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Nick is in the Pit
As the Greatest Player Who has Ever Played the Game, Nick yearns to be able to talk real gameplay and strategy, yet his allegiance to ABC (and his wallet) has enslaved him to this podcast where he’s forced to deal with guests who are casual Bachelor viewers who don’t understand the intricacies of the Game he once played so well, and their ignorance makes him lash out in impatience and short handed, rude comments. It’s not his fault. It’s the Dark Lord’s. Praise be Lord Harrison.
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Finally had to turn him off.
Listening to Jan 2021 episode w/ Teddi Mellencamp ... feel like I would have actually really enjoyed hearing her opinion if Nick would ever stop cutting her off, interrupting her, straight up arguing with her, and “whatabout”ing her. Same thing every week, I’m done now bye.
Entertaining and helpful
I love the ask nick episodes. It makes me feel less alone to know others are going through dating troubles. Nick gives good no nonsense advice and it makes for entertaining content. My only negative is that lately he’s coming off as a bit condescending at times (ex. cutting people off, sounding a little judgemental, etc.). I’ve only noticed this recently, so maybe it was just an off couple of weeks. I appreciate this pod!!
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RUDE to guests
Nick was so rude to and combative with Teddi that it was difficult to listen to the recap. So awkward. Very condescending
Chrissy is so painfully annoying
The mumbling and not being able to pronounce words is distracting but the advice is equally terrible. The producer won’t stop laughing when nothing is funny.
Rude and Negative
Nick is so rude to his guests and there’s always such a confrontational vibe. When he has guests on and they talk about predictions of what’s going to happen later in the season, he’s always telling them they’re wrong. Unless he knows what happens, he has no right telling them they’re wrong and being rude to them. He’s always looking to argue. Like other people said, I think he just likes to hear himself talk and enjoys talking down to people. I like Chrissy though, it’s too bad she has to be paired up with Nick. Only reason I listen is for the show recaps.
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Very Genuine and Real Podcast!
Love Nick’s honest take and have been loving most of his guests... but the most recent producer (Krissy??) isn’t fit for the role. I’m in comm and I just hope she adds more behind the scenes than she does to the podcast itself. She gets ahead of herself way too often, and I find her awkward. Not the right voice or personality to be a long term “co-host.”
Del taco44
Love this show!!
I leave five star reviews almost twice a week and I feel like it doesn’t help!!! Listen to this show! You won’t be sorry
I’m sorry
I’m sure Chrissy is a lovely person but she does not have a good podcast voice. It’s low key painful to listen to.
Can Justin Long be on every ask Nick episode??
Loved the dynamic between Nick and Justin. Incredibly thoughtful and entertaining!!
Important information
Good evening! You should put your episodes on YouTube and add English words. Many international students want to learn English better.
Love it
One of my fave podcasts to listen to at work love the blunt honesty in the Ask Nick episodes. Also I love Krissy she has a great energy
Was a big fan
I never missed an episode, but am now unsubscribing after the rude comments regarding Matt’s prayer. There were so many other dramatic moments to discuss during this episode. A passing opinion would have been fine; the excessive negativity was overboard. This is Matt’s decision and to express this amount of disgust on such a positive moment for him is just sad.
All time favorite podcast!!
I just wish nick put out more episodes during the week! Apparently I had a dream last night that he put out a new ask nick episode and just went to listen it and was very disappointed to see no new episodes 😂
Self absorbed host
Nick loves to hear himself talk and doesn’t give guests a chance to speak. Some co-hosts also seem incredibly uninterested. Episodes are boring or cringeworthy.
more justin long!!!
loved justin longs eps, they were all great! he gives great insight and he’s hilarious. i like the dynamic between nick and justin! love the ask nick eps and bachelor recaps!!
Taylor Cecil.
Unsure where I stand now...
i’m a longtime listener of this podcast & as much as I do enjoy the content you’ve put out over the years about important conversations such as mental health, suicide, etc...however, i’ve now lost some respect for you and the podcast for not acknowledging or condemning the horrific attack on the capitol last week. It’s extremely disappointing b/c i’ve always considered you to be one of a small handful in bachelor nation, who are not afraid of talking about/standing up for what’s right, what’s important, and using your platform no matter what the consequences (i.e. losing followers) may be. Super bummed to be writing this, like I said, i’ve been a listener for years. Just honestly and genuinely disappointed.
