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Throwin' Wrenches Automotive Podcast
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Automotive News from insiders, outsiders and general people in the know. Hailing from the Midwest.
Episode 36 – Western Jaunts, Evil Plots and Elon vs Bernie
Greetings from Throwin’ Wrenches Studio A, where this week we’re calling ourselves the auto podcast that doesn’t stay parked for too long.  Eric and Daryl have been enjoying some late summer outdoor time and we have tons to talk about! We’re also hoping that everyone is taking care and enjoying what’s left of the summer season.  If you aren’t a Patreon supporter, then you missed an exclusive 49-minute pre-show recording that talks about Eric’s stinky feet.  (True story) Does that help make the sale? Patreon supporters help make this great programming possible and we promise to only mention trench foot a few times a year.
Aug 17
1 hr 30 min
Episode 35 – Transcontinental Tales – The Steve Brown Interview Here at Throwin’ Wrenches Podcast, we love all things automotive.  But when the phrase Cannonball Run is uttered, our ears perk up! Whether its the classic 1981 Hal Needham film featuring Burt Reynolds and the hilarious cast of characters to the real-life unsanctioned Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash. There’s something appealing about hopping into a purpose-built car or truck and blazing across the entire United States in just over a day’s time. It takes real guts to put it all on the line just to prove that you (and your well-oiled machine) can endure a non-stop run across the United States.   What started
Jul 23
1 hr 30 min
Episode 34 – Copycats, Competition and Ceramic Coatings We’re glad you’re back for another installment of the auto podcast that values its prep time… or perhaps we’re the auto podcast that needs some Red Bull before the show.  At any rate, we’re still working on the catchphrase. Thanks for catching up with us. For those who said Episode 32 was a high watermark, we appreciate that. We’ll try to top it with this episode. And the next. And the one after that. In all seriousness we have some exciting guests in the hopper for the next few shows, so be sure to subscribe and follow along. You won’t want to miss what’s
Jul 14
1 hr 38 min
Episode 33 – Autocross , Air Compressors and Badgers
Welc0me to the Auto Podcast that …  Needs more time in the saddle!   Sponsors:   Fort’s Toyota of Pekin.   CASEY LAW Office.  PATREON – If your a top tier Patreon Subscriber, you got a ton of free content with Epiosde 33.  We recorded the Pre and Post show with you in mind! Thanks for listening.  Shout out to Jason Sach who goes by @64morgan44 on Instagram. Check out his restoration of his vintage Morgan 4/4. Wood work. Metal work. It’s a craftsman’s paradise.  Projects:  (Where we talk about what’s going on with our cars or projects)  Eric:  Autocross recap! Champaign County Sports Car Club…
Jun 26
1 hr 30 min
Episode 32 – Ewy, Elon and Extradition (Send in the Green Berets)
Welcome to the Auto-podcast that did NOT get 100 mill to be on Spotify exclusively! Sponsors: Fort’s Toyota of Pekin. CASEY LAW Office. YOU!  You can sponsor too!  Via PATREON you can help us offset those fees that come with running an automotive podcast!  Thank you patreon subscribers! Tribute to John Loss of a fan and friend, John Deering.  Eric with him and he was a Toyota corporate colleague of Regan’s.  John passed away from complications of COVID 19 after nearly 2 months of fighting.   I know he listened to every show (That Regan was on at least!)  Good dude.  Dad.
Jun 1
1 hr 34 min
Episode 31 – The COVID Rabbit Hole
Throwin’ Wrenches – 31 Welcome back! It’s official, we are “The Auto podcast that will not phone-in another show!”… Well, that’s what we swore on this episode anyway. (We are still working on the catchphrase.) Episode 30 was our “phone-in” show, and we know that the audio quality was not to our standards. It was a tough call last month when we made the show. Content is king in the social media world, but sometimes you have to concede that no content might have been better. Enough with the self flagellation. On with Episode 31! Recorded in the Scott Garage following strict social distancing
May 3
1 hr 19 min
Episode 30 – Essentially Distant
Throwin’ Wrenches – Episode 30 Welcome to the Auto Podcast that is hosted by “essential employees” Daryl and Eric had a full week of work… Because we are essential! While navigating friends, family and kids all running amok with the social distancing orders that Illinois put into place last weekend, it made it hard to get time for a show. In the meantime, we are still working on the catchphrase. One will stick sooner or later. We know that Eric sometimes “phones it in” when we do the show… But that is literally what he did in this episode. Social distancing has left us in
Mar 29
1 hr 12 min
Episode 29 – The Beast is Back
With a spirit of competition and gritty determination to win, we at Throwin’ Wrenches like to envision ourselves as the Cole Trickle and Rowdy Burns of the automotive podcast game. That’s our take. In reality, we’re more like J.J. McClure and Victor Prinzi. Those guys were still pretty cool, and if we’re being honest, they were a little more entertaining. Welcome to Episode 29, which should come with a full tank of gas and that brand-new podcast smell. As always, you can click the Become a Patreon link and toss a few bucks our way for some exclusive content. You’ll also be helping to keep
Feb 24
1 hr 22 min
Episode 28 – Cheese, Coronavirus and Commercials We have the C’s for you this week.  Eric and his Wife drove like crazy people over the back-roads of Wisconsin in the Cheese Freeze Rally.  We talk about the Coronavirus attacking China and how that might affect part distribution for months to come.  We also get caught up in Superbowl commercials.  We run down all the automotive ads from the big game and decide which ones we liked best.  Sorry… “Smart Paaaahk” does not start with a C…  otherwise I would have integrated it into the title. We are one again indebted to our show sponsors: Casey Law Office Fort’s Toyota of Pekin
Feb 7
1 hr 17 min
Episode 27 – Lawyers, LED’s and Bunnies (Autoshow 2020) Welcome to 2020 and thanks for tuning in for our first show of the year! We will admit to being a little rusty after nearly a month off, but hang in there with us! Are we the auto podcast with 20/20 vision? (Aren’t you already sick of that?) Probably not, but we will keep working on the catchphrase! We hope you had an amazing holiday season. Did you get that thing you wanted for your car? The racing thing? Did it get you a 100 more horsepower? If not, maybe we will fill that void in your automotive soul with Episode 27. Highlights We
Jan 19
1 hr 32 min
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