The West Wing Thing
The West Wing Thing
Dave Anthony & Josh Olson
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By far my favorite podcast
I am not an articulate person but Josh and Dave have perfectly expressed my apathy & anger I have towards the incompetence, ineptitude, hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and liberals in general. Also something very comforting about their podcasts, I’ve listened to each episode at least twice and put it on before I go to sleep. Kept me company during my husbands deployment and I’m thankful for that.
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Perfect transition from a garbage show (west wing) to DS9
I'm a huge fan of this podcast (not West Wing itself...that's garbage) AND of ST-DS9 I knew that Josh & Dave would eventually bring this up as they have alluded to the star trek universe being the best possible outcome of science / technology on earth Being a big trekkie, I've been waiting for anyone who loves/ knows Star Trek...more specifically DS9 to point out the irony of this specific season 3 two part episode that was made in the mid 90's and was supposed to be a glimpse of the past on earth in 2024 from perspective of Star Trek universe. Thanks for this treat I felt like the only one who was noticing this recently while rewatching DS9 and scratching my head while I'm looking around the state of the world in 2020 and being like......🤔did they know something?? Or was this the plan of capital all along? Actually it's because capital doesn't plan ahead for anything unless it's directly tied to making more capital
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Great for tricking my neighbors
My nosey neighbors thought I got a boyfriend because they kept hearing “a deep male voice.” Only one male voice though because, yes, some episodes may have some sound imbalance between the two hosts. But it kind of adds to the charm. I loved reading the other reviews on here, it made me day. Imagine thinking this is a WW love letter or even just a typical recap of episodes and then listening to this hahahaha omg also so funny to see people leaving one star reviews calling Dave a leftist... Dave?! Not Dave Anthony?!!! A LEFTist?! Lol why would you listen to this very openly leftist host if you disagree so strongly? That’s like watching porn and getting offended by the nudity.
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Save your time, just read leftist Twitter hot takes
I came for BJG and enjoyed her episode, but the rest of this podcast is mostly sprawling ignorant and poorly reasoned hot takes about Aaron Sorkin’s ignorant and poorly reasoned writing. Also it has bad leveling and pacing. Other leftist analysis and hot takes are much more informative and enjoyable.
Michelle Cohrene
Funny guys with a smug worldview
Maybe there should be a disclaimer that this podcast isn’t for actual west wing fans? Applying modern woke thinking to a 20-year old show is a poor concept. It’s an unfair fight and maybe they should call it West Wing Hindsight 2020. Also, the hosts don’t appear to even watch the show as they take giant hacks at the content and the writing, but their facts or info about the story or characters are not accurate.
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I’ve learned a lot
Awesome pod, huge fan of the guys and all their guests except Amber Frost because she talks a lot and rambles on tangents and references I don’t get
Ian P Need
Enjoyable but ignorant of the East
I enjoy the podcast, but it is has a deep misunderstanding of the Near/Mid East. For instance, ayatollah is not a title that is exclusive. There isn’t one ayatollah. There are a ton of ayatollahs; it’s like a bishop, but in a more fractious context. Grand ayatollahs or supreme ayatollahs are a relative rarity, and there are almost always serious disputes when, in a Shiite community, someone declares such a status, even with backing from a previous scholar. This could be a learning moment for y’all. Islam is complex and so are other insurgent movements.
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Former lover of the West Wing
These folks are doing great work. I feel absolutely duped into having loved this show and am now thoroughly enjoying binging this podcast and allowing it to purify me. The sound mixing is pretty maddening but it makes me feel better about my own sub-par editing attempts on my podcast.
just log back onto leftist twitter
two self righteous lefty white men dunking on everyone who isn’t woke. i’m a progressive and i can’t stand these guys pretending like a tv show and barack obama ruined modern politics. give me a break and at least get someone in who has some authority on political science since neither of these guys know what they’re talking about. sit down and let someone who’s studied politics tell you that obama was not a wholly bad president and a TV SHOW did not give us trump. insufferable.
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Bitter, party of two.
A couple of bitter white men, acting like they are the authority on liberal issues, women’s issues, and minorities. They make some good points, but their self righteousness is insufferable.
