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Essential listening for any horror fan
Trick or Treat Radio keep me coming back each week with their dynamic chemistry, insightful thoughts on film, and absolute absurdity. Whether they're discussing what's going on in the world of The Deadites Secret Twilight Society, the lastest genre film, or just ragging on Michael Ravenshadow, these guys are the best of the best. Not only that, but they're amazing dudes who consider their listeners their friends more than just fans (except Monster Zero). Give them a listen and prepare to dive down the rabbithole head first.
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A star for everyone!!!
I love how the guys are able to have fun reviewing the latest films while interacting with fans during their live shows.
The Most Fun You'll Have Listening To A Podcast
Trick or Treat Radio is, quite simply put, the most fun you'll have listening to a podcast. Johnny, MonsterZero, Ravenshadow, Aries, and Dynamo each bring dynamic personalities, a hilarious sense of humor, and exceptional insight into the films they review on the show each week. The live element of the show recorded each Wednesday encourages participation from the listeners, who are an interesting and fun group of people in their own right! It's like a group of good friends who you'll look forward to hanging out with week in and week out. It's a treat - check it out!
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Love the reviews
I love how The Deadites spotlight a main movie along with the other mainly horror reviews. If high school homework was this much fun I would’ve done better back then
Better than Troma
Um, these dudes have friggin’ amazing taste. If The Chopping Mall’s security robots could write a show and get it produced by Troma Entertainment, then this would be better.
Urss Graff
I heard of this show about 9 weeks ago while listening to paranormal punchers and ive been listening to it in order since to say the least im on episode 138 and have no plans on stopping till i catch up, this is an awesome show with funny personalities. Its just an all around good time. I highly recomend this podcast to everyone.
I love listening to Angry Nerds
This is an amazing show, and if you've never heard it there's a hole in your life you didn't even realize was there. Personally I find episode 68 to be the best, but that's just my humble opinion. Every episode is excellent and full of depravity. In a good way.
Patsy the Angry Nerd
What a bunch of Jerks
January Girl KC
The Beeses Kneeses!
If you enjoy laughing, horror/ action movies, and occasional conversation derailments, you’re going to love this podcast. This awesome group of guys have known each other for many years and it shows in their chemistry. The round table approach to movie discussion is great, and having everyone in the same room chatting can’t be overlooked. I look forward to their live show and the podcast proper every week (Wednesday nights at 9PM-EST and Friday mornings respectively). Definitely a podcast worth listening to! 🧙🏼‍♂️🤙🏼🍻
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Horror News of the Week
Lifelong horror head here! This is my go-to show for the latest horror news. Why? The chemistry of the four unique hosts who keep that fancandle once lit by the likes of Fangoria and local TV Horror Hosts back in the day alight! Listen in and give it a shot they’re fantastic.
Hilarious - great for horror fans & general pop culture
This show resembles the 1990's Howard stern show. These guys say the most off-the-wall stuff I've ever heard. Show is perfect for children of the 80's & 90's, fans of horror films, music, comic books. It's just a good time, believe me.
Jason Costa
Amazing Show
ToT Radio inspired me and helped me keep my own show going when I wanted to give up, the guys over there do an amazing job and really know there stuff week after week, Its awesome to listen to them and call them my fellow Horror Host
Like hanging with your friends.
A fun podcast that is like spending a few hours with your friends chatting about movies, comics, wrestling and other genre-related things.
The best film review funny podcast out there
These guys have become friends of mine. They do a live visual podcast every wed night and release the audio on Friday. They are more then really funny they fight and argue with each other. They have a great community of fans. They play all my stupid voicemails on there show. The have interesting guest and review films. I love this podcast.
Listen now.
One of the best podcast to date!!!
Jeremy McFarlane
I try not to miss an episode.
These guys are awesome. I try to catch them live every week, but I definitely make sure to catch them on iTunes, where I'm subscribed to them, if I can't catch it live. The show centers around a weekly, extremely in-depth and thoughtful horror film review, but the show is so much more. These guys are hilarious, and not your average geeks. They cover all kinds of cool stuff, from comics, to toys, to wrestling, and more and more. If you join live on Wednesday nights, you can actively participate in the show by joining in on the live chat. Not only do you get to talk with the hosts as the show is being recorded, but the other chatters, many of whom are regulars, are the best bunch of people. I would say, though, if you are easily offended by foul language, this isn't for you. But if you love horror films, and love to hear interviews with amazing guests who write horror, direct films, and create comic books, then this is the show for you.
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Robert E. Wronski, Jr.
