The Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast | Proven and practical tips, strategies and ideas for music teachers
The Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast | Proven and practical tips, strategies and ideas for music teachers
Nicola Cantan
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I’ve learned so much!
Nicola has taught me so much as a piano teacher. She has so many great ideas to keep students engaged and excited about learning. I’ve started using more games, more improvisation, composition, etc. and my students are loving it!
Excellent Resource
Came across this podcast and am very glad that I did. Just started back teaching piano after having practiced law for 7 years. The information provided in this podcast is super helpful in guiding my transition back into the music world. Thank you!
Wonderful podcast for teachers!
I learn so much from Nicola and I am so grateful that she shares so much of her knowledge with us! I know I can look to this podcast for inspiration when I’m having a tough week or trouble teaching a particular concept. Thank you, Nicola!!
Great tips for music teachers
I really appreciate Nicola's no-nonsense, thought-provoking advice about all aspects of running a music studio. Even in those few instances where I don't immediately agree with her advice, I find that her opinions challenge me to see things differently. You won't regret making her short weekly podcast a part of your continuing education.
I LOVE these lessons!
Thanks for giving me such great ideas about how to teach. These lessons are priceless!
Thanks for pumping up my lessons!!!
Wonderful podcast! I drive a lot and listen while in the car. 😊 It is reassuring and encouraging to hear you talk about the things that I struggle with with my own students! I appreciate how respectful you are of all teaching styles. I look forward to more episodes!
Nicola brightens my week, every week!
I look forward to a new episode of this podcast every Monday, and it always puts me in a positive mood as I start my workweek. My only complaint is that the episodes aren't longer! Nicola is cheerful, practical, personal, and always to-the-point. She puts things in clear and simple terms, and I always feel like I've had a little pep-talk about teaching after listening to one of the podcast episodes. Beyond that, the information is really helpful and inspiring, and I nearly always come away with a new resource I can use, or the spark of a new idea or way to make something in my teaching more fun and accessible for my students. Highly recommend!
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Amazing and practical tips for all music teachers!
I am so grateful to have found Nicola's podcast. She is fantastic! Very organized, knowledgeable, and tips that I needed as a new piano teacher. And I love that they are all about 15 min long! Thank you Nicola!
Mandy Enman
So thrilled Nicola has a podcast too!
I have been following Nicola’s blog and have watched a webinar or two. I am so thrilled to discover that she has a podcast! She always has great explanations and applications and I find fantastic ideas for piano teaching.
Practical and fun!
I’ve learned so much about teaching and managing a studio. So many practical tips and interactive and fun teaching tools shared on this brilliant podcast! Thank you!
Practical, usable tips for making your piano teaching better
This is a great addition to the Vibrant Music Teaching suite of tools to make your teaching even better. Nicola’s style is down to earth and very accessible. She is super organized and includes links to resources in each podcast. Highly recommend!!
Be Inspired!
Nicola is an endless font of information, ideas and resources. Music teachers need to get in on this party for sure!
Nicola is the best!
Nicola really knows how to think outside of the box and make things fun and relevant for kids. She has a brilliant energy that will radiate into your way of being while listening to this podcast. I owe my first year of teaching growing to 40 students partly to her and Tim Topham! Thanks Nicola - Eric Rinehart