I love this podcast, but I can’t make it through some episodes because the volume of the speakers is too inconsistent. Either I can’t hear one of you or another is painfully loud (Nando is way too loud in the latest episode, for example)
Sound issues
This is my second favourite podcast next to one it introduced me to (Bad Faith). I concur with other reviews about the audio mixing. Recent attempts to cut Dave’s laugh have only brought more attention to it as well.
Fantastic show
If Brie was a regular on the show it could possibly be even better.
josh holy sh*t with the f*ckin got story
chill love the show
floppy md
Good Advice for Writers!
I have never seen “The West Wing,” but I enjoy listening to these two dissect it. They make critiques from the perspective of politics and screenwriting. Very observant.
Zero Star Would Have Been Better
Warning - This podcast is a bait and switch. It’s not about the West Wing. It is a Trump/MAGA podcast who apparently realizes The West Wing is more of a draw than Trump. Get ready for conspiracy theories and moronic humor.
Great content w/Sound problems
(Revised 10/9) Hi guys. Great content overall - your humor is consciousness-raising. Or, at the very least, funny. Two things: 1) you may have noticed already that a lot of comments on iTunes are about sound problems - I wanted to echo that (haha, echo). It's hard to hear you sometimes, and the volume levels are all over the place. For reference, you might use "Misogyny Rundown" theme song as the "ear-splitting" level (or Dave's voice in "The Two Bartlets" episode... towards the end of which, I think Luke's voice disappeared entirely for 5 minutes from the recording, so it sounds like Josh was replying to no one - that was, sincerely, great)... and Josh's trailing off at the end of every third sentence as the "inaudible" level... and shoot for somewhere in the middle. 2) For me, the problem with Oliver Willis wasn't that he's a liberal. (I gathered from your discussion in a subsequent episode, that a lot of people resented that.) It's that I listened to him for ~20 minutes (he's not shy about being heard, so most of that was him talking) and I couldn't identify a single substantive point he was making. Maybe he said something meaningful and thought-provoking after that, but if the first 20 minutes are a clue, I don't expect he did - and it's the only episode I didn't finish, I think. The press is filled with talking heads who show no sign of ever having thought deeply about anything, and my impression (though it could be wrong) is that he fits that mold. It's not a coincidence that he's a liberal - you almost have to be, to be a modern person with a mostly detached & incoherent worldview. But I know that liberals are capable of interesting thoughts. Just maybe not that one. Added: 3) The episode with guest Rachel Larris ("The U.S. Poet Laureate", Aug 17) is a good counterpoint. She clearly had insight into something, because she'd researched it (Sorkin's online stuff) and thought about it. There was something to learn from her. But the episode begins with some jabs about Kamala Harris that reveal *absolutely nothing* about the guest's reasons for supporting her. Instead, when Dave expresses scorn for Harris, Larris immediately dismisses it as coming from someone who's white and male. She does this unironically. This would be fine if at any subsequent point, she laid out the reasons why Harris is the ally-of-the-people, or even ally-to-black-women, that Larris claims she is - but she doesn't. Larris is not interested in reasons - at all. I listened to the whole episode: no one challenged her on that. She actually said "I have faith" in Kamala Harris. For a show about calling out the hollowness and hypocrisy of this kind of thoughtless power-worship, that was a missed opportunity. The point is... you keep musing about having one of the West Wing people on your show, and chuckling about how you would confront them. Brothers, you already kinda signaled how that would go - no?
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Not a fan
Too much of a connection to Chapo Traphouse.
Wish I could hear everything
Came from the dollop, enjoy the content but I have no idea how one person can be so loud and the other so quiet when they’re doing the same podcast.
I am only on Episode 4. Always thought of myself as a West Wing fan. But I also am open to funny podcasts and any rip on Sorkin (who is a pompous ass). Well Episode 4 basically describes what is wrong with Democratic politics for the last 25 years at least. "Practical Idealism" hahahaha. And as they stated, the introduction of incrementalism!!! Basically fight for nothing and hope the Republicans throw you some scraps. (as a sidenote to that - this is also designed this way to appease the donors). I almost want to rewatch it with the lens of what happened to the party over the last 25 years and throw things at my TV. Looking forward to future podcasts.