The Championship Belt
I don’t hunt monsters, and winning championship belts is not my specialty, but I love listening to Trick or Treat Radio every week. I only wish I’d become a listener sooner.
T. Blake
Best podcast in town
Funny and informative ! Everything I know about monster hunting I learned from The Deadites
Totally strapped on
I was a podcast virgin until I gave it up for Trick or Treat Radio. Worth it. Most of the time I have no clue what anyone's talking about because I live under a rock and because they're delightfully insanse, and that's why I keep listening. The level of utter ridiculousness is perfect but I still learn things. I've laughed, I've cried, I've nearly crashed my car. And of course, The Deadites make awesome music. Interact at your own peril/amusement. TREAT.
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Great show
I heard about this show while listening to outside the cinema. I have to say I will never miss a episode. I love being able to join in the live show and be part of the amazing and hilarious conversations. You will laugh then catch your breath and laugh some more. If your not listening to this all I can say is Oh My Lord. If you listen to it One Time. They'll have you saying Dear God No don't let the episode be over!!! I have to say this podcast is a Treat.
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5 stars
3 hour a week with a group of funny, friendly guys. A must every week.
I didnt get on the TOTR wagon untill ep 20, but have listened to every episode since, and caught up on the ones i missed. Love the reviews, and the personalities..there left a 5 star, and a wheres my recompence!?! BOMBALAYO
Gogolak The Barbarian!
This podcast does just what it says and kicks pop culture in the face! Great hearing everyone's thoughts on movies. books, comics, and music.
The Death Rattler Approves
Hilarious, well-produced podast that covers everything from horror movies to comic books and features guests from the worlds of professional wrestling, music, and so much more. The shows run about two hours on average but go by quick beause of the varied topics of conversation. It has a little bit of something for everyone who considers themself a "nerd", like myself. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Come for the tricks, stay for the treats.
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These dudes are hilarious!
They talk horror, comics and rock an roll! ...and so much more! I crack up every time I listen and often find myself trying to express my opinions during their conversations. Give 'em a listen, you won't regret it.
Soul. Soul Baby.
The Deadites Rock the Internet
If you are not easily offended, this is a hilarious podcast featuring the Deadites (aka "the world's greatest dance act super team monster hunting wrestling faction") discussing things of the nerdy variety, horror flicks, music, and many topics in between. Fast-paced, and at all times driven by its filter-less and colorful hosts, Trick or Treat Radio is sure to entertain you.
Not just for horror fans!
This show is funny and informative. I really enjoy the colorful movie reviews, many of which I have never heard of and are now in my instant queue. Highly recommended if you are looking for light nerdy entertainment.
Freaks, Candy, and Sex!
What could be better????
Errands is cool
What a pleasant surprise!
I was searching for Joss Whedon stuff and I found this podcast. I took them awhile to start talking about Cabin in the Woods and I kept expecting to stop listening . . . but I couldn't. I've since listened to the first couple of episodes and I'm hooked . . . love the characters, love the content, it just sounds like people I want to hang out with hanging out. Really the only stuff I skip is the wrestling talk.
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Lilliana Shade
Horror, wrestling, comic book fans OR NOT!!!
This podcast is for anyone and everyone who enjoys good company and isn't easily offended. SOOOO GOOOOD!!
Geek, nerd, hilarity
Absolutely an amazing podcast, something for everyone. The hosts are quite amusing, and impressive while tackling quite a few different topics. Cant wait for more!
This Podcast is right in my wheelhouse!
This Podcast may only be two episodes deep (one if you don't include episode zero) and it's already shot up to the top of my favorite podcasts. They talk about exactly the stuff I dig. While these guys may be a little rough around the edges, they don't hold back, pull punches or bore the listener. The guests are quirky, funny, and add a lot to the show, most importantly, they are knowledgeable. If you like horror or movies in general, comic books, music, wrestling or if you're a fan of just laughing, give this podcast a shot. I know I'll be eagerly anticipating each new episode.
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Fueling my podcast addiction
I've always been a fan of a good podcast and I was impressed with what you had to offer on the first episode. I look forward to the second one and many more to come. You obviously have a good chemistry together and with your guests. Great job. Will pass it onto friends,
Mae Mae Deville
Nerds galore & sleazy tales!
This is now where I look to catch up on comic book news, movie reviews - old & new, music - indie & pop, and professional wrestling recaps & forthcomings! The hosts and guests are unique individuals - filterless but not arrogant. Everyone should give it a shot but if the words horror, metal, electronica, b-movie, comics, and nerds galore ring a bell then this is for you.
Fabio Freezy
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