Totally Onboard
Totally Onboard
Sara Garfinkel, Brittany Howk
Just two gals chit-chattin’ about the glamour and reality of show biz on (and off) the high seas. Ever wonder what happens beyond those “Crew Only” doors? Romance, guest encounters, gossip, pirates, mermaids, the whole shebang. "Naut" your average girls, Brittany and Sara are two singing and dancing best friends and cast-mates. Meet us on the gangway for what is sure to be a hull of a time!
Man (or Woman) Down... Now What?
What happens when a dancer breaks a foot? Or a singer loses their voice? Or someone's costume rips in half mid-quick-change and they can't go out on stage? Join your favorite girls for the full 411 on damage control in show biz, also known as re-blocks.
Aug 19, 2020
42 min
Storytime: Mortifying Stage Mishaps and Weird Pre-Show Rituals
Welcome to the kickoff of the “Storytime” series, the first episode of many where Brittany and Sara read and react to stories submitted by fellow performers. On this episode, tune in to tales of embarrassing show mess-ups and silly (but necessary) pre-show routines, all of course told in hilarious detail. This one is sure to be a knee-slapper, so if you’re anything like Sara, be sure to take a trip to the bathroom before listening!
Aug 12, 2020
51 min
Exclusive: Quarantined on the "Death Ship"
Frozen food deliveries? Circling media helicopters? NO WINE?! All of this and MUCH more as Brittany and Sara dive deep with their friend Becky who was quarantined on a COVID-19 infected ship. Join the three ladies as they talk about how the ship went from perfectly healthy to totally outlawed in just a matter of days. Don't miss it, this one is JUICY!
Aug 5, 2020
1 hr 25 min
A Day in the Life: Prepping for Showtime
In the first episode of the "A Day in the Life" series, Britt and Sara talk about everything that goes into a show day. Tech runs, superstitions, backstage secrets, and more, listen and learn about what goes on in preparation for "Curtain Up!"
Jul 29, 2020
44 min
Behind the Scenes: Stuck at Sea During COVID-19
What was it like being stuck on a cruise ship during a global pandemic!?! Find out all the deets as Brittany and Sara interview fellow performers, Rachel and Galen, about their experience onboard ships during COVID-19. Food deliveries, crew parties, staying healthy and sane, the journey home, and everything in between in this ~juicy~ episode.
Jul 22, 2020
1 hr 3 min
Rockin' and Rollin': Seasickness and Sea Legs
Tackling some of your most popular questions, Brittany and Sara talk all things seasickness, weather, and rocky waters. From vomit buckets in the wings, to sneaking onto outer decks expecting a scene from “The Perfect Storm,” and ultimately just wanting to be rocked to sleep, Britt and Sara cover it all.
Jul 16, 2020
36 min
Shore to Ship: Packing, Getting Onboard, and Opening Shows
Finally… the last installment of the shore to ship saga. How do you pack for a 6 month contract? Join Sara and Brittany as they pack up their lives, travel to the ship, and begin the grueling process of opening all of the shows. Tears, excitement, stress, and laughter (of course) bring it all together as they recount the journey of seeing the ship for the first time, getting the shows onstage, and the first day onboard.
Jul 8, 2020
43 min
Shore to Ship: Fighting Fires and Slaying Office Runs
The saga of shore to ship continues with safety training and rehearsals. Did you know those singers and dancers in sparkly dresses know how to suit-up in firefighter gear in less than 60 seconds? Join Britt and Sara as they take you through the adventures of "Boating School" and the daunting process of learning all of their shows.
Jul 3, 2020
32 min
Shore to Ship: "The List" and Serial Stalking
Join Brittany and Sara as they detail the journey from dreaming of cruises to cruising their dreams! Auditions, the call, and of course, stalking all their future castmates. Getting from shore to ship is quite an adventure, and it’s only the beginning.
Jun 29, 2020
26 min
Welcome Aboard: "Is Your Window Underwater?"
It’s SAIL-AWAY! Grab yourself a cocktail and get to know your hosts! (Don't worry, they're drinking too.) Answering some of the most commonly asked questions, Britt & Sara give a teaser for what’s to come!
Jun 29, 2020
32 min
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