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Just a silly woman trying to understand
I know I’m just a woman and don’t understand politics or people, but I really like this podcast. Granted, there are a lot of big words and concepts, but unlike Sorkin, Dave & Josh trust me to understand. Love these boys of mine *insert girlish giggle here*!
Luv all the disgusted reviews
I remember back in the day my mom told me how powerful she thought WW was, so I tried watching. Couldn’t stomach even one. Haven’t thought about the show since. Still refuse to watch, but I love the podcast! An interesting jumping off point to discuss current state of government and politics. Oh, and all the hateful reviews make me love it even more!
Funny & Interesting
I liked watching the West Wing. I also had perspective that it was a TV show. I love listening to Dave Anthony & Josh Olson break down the scenes in each episode. There are things I didn’t pick up on when I watched it, and these two are just funny!
The show we need
The West Wing sucked. Thankfully we have Josh ands Dave explaining why. And it’s fun!
Lemon Session
Don’t waste your time
Literally the worst podcast I’ve ever listened to. Meandering random dialogue is generous in describing this show. Thirty minutes into an episode and they still haven’t mentioned the show. They have however, ripped as many Democrats as they can. These guys are complete hacks. They don’t even sound like they liked or even watched the show, ever. You want a real, true to the story podcast, listen to The West Wing Weekly.
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Love the Show, Fix the Sound
I look forward to this show every Monday. Half of that anticipation is for the theme songs. If you ever do a patreon, give DieselBoots half the money. The other half of the anticipation is hearing you two drag Democratic party leaders, and (neo)liberals generally, to filth. However, even with my volume turned up, Josh’s feed or whatever is low and I often miss what he’s saying. Sometimes Dave too, but since he’s usually mid rant and screaming, its less an issue. Can this not be fixed? A new mic perhaps? Thanks for the entertainment!
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Please silence your phones during recording.
Hello. I love your show, but as a lonely man it breaks me a little each time when I am fooled into thinking I received a text message.
Move on, not worth it
The podcast is a recording of two guys making bad jokes, laughing at themselves, all the while making ad hominem attacks on both the cast and characters. The podcast starts with both hosts admitting they never really watched the show. And when they did say they watched it, it sounds like a guilty confession. A fair amount of unnecessary profanity is part of the rambling, but doesn’t add value or entertainment. I was hoping for an intellectual dialog or even something reasoned and rational. This podcast is neither.
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Left wing terrorists
Bunch of Marxist left wing terrorists plotting the commie takeover and free sex movement . Trump get on this
Critic Jew
Something Nice For Prostitutes
I use to love this show. I’ve watched the whole series several times. You’ve ruined it! But I’m laughing my ass off. I just found this podcast and I’m only to the end of season 1. Knowing what is coming up I’m so excited for you guys to see and react. It should be hilarious. I’m not saying I agree with everything or with all the politics the hosts put forth, however, you made me think in different ways and I enjoyed it all and I can never see the West Wing the same again. I am not mad about that. I’m grateful. Let me add that I never thought this was anything other than a fictional tv show. I wasn’t aware this show had such influence. That’s scary. I just finished The Leadership Breakfast and now I am questioning everything in my life. What was wrong with me? How did I not see all this? I’m not stupid. The one good thing is I need the laughs that you are giving me now. Thanks!!
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never seen the show But LOVE the PodCast
You keep me coming back for more!!
Interesting but fails
I listened to half dozen episodes to give thus a chance and it’s not worth the investment. Just angry democrats that look down on Sorkin (they are right) who simply bash anyone who is not on the left.
Interesting and funny
This podcast is for everyone who enjoyed The West Wing but sometimes found themselves wondering “Gee that seems sexist/racist/total bs.” Turns our yeah, it kinda is! Josh and Dave reveal a lot about the show’s creator, and critique the episodes from a professional screenwriter perspective. One is left wondering how amazing the all star cast could have made this show if they’d had better writing to work with. One slight distraction: Dave loathes liberals in general and Obama in particular, and the rants can get tiresome. And sometimes they just don’t know what they’re talking about (e.g. not understanding that “right to privacy” is code for “Roe v Wade”). It’s worth it though for the thought provoking insights into the show and the screenwriting process.
