Throwin' Wrenches Automotive Podcast
Throwin' Wrenches Automotive Podcast
Daryl Scott & Eric Stahl
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The voice of Peoria Radio
Is that the famous Daryl Scott from NPR in Peoria... He's amazing!
Groucho Markks
But I digress...
Sure, Daryl's a bit of a curmudgeon. All right... Eric's kindof a Toyota guy, but I won't hold that against him. And yes, Eric does pronounce the word as "supposebly". But if I'm gonna listen to two guys yammer on about cars for a couple hours while I putter in the shop, I want them to have some personality. And personality they have in spades. The conversation struggles to stay on-topic but it's all about the constant digression! The chemistry is great between these two, often as the yin and yang on either side of the aisle in the electric car debate. But I also enjoy their regular segments... Race-Daily-Kill, or the Moment of Musk (specially mixed for the hearing impaired). And the episodes just keep getting longer, providing more listening bang for your ear bucks. I'm a firmly-rooted fan here... now send me a sticker!
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Automotive entertainment at it best!
Very well done automotive podcast that I have been looking for! Very well produced, informative from local to international automotive news, and entertainment from the Moment of Musk and Race, Daily, kill (I say Krush). I got turned on because of the Cannonball interviews and went back and have been hooked for the last few months getting caught up. Everything from Off-road to EV to autocross, Eric and Daryl hit all automotive genres. If not for any other reason, listen to the presenter introductions.
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Podcast for car guys. And girls
I found this podcast while looking for something my Ol’Man & I could listen to in a road trip. We both enjoyed it so much we’ve become avid listeners. The content is relevant to everyday car people, who have a variety of interests in the automotive hobby. Eric & Daryl are rather entertaining too.
Just about right
As a car guy and mechanic I find these guys very relatable and amusing. Thoroughly enjoyed the “Cannonball” interviews, I may have gotten my brother on board to listening as well with those. Please lower the levels with the “Moment of Musk”, very jarring in my earbuds especially with my tinnitus. I finally got caught up after binging the past few years. Signed, Chuck from Philadelphia.
Infotainment for everyone
This podcast goes beyond cars. It’s simply pleasant to listen to, even if you don’t know a great deal about the inner workings of automobiles. I’m not a mechanic - not even close. But listening to Eric (who has amazing presence behind the microphone) and Daryl (who brings so much great insight) makes this a learning experience for me with every episode. I love cars, and Throwing Wrenches makes me love them even more. There’s a lot to learn here and, when you can laugh and learn at the same time, it’s a very fulfilling way to spend an hour listening to friends shoot the breeze about something they’re passionate about. If you haven’t listened yet, give this show a chance - even if you’re mechanically challenged like me. You may just learn a thing or two.
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Very entertaining!
Great podcast with great hosts! Entertaining & informative! Race, Daily, Kill may be my favorite segment!
T. Hanlon
Great podcast with great hosts! Information for everyone. Plus I can keep it on with the kids in the car! (They fall asleep but dads awake.) Keep it up guys and thanks! -Blaze
Entertaining and informative
I heard about this podcast over the summer. I gave it a listen out of curiosity. I know very little about cars other than I put gas in them, push the pedals, tune the radio, and it gets me from Point A to B. That being said I have learned a ton about the automotive world since, from past to present. Both Eric and Darryl have a wealth of knowledge and the format of the show is presented in a way where the novice can enjoy the content as much as the die hard gear head! The 2 have a chemistry better than some major market radio shows. It’s well worth a listen!
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Tim P Noonan the 3rd
Sitting at the gas station
I love this podcast. I listen to the while I’m out working in my garage. The are very easy to listen too. They talk about a wide range of different topics, it’s like the guys that used to hang out at the gas station while I worked. It’s a great podcast.
Leroy F.
My Favorite Podcast!
Love this podcast! Daryl and Eric are great hosts and keep topics timely and interesting. Helps me stay updated on automotive news while keeping things fun. Really enjoy listening on long drives as they make the hours go by quickly. Relaxed, funny and makes you feel like you’re hanging out with old friends. Keep up the great shows!
Steve in Peoria
Always a great time
Knowledgeable and funny! Love the reoccurring Moment of Musk (ahhhhhh) and what wreck they find for sale in Cars of the Weak. I highly recommend the TW interview with George Beres episode. Only suggestion would be to add something about hockey, maybe the latest model of Zamboni or something. Thanks for doing the podcast! Helped with the shutdown and quarantine!
J. Go Habs!
I have listened to a couple podcasts and really like the content. Eric and Darrel are very knowledgeable, and have great chemistry. Keep up the good work
Great show!
I listen to the show while in the garage most of the time. Or a good listen while on a long drive. Never a bad time for some Throwin Wrenches. Highly recommend their channel. Sweet logo too ;)
Not boring
From a Prius to an old Plymouth with a worn out clutch, these guys cover it all.
Love it
Listen to all episodes! Also happen to be a customer to both sponsors. Reputable businesses with a reputable podcast can’t go wrong.
Great entertainment
I love the show, you guys really work well together and cover interesting topics. I look forward to each new episode, keep up the good work. Mark Way
Great show
Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Eric and Daryl evolve and find their groove. For a central Illinois podcast they cover a lot of content relevant beyond the Peoria area. Definitely a recommend, it has become part of my regular rotation.
Great listen
Even though it is very Midwest centric there is still great conversation.
Great Team
Being only 3 episodes in, these guys are really hitting their stride. Great subject matter and they sound like they're really enjoying themselved. Always happy when I see a new episode pop up in my feed. Keep 'em coming!
Sophie's Papa