John Evans, Connor Barth, Isaiah Rivera
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Pro dunkers, Isaiah Rivera and Connor Barth, discuss anything related to jump training with their coach, John Evans. Strength and conditioning, jumping technique, weight room practices, and general fitness and health tips and advice is shared on this podcast.
THP 3: 5'7 Dunker Area 51 Shares His Advice On How To Jump High
Podcast with Area 51 where we talk about dunking, jumping technique, and much more!
Sep 23
58 min
Thp 2: How This Olympic Hopeful Became Bigger And Stronger Than NFL RBs
In this episode we talk with Josh Williamson about his transition from LAX to bobsled, some details about his freakish athleticism, and discuss the world class training and testing that he performs at Lake Placid and ETSU.
Sep 17
1 hr 5 min
THP 1: Penultimate Step Tips
We're back. In this episode we discuss how to perform the penultimate step in two foot jumping.
Sep 14
1 hr 9 min