This Nashville Life
This Nashville Life
Kelleigh Bannen
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Love this podcast! Super informative and inspiring!
Love this podcast! As an avid country music fan, visitor to Nashville, and someone who may want to get in the industry, this podcast is an excellent resource for learning how the music business works. I love the interviews with various executives and other successful people in all aspects of the industry, and Kelleigh and Kevin are excellent hosts, making the podcast very entertaining, as well as informative and inspiring.
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Cowboy California
Noooo way to inner propriet
Pink girl ❤️❤️
As an aspiring artist manager/music marketer, this podcast has given me insight and motivation. It’s educational, funny and all-around the best podcast you could ever listen to. Whether you want to work in the music business like me or you just love music, CHECK THIS OUT!
So obsessed with this podcast! Kelleigh is so easy to listen to and let’s whomever she is interviewing tell their story! Love hearing about everyone’s journey! So inspiring!
ashley panks
My new obesession
I LOVE this podcast! Kelleigh is an exceptional interviewer, and I love the topics that she and Kevin cover - the behind the scenes, the creative, the patience, the discipline, the perseverance, the puppeteering - that goes in to finding success in the music business. Wonderfully curated, this podcast is my new obsession!
Great for getting you through housework!
Just stumbled upon this podcast today, and listened to the entire first season while cleaning house. A lover of all things Nashville and country music, the title grabbed me, and I found the format had a great flow. I enjoyed Kelleigh and her co-host, and each interviewee has has brought great perspective to the table for all of the different aspects of country music discussed so far. I’ve now purchased three of Kelleigh’s songs and will probably add more, so take that Country Radio!!
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Love love love!
I just found you guys on my podcasts so I’ve started at season 1 ep 1 and everyday I can’t wait for my commute (when was the last time you heard someone say THAT!??) to listen to another episode! I’m a music lover and I adore Nashville. Listening to what’s in back of the curtain has been.....a bit startling. Music artists don’t get enough for their talent. Please don’t stop this series!
The inside scoop on Music City USA
I love this! I’m not in the music business but I live in music city. I have friends in various aspects of the industry so it’s cool to experience their life to some degree. Kelleigh (sp??😂😂) is funny. Her dude side kick rocks. I’m thrilled I found this to help my morning commute on the highways and byways of My Nashville life!
Thoughtful, informative, and comfortable
Time is the most valuable commodity in our lives, and I'm thankful for every minute I get to listen to this podcast. I always learn something and appreciate even more the commitment artists like Kelleigh have to their craft. Thanks for giving us a peek into the life, and much like her music...doing it right.
Loving this podcast and learning so much about what goes on behind the scenes in this crazy music world!
So Relatable
As a singer-songwriter, there are days I listen to this country music podcast and I’m reminded that I’m not alone in the music industry. Thank you TNL!
I’m Bonkers For This Nashville Life
OK...There are so many podcasts to choose from if you love country music. However, TNL is bar far the best one! Instead of being spoken to, or like a listener, I feel like I’m sitting at the table with some old friends, sharing stories, learning, laughing, and feeling like I’m a part of a great conversation. I can’t recommend TNL enough. As a fellow country music artist, I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the business after all these years, but I’m learning a thing or two (or three, or four...). Thank you both (and everyone behind the scenes) for putting out a podcast you should be incredibly proud of. Cannot thank you enough for your hard work, and for making me feel like I’m not alone on this crazy winding road to my own dreams. A+++++ Do yourself a HUGE favor...Listen, laugh, tear up, then share, rate, review, and follow TNL!!!
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Great insight
As a country music stan, this is great behind the scenes info. Hoping for a season 4!
not a power hungry fb admin
Inside Knowledge on the Music City
Learning about the good and bad about Nashville.
Nashville Insider Insights!
I’m a huge fan of this podcast! Kelleigh is not only a talented artist, she is a natural at podcasting and THE perfect person to do this show! As a singer-songwriter myself who spends some time in Nashville, this podcast has been so insightful to better understand the business, but also gain the perspective of songwriters who have had some success. I highly recommend for any current or aspiring singer/songwriter or artist interested in taking your game to the next level!
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I love this podcast, and I don’t like many podcasts. For a guy trying to get into the music business it’s extremely informative. You have the best guests and topics that are spot on! Great job!!
On a steeeek
Every Musician/Musicians FAMILY should listen to this!
Amazing podcast! Seriously. Not only do I listen to it, but I sent it to my family to listen to it so they can understand the business that I’m in. It can be so hard to explain and this podcast takes the words out of all our creative mouths. Keep it up, Kelleigh! 💗
Fanastic Pod Cast!!!!
I have listened to most of the Songwriting Pod Casts, and this is BY FAR the best. Kelleigh is an interesting and personable host who freely shares a bunch of insider knowledge. Thanks so much! @ScottMcDaniel82
Kelleigh, your podcast has inspired me to write songs again. #livelikeyouweredying
RonS Song
I have listened to them all.
I listen to an episode and then wait for the next one.... Very compelling. Always enjoyable. Kelleigh Bannen is so capable—such a natural at this—you might think it is her primary gig.
Cannot get enough
Hey Kelleigh and Kev (see how I wrote that like we’re good friends?) Kelleigh, I’m @countrywelove on twitter and @eileensking on insta and a general KB supporter in all places. :-) I just want to say how dang GOOD this season is. For a country music songwriting junkie/groupie like me, I just cannot get enough. I’m sharing with my sibs, who are also music junkies. I think this is your best season yet. It’s making me think of all the songs I want to hear the writing backstory on. Please, do this format again for another season. There are so many songs I want to hear about. Wishing you all the success in the world. Eileen
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Killing it!
