19
2 hr 29 min
TorTR #433 - Come to My Resentment
We discuss the films, Phantom Thread and Death Wish Club!
Nov 12
3 hr 1 min
TorTR #432 - Zombie Apocalypse on Story Mode
We discuss Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula!
Nov 5
2 hr 41 min
TorTR - Extra Special Halloween Special 2020
This year we have a proper pandemic Halloween party!
Nov 1
3 hr 3 min
TorTR #431 - Silver Shamschlock
We discuss the horror anthology The Mortuary Collection!
Oct 29
2 hr 42 min
TorTR #430 - Who Hosts The Hosts?
We discuss Hosts from the filmmaking duo of Adam Leader and Richard Oakes!
Oct 22
2 hr 38 min
TorTR #429 - Kind of Like the Amish, But Irish
We discuss The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw from director Thomas Robert Lee!
Oct 15
2 hr 33 min
TorTR #428 - Panda Bears and Joker Stares
We discuss 12 Hour Shift from director Brea Grant!
Oct 8
2 hr 57 min
TorTR #427 - Fast Times at Ravenshadow High
We discuss Spiral, the Shudder exclusive film!
Oct 1
2 hr 23 min
TorTR #426 - Sassy Like Freddie Blassie
We discuss the films Antebellum and Arkansas!
Sep 24
2 hr 58 min
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