The Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast | Proven and practical tips, strategies and ideas for music teachers
The Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast | Proven and practical tips, strategies and ideas for music teachers
Nicola Cantan
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Each week your host, Nicola Cantan, will provide bite-sized bursts of inspiration and ideas for instrumental and vocal music teachers. Nicola is a piano teacher on a journey to help teachers teach with games and creativity so that their students succeed and they have full hearts and overflowing studios.
Teaching Technique in Online Piano Lessons
Teaching technique in online piano lessons requires some rethinking and creative ideas to make it work. In this episode, I’ll go through my top tips for teaching technique effectively to online piano students.
Oct 12
23 min
Backup Plans for Online Music Teachers
There’s one thing stressing many teachers out when it comes to online music lessons...what about when it all goes wrong?! What do we do when the internet drops out or the student has an off-day? In this episode, we’ll discuss strategies for dealing with all the technology frustrations and how to put a back-up plan in place for your online music lessons.
Oct 5
23 min
Teaching Strategies for Online Music Teaching
What teaching strategies work for online music teachers?  In this episode, we’ll unpack the adjustments most teachers need to make when teaching online music lessons. We’ll also discuss some great ideas for learning from your online lessons and improving your teaching across the board.
Sep 28
29 min
How to Make Your Online Music Lessons FUN
Are your online lessons feeling a bit stale? Are you wondering if there’s a better way to engage with your students over video call? In this episode, I’ll help you figure out how to inject some fun into your online teaching with games, surprises and teaching tricks.
Sep 21
20 min
Planning and Systems for Online Music Lessons
Do you have good systems in place for your online lessons? Are you happy with how you take notes, plan or send assignment sheets to students? We’ll look at the best planning methods in this episode so you can upgrade your systems and make your lessons run as smoothly as olive oil.
Sep 14
19 min
Tools and Software for Teaching Piano Online
You can absolutely get started with teaching piano online simply. All you need is your computer and something to run the video call.  When you’re ready to level-up, though, there are a few things you can do to make things run more smoothly and provide a fantastic experience for your students. We’ll dive into a few great options in this episode.
Sep 7
34 min
The Best Equipment for Online Piano Lessons
When it comes to your online teaching kit a few upgrades can make a huge difference. But it can be SO confusing!In this episode, I’ll break down all the microphone and camera jargon so that you can get to the bottom of what will work for you in your music studio.
Aug 31
33 min
Suggestions for Safe and Socially-Distant Piano Studios
Are you trying to figure out what your music teaching studio will look like this year? Whether you’ve decided to teach online or in-person, or have no idea what you’re going to do yet, I hope that these suggestions for safe and socially-distant piano studios will be helpful for you during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Aug 24
34 min
How to Get Ready for a New School Year
Are you ready for a new year of teaching? There are several things you can do to get your head and your systems set up for a new school year. In this episode, we’ll look at setting up your calendar and timetable, finding the balance in the busy seasons, and making sure your new students get off to the best possible start in your studio.
Aug 24
24 min
VMT110 – Vibrant Music Studio 101 – Purposeful
Have you ever felt like you and a student were just meandering through lessons? Everything was going sort of ok...but where was it going, exactly? In this show, I want to talk to you about what it means to be a purposeful teacher and how planning can help you achieve more and be more satisfied by your work.
Aug 17
11 min
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