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Alabama K
Love This Podcast
I used to be a West Wing fan, until Dave and Josh came along and made me really look at the show. Now I can see not only how poorly written (but well acted) The West Wing is, but also how damaging it has been to modern politics. Also, I impatiently await for Josh to recall how Hillary Clinton compared modern politics to Game of Thrones, every episode (credit where it’s due). My only hope is one day Aaron Sorkin has the stones to come on and explain himself.
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Falling Short
Love both of these Guys
What a fun romp through the dumbest show about politics. Professional writers Dave Anthony and Josh Olson bang their head against a desk for an hour every week digesting the horror show that was the
Every episode is a journey
Love to react alongside Josh and Dave to the incredibly bad politics and jokes on the show. Every ep seems to get progressively worse and worse. Keep it up!
I’m here for Dave to critique the national brain worms that Aaron Sorkin has forced on us.
Great show, terrible sound
Josh, please fix your levels. It's impossible to listen to this show in the car when you're muttering! Throw some compression on your mic!
Re: not the best product ddkidd877
I’m not sure you understand what’s happening here, pal. 10/10 entertainment, insightful and hilarious. Get on the west wang train with Josh and Dave!
Not the best product.
If you want a good WW rewatch show, search The West Wing Weekly for the real deal. Not impressed by the effort here. The one guy seems so impressed by his own ability to offer criticism while simultaneously reminding his audience that, yes, he is in fact a writer himself. I think I’ll pass on the exercise in self aggrandizement. What a shame.
That's a lot of deep sighs!
I mean, sometimes it's as if the deep sigh of one host is sighing into the other's, like an interminably plummeting pair of old helium balloons. Casting an unsparingly critical eye on The West Wing, as goes for the U.S.As is, is a alternately over-enlightening and deflating place. It's no small relief to have a hearty sort of company for the fall!
This show has wiped away any former affection I held for The West Wing, which is a good thing. It turns out the show was garbage! Love this show, I listen to it as soon as it pops into my feed. Keep up the great work guys!
Love the pod’s premise and I feel affirmed and held when I listen to it. One issue: I wish hosts would let their guests talk (esp women guests). We've got a long journey together, share the load.
Insightful, scathing, hilarious
I became aware of this after one of the hosts responded to a snarky comment I made about Sorkin on social media. If you are a fan of West Wing take downs by the likes of Luke Savage & Chapo Trap House, you’ll love this. Aaron Sorkin is a misogynistic, neoliberal blowhard, and the fact that this show was so influential on actual politics is beyond horrifying. The hosts offer insights into both politics & screenwriting, and manage to be pretty funny while doing so. Great stuff.
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Iskander deBerard
Absolute banger, but some audio issues
A great look-see into the West Wing from a left-wing perspective, with some excellent comedy to boot. The only issue is that this podcast is extremely poorly mixed; there's plenty of audio issues (Dave gets louder, Josh gets quieter, then Dave suddenly drops off and Josh picks back up without a rhyme or reason). If they could get an adequate audio set-up or audio-person, then this would be one of the best podcasts out there right now.
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Aaron Sorkin
It’s Dave Anthony so I assume you can either just read the articles he’s lifting his info from or listen to the funnier comedian he’s stealing his jokes from ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thank you!
I was going to rewatch the ‘Wang in order to revel in the bad politics, but you guys do it for me and also provide great insights on the industry and writing. I genuinely laugh during every ep of this. I discovered Dave through Maron and Josh through A History Of Violence. Excited to listen to more of their podcast work. What is so striking to me is that the only thing the WW has going for it is the strength of acting. I appreciate how these guys direct some of the nuances in various performances, while also roasting the writing a politics. Bravo gents!
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Sigismondo Malatesta
The best kind of rage
Thank you Thank you
Please edit your mix
Or at least stop leaning away from the mic and mumbling. On the Will and Kath episode the audio for the hosts is about 200% lower than the guests. Sadly unlistenable
Don’t understand the seasons
Staying safe out there
Tom the MySpace Tom
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