The ZDoggMD Show
The ZDoggMD Show
Dr. Zubin Damania
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ZDoggMD “gets” healthcare, is ridiculously smart&ha-lariously fun. JOIN supporter group on FB!
Zdogg is amazing- wealth of knowledge with a unique perspective...I am a supporter on Facebook and locals- pay $4.99/month- we get live chats 4-5times/week with around 100 peeps where we talk about important and silly stuff, lots of fun and interaction with zdogg, and other supporters who care all care a TON about healthcare. It is completely worth the money! (Also a private fb page for us- and direct access to z thru supporter messaging). JOIN the movement!!
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Frustrated 723
Pandemic anxiety
Thank you , thank you, thank you for calming my anxiety. I love to listen to a non-political, highly intelligent, and purely scientific podcast. This pandemic made me crazy. You help ease my mind.
Listener beware
Alt middle propaganda! This radical moderate is an unabashed propagandist for extremely centrist beliefs and a dangerously reasonable ideology!
Worth listening
Love the info and the unique perspectives..
Zdogg Zbest
My sister insisted that I listen to Dr Z bc she has the biggest crush on him & now so do I. I absolutely trust everything he talks about bc I feel he speaks the truth on anything medically related & then some.
Love this show
As a Medical Technologist(I know you all never get your results in time) I absolutely enjoy hearing the other side of the story. Great show!
Voice of reason
I’m a nurse practitioner working in a walk-in clinic and nursing home, and have been dealing with covid patients and all things Covid since the beginning of the pandemic. This podcast has been an invaluable voice of reason when science has been overtaken by politics. The guests zdogg interviews are the top in their field, rational and thought provoking. I really think this podcast has kept me sane during this whole pandemic. Thank you zdogg for being there for us medical professionals!
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Must listen during COVID times
Dr Z provides the most useful and straight forward information related to medical field. Truly unfiltered. He is ready to change his views post evidence. He was not pro masking in the beginning but later changed his mind. Listen to interview by Dr. Paul Offit it’s packed with good data. Dr. Z keep doing what you are doing.
Keeps me sane while informed.
This podcast has been invaluable during the pandemic. It keeps me sane AND informed. If you want to know more than your friends about what’s *actually* going on with medical topics, particularly covid at the moment, listen to ZDogg. He is rational, evidence-based, connected to the real experts, and also funny and enjoyable to listen to. Turn off the news, turn on ZDoggMD.
My port of sanity
Finding DR Z has most certainly been my port in the storm of the sh%# show that has been 2020. I’ve gotten balance and education and a calmness when I really needed it from Z and the Tribe. Just when you think the world has flipped its dipper some shinning truths come slipping through in the form of a podcast that speaks you you. It’s for everyone. Try it.
10/10 recommend
I love listening to this podcast!
Bringing medicine to the people!
Zdogg has a way to touch the heart, soul, and funny bone of all who listen to his message. He does not disappoint and pushes his alt-middle point of view (aka think for yourself) in a way that makes you say, “How ‘bout that?!? Independent thought! I’ll try it!” The world is a better place with him preaching, advocating, and working towards healthcare 3.0!
Finally a reasonable voice
Dr. Dumania thank you for your voice in this pandemic. I had listened to you pre Covid, but as I’m not a health care professional I hadn’t been in deep with you like I am now. Everyday I’m stalking you for more content, one day you liked one of my FB comments and I fan girled to the point of embarrassment (at least my teens were embarrassed for me). Seriously, you have gotten me through this time and my whole family has listened to you, even the 15 year old cynic. Thank you!!
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My new favorite podcast
I’m in the medical field so everything makes sense to me but the information regarding covid has been so nice to hear from a well informed MD.
Amber Ran H
Loved this last episode
Great episode on lifestyle changes ! Thanks
Dr. Z
Great content!!
Love it!
Thank you for all the insights ! You are so refreshing
Mrs. Espin
Quality content
Regardless on whether or not I agree with his stance on every issue, Dr. Damania presents data in a clear and concise way. Zpac4Life
You are Awesome!
Dr. Z, I love listening to your podcasts! You are such a voice of reason and have so many wonderful, resourceful people that you speak with in the medical/research community! I always share your videos because I want to spread the knowledge that you share especially now during these times when so much awful catastrophic/politicizing news is being spread out there which is just spreading more fear and miscommunication. Keep up the excellent work you do! You are Awesome! Michelle Ferraro, MSN RN Connecticut
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The last show with Dr. Prassad was the best one you’ve done! Made me really think! I need more collabs with him!
Balanced, Science-informed, & Apolitical
The United States NEEDS more voices like ZDogg, MD!
At least he’s a little more moderate than he used to be
Although “z dog” is attempting to try to come to the center, he still does not recognize his own bias and hate for people who do not agree with him. It isn’t always easy to see through his own agenda, but at least he is making an attempt to offer more than a one sided view of the topics he presents. Medical Science is never completely settled, if it were we would still be practicing blood letting. Z continues to offer topics with his own confirmation bias, but with occasional tidbits of offering both sides of debated issues. But the underlying hate is still there, especially when his sidekick gets airtime, that person is so hateful at that point I have to shut the podcast off.