Love this podcast! Makes me want to move from Atlanta to Nashville 🍻
So excited for the new season!
Love this podcast!
Mom-ager Gold!
Love all the insight, Kelleigh and her team provide. Especially for moms like me who are trying to help their kids navigate the industry. When your child chooses to forgo college and there’s no blueprint, ya thankfully have Podcasts like, “This Nashville Life!” Good job, Kelleigh and Crew!
Great Podcast
Great insight into all the things I have always wanted to know. Great perspective and insight on Nashville music business.
What a cool look into an industry that often has walls around it. Even as a musician myself, I learned a lot about where country music is at and how it can’t be easily defined. Kelleigh is a great and hospitable host. :)
Good info, fun, informative and unique
I don’t think anyone else out there is doing what this podcast is doing. They cover business, industry trends, songwriting, marketing and do all of it in a down to earth way that is charming and fun.
Everything I Wanted to Know About Country Music
I wish i'd discovered this podcast sooner. In the month since ive found it, ive been binging. Kelleigh gives a great perspective on someone doing something they love and how they'll fight to keep that dream alive. There are great interviews and tons of info on how Nashville works. As a huge Country Music fan, I love this podcast and so will you!
Totally Hooked!
I love listening to all the insider secrets of the country music industry. Kelleigh is an engaging and entertaining host. I love it when she giggles, expresses her vulnerabilities, and allows herself to be the butt of jokes. I’m now not just a fan of her music but also her podcast. I hope the show continues for many more successful seasons!
Nashville lifer
I live in Nashville I love this city! This podcast is amazing! I love hearing what's going on on the inside of the country music business!
I have never been one to listen to a whole series but I love this podcast. It's informative, intriguing, and an all-around great use of my mornings!
Great behind the scenes info about the music business told in an engaging and personal way. Love, love, love it!
Ray the Music Addict
Honest talk
Listen in on what life is like behind the scenes in the country music world.
LOVE this podcast
Quickly became one of my favorites and I always look forward to new episodes. Produced/edited well and great insight into the music industry and country music
Love this podcast for being blunt and covering all the basics of the Nashville music industry while diving into each niche one episode at a time
Ali Renae Goedde
Must listen!
Love listening to this podcast by people who not only know the industry but are genuinely in love with it. Cocktail hour is fantastic.
Season 2 Jason Owen
I loved the insight that Jason Owen brought. I love that he works with so many great female artist that I love to listen to. And his comment at the end is spot on regardless if you're a millennial or not work hard that's what Will get you recognition
Wes Boley
Great Listening
Have enjoyed finding this Podcast. Keep up the good work.
Another Faithful Listener
If you love all things county then this is a must!!!
I've been a fan of Kelleigh's music for years so my apologies for the delay of this review. Being a music lover (for many a type not just country) it is always great to hear an artist interview but This Nashville Life is so much more. As I said, I love music and this podcast takes you in directions the artist themselves have to go to get where they must to be successful. From writers to social media all the way to the layers needed, Kelleigh has touched on it all with the purest of intentions so that we as fans can gain a more in depth respect for what it takes to be successful in the industry. And for those up and coming artists I would suggest listening deep as the information she provides is so valuable. All this with the perfect attitude is how she delivers her show. I promise you will get sucked in and will not be able to wait for the next one. Kelleigh is a pro at this, just listen to her. I swear she has a degree in journalism as she doesn't pause at delay in the words or interviews with the guest. I just hope this podcast doesn't delay her own music! I love and will always be a fan of This Nashville Life and Kelleigh Bannen. Thanks for all you do!!!
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Great resource
Great behind-the-scenes look at the crazy business of songwriting and music making in Nashville.
Amazing podcast!
Ever since I was a young girl, I've wanted to know more about the music industry in Nashville. The insider information and discussion about songwriting, etc. makes me so happy and inspires my own musical endeavors! Keep up the good work.
Interesting Look Inside the Country Music Industry
The interviews and conversations with the people behind the country music – and the country music stars – are fascinating. That Kelleigh Bannen is at once an aspiring country artist and funny, genuinely engaged host makes the show unique and entertaining.
Jason Simanek
Best Music Podcast
This podcast is amazing. The only podcast I have found that methodically analyzes how country music operates. Its especially helpful for someone WAY outside all the right circles. If you are aspiring to know more about the ins and outs of Country Music, or if you are a fan in general, check this stuff out!!
Really interesting and fun
Found this in a WaPo article and have enjoyed every podcast. Looking forward to more.
Love this!
Wonderful podcast! So real! Love all the backstory on the country music industry.
Extremely Informative
I am a songwriter and have two young daughters that are in a country duo and write as well. This podcast was just what we needed to get an inside look at how the music business functions in Nashville. That you so much Kelleigh for putting this incredible resource out there. We love your music and love this podcast! Keep up the great work!
Abso-fruitly fabulous
Listen to it right meow!
Kelleigh is Awesome!!
Love this podcast!! I've been a fan of Kelleigh's for at least 6 years!! I'd look her up on You Tube and listen to songs on her website! I love her and her music so much! That being said, this podcast is great! Each interview "pulls back the curtain" as she says of Nashville! I've learned so much about the music industry and I love that she cares and wants to take us on the ride with her! If you're a lyric junkie like me and love country music, you need to check it out!
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Very Interesting Show
Love listening to the interviews with Nashville insiders. Helps you really understand all the aspects of the business. Keep the shows coming.
Awesome listen!
Great podcast about the behind-the-scenes Nashville music industry and how it all works. I always enjoyed country music but never really gave much thought to how the artists make it a career. But this podcast sheds light on that without taking itself too seriously. Kelleigh has a great personality and it's unassuming. Great listen on my drive home!
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