The West Wing Thing
The West Wing Thing
Dave Anthony & Josh Olson
Each week hosts Dave Anthony and Josh Olson watch and then discuss an episode of The West Wing.
Arctic Radar W/Special Guest Amber A'Lee Frost
Heavy on the misogyny this week, plus Star Trek content, AND Josh does a reading of some hot and steamy West Wing fanfic. This week has everything!
Nov 22
1 hr 34 min
Swiss Diplomacy
The West Wing gangs yoks it up over how backwards and stupid everyone who's not white and American is. Also, Josh and Dave discuss how right and proper it is to wish death on anyone who lives in a state your candidate didn't win. 
Nov 16
1 hr 21 min
Process Stories w/Special Guest Nando Vila
It's our first post-election episode, and we welcome the brave new world of bipartisanship and civility with... well, not gonna lie... another episode of The West Wing Thing. Nando Vila joins us to explain the few tiny things Aaron Sorkin doesn't quite understand about the coup in Venezuela, and boy, oh boy, is this one horny!
Nov 9
1 hr 29 min
Election Night w/Special Guest Briahna Joy Gray
One day before Election Day in America, it's Election Night on The West Wing. So we brought back West Wing hate-watching champ, the amazing Briahna Joy Gray to have our last vigorous political discussion before we all go back to brunch on Wednesday.  All this AND a very special, one time only Election Day theme song from the great Diesel Boots! And, be sure to check out our Patreon:
Nov 2
1 hr 44 min
Game On w/Special Guest Briahna Joy Gray
We swear on a stack of bibles, we only asked her to watch ONE episode! The great Briahna Joy Gray joins us to discuss the 114 episodes of West Wing she's watched in the last week, and to talk about Jeb Bartlett's final debate. Also, Star Trek is better than Star Wars.  Also also! If you're so inclined, check out our new Patreon! Also also also! Check out our West Wing Thing Reunion Thing!
Oct 26
2 hr 14 min
West Wing Thing Reunion Thing Special Announcement!
Well, we had to do something, right?  We went completely overboard with a special video presentation of our West Wing Thing Reunion Thing, with special guests Amber A'Lee Frost and Felix Biederman of Chapo Trap House. It's a massive chunk of entertainment AND the announcement of our Patreon.  Here's the link to the Patreon: And here's the link to the video:        
Oct 21
3 min
Debate Camp  w/Special Guests Leslie Lee III & Jack Allison from Struggle Session
It's flashback time as the gang struggles with what to do with a right wing black guy who doesn't seem to actually exist.  If you want to do something that matters, sign up and help Nithya Raman kick the Pelosi/Clinton - endorsed ass of David Ryu in LA CD 4.  This is VERY important, folks!
Oct 19
1 hr 37 min
The Red Mass w/Special Guest Trevor Beaulieu from Champagne Sharks
Now that America has, for the first time in history, assassinated a foreign official, what's next? Also, why don't people understand they owe Democrats their vote? 
Oct 12
1 hr 26 min
College Kids w/Special Guest Virgil Texas
Bad Faith and Chapo Trap House's Virgil Texas joins us for some West Wing tax wonkery. Recorded as Trump entered Walter Reade. We take no responsibility for the events of the 10,000 news cycles that will have happened since then. All Hail President Pence! And be sure to check out Bad Faith, with Virgil and Briahna Joy Gray!
Oct 5
1 hr 51 min
20 Hours In America w/Special Guests Tarence Ray & Tom Sexton
It's the first episode of Aaron Sorkin's last season! New episodes! New theme song! New explosions of incoherent rage! Old guests! Josh & Dave paddle down the river of the 4th season premiere, and get jumped by Tom and Terence from The Trillbilly Workers Party. 
Sep 28
1 hr 56 min
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