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Gets it
Dude gets it. He’s insightful, funny, educated, and his material is educational. A+ stuff.
August 9
FYI, my sons university requires a negative spit test before moving into the dorm.
i give up on the nickname!
Lost me on the frontline doctors
Only a quack would support those white coat crackers and be opposed to removing their false narrative. And stop saying you aren’t political when you clearly are.
Addressing racism in the healthcare field
THANK YOU for addressing racism in the healthcare field. This is something I want to learn more in as I work as a nurse in the ER. My eyes were opened to racism in the healthcare system after your podcast with Dr. Shreya. I am looking forward to hearing more about this and ways to dismantle racism.
Kirsten Saka
Thank you
Thank you for your perspective. I wish everyone was open minded enough to listen and check in with themselves about what they believe and why. We all need to do that including myself. Hard yes but doable. You are the one person I don’t mind listening to during this epidemic.
Keep doing what you do!
Love listening to this podcast❤️
Thank you
I have always enjoyed Zdoggs parady songs and posts were usually very informative. I have been an RN for 16 years. There were only 2 people through this entire pandemic that made sense and gave me a feeling of calm in this chaotic period. Zdogg and my own medical director. His clear cut, precise way of delivering information that is pro science and anti political were what I needed to stay the course and continue to take care of my patients without fear. Thank You Dr. Zubin.
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All the things
Phenomenal podcast. Entertaining yet meaningful.
Long time fan!
Keep doing what you’re doing ZDoggMD! Your podcasts are always a great listen 👏🏻
Well though out and informative.
While I am not in the medical profession, I have made this one of my regular podcast. Z is entertaining, informative, and thought provoking. He has a wide range of topics and experts, and I also enjoy “daily rounds” with Tom when they just discuss life.
Can Hospitals Survive COVID-29? with Dr. Todd Strumwasser
Wow a hospitalist who admitted maybe they do "too much" to people for the money. Wow! My mother would still be alive if she hadn't had her unnecessary C-spin fusion. It literally killed her. She was only 79. The thing is she had heart issues and what doctor seriously felt it was in her best interest and health? Never again, Renown Health
Covid and American screwup
Great podcast. Informative. Thorough analysis of historical, medical, and social history of the pandemic. Thanks
Very frank and scientifically sound
He never pulls a punch when talking about the obvious failings of the SARS CoV2 response
Finally a doc who can represent and respond to current topics in real time with real censored logic! I recommend him regularly to my residents and interns.
dr whitinator
New supporter
I started following Dr Z after listening to his take on the current situation of healthcare during The pandemic. At first I thought here’s Another pro establishment provider... but then I heard him speak the truth, unfiltered and in bulk. Finally a physician who was publicly advocating for nurses, and the healthcare team. Now, whenever I get the chance I play one of his podcasts during a surgery instead of listening to music. He gets the team talking, communicating, laughing.
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Perfect Sanity in the midst of chaos
I am SO glad I stumbled upon Zdogg aka Dr. Zubin as he TRULY is a breath of fresh air right now. He’s respectful, mature, insightful...he’s everything we need right now. My husband and I now listen to him daily. Thank you!
You can always count on ZDoggMD for up to the minute healthcare information! He has brilliant interviews, funny videos, and uncensored rants. 5 stars!
jd salvatore
Dr Z is my favorite source of information. Always real and educational, never any fluff. Just tells it like it is!
Our voice!!
Dr. Z, love your FB, YouTube and Podcasts & a member of your supporter tribe. You are the voice of healthcare workers, and our voice of reason. Keep it up, and thanks for the company on my long runs. :)
Humor, Truth, On Poont
Great show..... after a long day in the hospital it’s good to get the real truth and some good laughs! Thanks for doing it well.
Real education/real life
Great educational platform. Love this doctors objective perspective, challenging conversations and relative topics. Sending all my nursing/RT friends your way!
Candy crazy kid
Incredibly knowledgeable
I love watching Dr. Damania’s videos and now I can listen to his podcasts while on the go. He is incredibly knowledgeable and brings in outside sources, who are experts in their field, to help us learn how to navigate healthcare in a meaningful, productive, and insightful way that helps us to provide excellent care to our patients while simultaneously taking care of our healthcare providers.
Always helpful
Great podcast. Will continue to listen
No medical listener
I always learn so much from these podcasts. Thank you for informing all of us.
Split rock
Informative and entertaining!
He actually knows the value of the “Professor and MaryAnne’s” of the health care team. There is more than one profession represented at the bedside of a sick patient. Listen to this podcast!
Troy Meyers
Great show
Z dogg, Tom and Logan are wonderful. This show is educational on/in the healthcare and has a bit of comedy. 10/10 would recommend for anyone in healthcare as well as people who aren’t.
Clinician COVID Manifesto
Great episode, This can be a fight for all medicine at all levels!
Dave H T
Does ACE genotype explain why some people are sicker than others there is a genotype that has higher ace enzyme activity and higher circulating ACE. If covid attacks ace could that explain why some people get so sick and others do not
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