Totally Onboard
Totally Onboard
Sara Garfinkel, Brittany Howk
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Interesting and Entertaining
So fun to listen to Brittany and Sarah! Can’t wait for next episodes! So much laughter while I listen, makes my day better!
MaggieM 23
Get ready to laugh
I met Brittany on the Ruby Princess last October while in Australia. Have been following her on Instagram since and love having the chance to hear about the behind the scenes craziness that occurs to make the productions in the ships so memorable for visitors!
Julie Kai
These people make me so happy!
The hosts are absolutely hilarious. I feel like I relate to them even though I’ve never been on a cruise 😂
These podcasts make my days when I listen!!! I thought I had a pretty good idea of what ship life was like, and I was wrong! Love hearing about it through two funny personalities!! Love you guys! Auntie Dede
claudine 232:
A hilarious insight into our beautiful floating homes!
What an amazing podcast! Having danced on cruise ships for the last 8 years this podcast feels like a little slice of my (floating) home. Extremely funny, lighthearted, raw and relatable - I love how so many topics have already been discussed, especially what crew members have had to go through during the pandemic with repatriation and isolation. The cruise ship world and performing world are often very misunderstood and this podcast delves into this subject perfectly! Keep up the amazing work Britt and Sarah! Xx
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Feels like I’m cruising again!
I met Brittany on the Norwegian Jewel a few years ago and she was the most wonderful person. I’ve followed her on Instagram since then and have been on a few cruises after that one and it wasn’t the same. The podcast is so awsome bec it feels like I get to see her again. Love the energy and passion that these ladies have. It’s an absolute joy to listen to their experiences. ❤️🌴
After going on a cruise I had SO many questions about what life is like for crew members. I’m also a huge lover of musical theatre fan so this is a such a perfect mix. It’s so entertaining and the only podcast that I devoutly listen to! Can’t wait to listen to what they put out in the future!
Super interesting!
I went to elementary school with Brittany and am currently living in St. Louis so I feel oddly connected to both Sara and Brittany! This podcast is super interesting, entertaining and fun to listen to. I have SOOO many questions still and can’t wait to hear more. Love it!!
Insight to back stage!
I’ve cruised a lot and loved hearing the ins and outs of getting to the main stage! Brittany and Sara do a fabulous job of keeping you engaged the whole time. I can’t wait to hear more, keep them coming!
So cool!
We have been on cruises before and always wondered what life would be like working on board. This podcast is a chance to “peek behind the curtain” and get unique insights into that world. It is so entertaining to hear about all that is involved, answers to questions you’ve wondered about and learning about things that you never even considered. The presentation is organized, informative and so fun...Britt and Sara do an awesome job...looking forward to more!!
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What fun!
Sara and Brittany have enough energy to light up a Broadway (or Onboard) show! Just listened to the first four episodes and laughed continuously while learning what life is like for the performers onboard those huge cruise ships. Now if someone can just come up with a vaccine we can re-board those ships, hopefully with these gals performing.
Omg... LOVE
This podcast is fantastic. Fun and hilarious, so I’m constantly laughing out loud, but also very informative of what it’s like performing/living on cruise ships. I’ve learned so much! I look forward to more episodes, I LOVE listening to these two!
Paris/Ballet fan
I love this podcast so much!!! It has such an original idea for the content and they both have such great podcasting voices!!! If you’ve ever wanted to know the behind the scenes secrets of a cruise ship or just want to hear some funny stories give this a listen!
Totally Accurate!
As a cruise ship performer myself, these ladies nail it on the head with wit, humor, and joy. They are so entertaining to listen to, and their stories are completely relatable, but also so intriguing to listen to. Can’t wait for more!
Fun and Good Banter
Wasn’t sure what kind of information this would be, but it was very interesting for sure! Excited to see what kinds of things they touch on in the future! Great job Britt and Sara, look forward to listening to more episodes!
Very informative and entertaining!
Well done, ladies! I’ve never been on a cruise, but would certainly like to especially after listening to your first podcast. Will be listening again in the near future.
AZ Solitaire Groupie
Fun podcast & a book to boot!
If you want to learn more about Sara, she has published an iBook titled “On My Toes in Paris”. The book describes her summer of 2015, while a college student majoring in dance, learning her craft and having delightful adventures. It is a great read for anyone interested in ballet and a good source of things to do in Paris. The style is just what you would expect from a person with an effervescent personality like Sara. A great read for young women and girls interested in dance as a career! The 83-page iBook is available for $1.99.
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I am SO intrigued
What an interesting life these two have led! Love the insight of being performers but also working on ships, and honestly they are SO funny!!! Britt and Sara are honest and charming and I’m so excited to hear further episodes! Would love to hear one about dating on ships....
Beth 773
love this
Excited to listen
Sara is a natural storyteller and I can’t wait to hear her talk with Britt about what it’s like living and working on a ship! Congrats, ladies!
So pumped !
I am so freaking excited to listen to this podcast. I can already tell it’s going to be a blast 🥰
This is gonna be good
I can only imagine the stories... never a dull moment with Sara 😂 10/10 recommend based off of the trailer!!! ❤️❤️❤️