This Nashville Life
This Nashville Life
Kelleigh Bannen
The story of how Music City makes its biggest export. The who, the how, the why, and the why not of country music. Part love letter, part hate mail, part how to guide. Come with us as we try to figure out what it means to live This Nashville Life. Your tour guides on this journey are two Nashville insiders themselves: Kelleigh Bannen (a touring country music artist named one of CMT’s Next Women of Country) and Kevin Sokolnicki (a Nashville based engineer and producer).
Song RX: Megan
In this episode of Song: RX, Megan’s best friend, her beloved St. Bernard, crossed the rainbow bridge during quarantine. We suggest a few songs to help lighten her spirits and get through an especially tough time. Song RX Submission:
Jun 15, 2020
21 min
Song RX: Charlie & Helen
Charlie & Helen (ages 9 & 7) —these adorable siblings are feeling cooped up and missing their buddies. We’ll help them embrace the great outdoors and introduce them to songs that feel like new friends on this week’s episode of Song RX! Song RX Submission:
May 18, 2020
33 min
Song RX: Brenna
In this special short series of "This Nashville Life" called "Song RX", Kelleigh prescribes our "patients" a few songs as a musical cure to what is ailing them during these unprecedented times.
May 4, 2020
17 min
Backup My Backup Plan
An interview with live broadcast mixer and engineer Chip Matthews. We talk about how Chip got started in the industry and how his job is unlike anything else.
Mar 2, 2020
32 min
I Guess I’m Going to JLo’s House
From Miranda Lambert, to Shania Twain, to Sheryl Crow, she has done it all. We dive in with celebrity stylist and image consultant Tiffany Gifford as she recalls her journey working with some of the industry's best. As an expert of creating iconic looks that reflect the feeling of the artists’ music, Tiffany explains how style should really be all about the music. Music first, music last.
Feb 17, 2020
40 min
Start to Finish
Executive Vice President of A&R at Warner Music, Cris Lacy, tell us what she likes about A&R, how she loves to feel closer to the end product, and her love for songwriting. She gives us the inside scoop of how she listens to music while on the job and how she chooses to experience the music as a fan would. "I just felt like I love music so much, I care about it, I’m a huge fan, so maybe my destiny is to help people whose destiny is to be the storyteller, to be the one that touches the world and makes change in that way.”
Feb 3, 2020
30 min
Everybody’s Italian, Everyone’s “Got a Guy”
Lou Taylor gives us the inside scoop on how she became President of an extremely successful business management firm. She provides us with her journey into her position and the tactics she uses on the job. “Our job really is to figure out how the client consumes information and take that complicated data and present it simply.”
Jan 20, 2020
33 min
Music That Keeps the Lights On
Chris Farren, president of Combustion Music, gives us his insight on his career and his journey through the music business. Chris talks about his experiences as a producer, a songwriter and how he became president of a well known publishing and production company.
Jan 6, 2020
42 min
The Radio Game [Rebroadcast]
A repurposed episode of our pilot episode, The Radio Game. About how a song makes its way from one of a handful of streets on Music Row in Nashville to the top of the charts nationwide. Guest: JoJamie Hahr of Broken Bow Records.
Dec 22, 2019
28 min
No Sleep for 20 Years
Leslie Fram gives us the run down on her transition from radio queen to Senior Vice President at CMT. Leslie discusses CMT’s ‘Next Women of Country’ campaign and expresses the importance of supporting women in the country music space. Join us as we learn from one of the most inspiring leaders in Nashville.
Dec 9, 2019
57 min
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