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Love it!
Great podcast never miss an episode!
Big Fan
Ask Nick is my favorite! Look forward to it every week!
Bad listener
I find myself getting second hand embarrassed for Nick often, his guests call in with honest questions (point of the Ask Nick series) and he’s too focused on talking that he doesn’t seem to listen to his guests. Biggest pet peeve about this show. Cusses way to much and honestly just seems like he loves to hear himself talk
lerve mcperve
LET YOUR GUEST SPEAK, NICK. It’s painful to listen to you talk over every single on of your guests.
nick ily
This is one of my favorite podcasts! I love to listen to this will i drive to work. I love the ask nick episodes. Theyre funny but ive also honestly been able to take away a lot from them for myself & my relationship. The bachelor recaps are always good too. The episodes with Justin Long are the best
No more Chrissy 😓 plzzz
No more Nikki
Love the podcast and look forward to the episodes with Justin Long. Nikki Glaser however? Ugh! Not funny, rude, and brings nothing to the show. Please do not have her on for Bachelor recaps.
New co-host is horrible
The new co-host is awful. Just AWFUL.
Giving platforms to abuser
On his Patreon, Nick is interviewing known abuser Josh Murray. It’s disgusting to give someone like that a platform.
I saw that you had Josh on your patreon, which I do not pay for and now definitely will not, so I just came here to say I will also not be listening to your podcast anymore because of him. He is a known emotional abuser, toxic, and manipulative and you know this. You have had his victims on your show before and have agreed that he is toxic and unhealthy, so I cannot believe you have given him airtime all for a cheap buck. It’s very gross and very low. This is not a “let’s hear both sides situation”. What’s next, you’ll have Colton on? 90% of your audience is women (as you say) so what kind of message does it send that you don’t support women and do support toxic masculinity?
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Love it
I’ve been looking for a good podcast to listen to that it’s my completely centered around politics. This podcast keeps me positive and is fun.
No longer a fan...
I have been a long time listener and after the latest Bachelor Recap with Nikki Glaser, I will no longer be a listener or a fan. I didn’t like the harsh comments about Matt’s prayer, but the part that really got me was the untasteful joke about being “jealous of the deaf girl.” How absolutely inappropriate and ignorant. To laugh at someone’s disability... I thought Nick would’ve said something considering he has dyslexia and has spoken a openly about it. Nikki obviously has no education on how a cochlear implant works and should keep her ignorant comments to herself.
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Can’t get enough
Nick is a riot! I wish he was my BFF because he always knows what to say and keeps me laughing.
Maybe I’m missing the vibe, but I’ve given this podcast a couple tries and the energy the hosts bring is so low...kind of feels like Nick just likes to hear himself talk.
Ask Nick is the Best
I never cared for Nick on The Bachelor but I heard an interview with him where he came off much more likable. The Ask Nick episodes are my favorite. He is honest and practical without being unkind. If I ever have relationship trouble I would write into the show. Also, the Justin Long episodes were my favorite. I really loved hearing Justin fanboy out about The Bachelorette and I hope he’s available to record episodes recapping future seasons.
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Great advice (most of the time:P)
4 stars cuz nicks advice is most of the time pretty on point, I’d say atleast 80% of the time. I mostly just listen to the ask Nick segments, always get excited to hear people’s questions & look forward to it! I didn’t care for Nick on the show, but he’s redeemed himself with his podcast for me:P
Gotten a lot worse
Used to love the show with the old co-host. This one is terrible and I have gone from listening to all of the podcasts to just thrones recapping the show. Nick has a good perspective on the show, but really nothing else. He should see where he shines (Bachelor Nation) and leave all the other stuff to real qualified people. And why would you want to be on this podcast as a guest, you don’t get a word in! If changes are made to the co host, many peoples would subscribe again.
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Makes fun of disabilities
Loved this podcast but jokes about being deaf and making fun of people with disabilities is not funny. Laughing and not calling it out when it happens is compliance. Be better.
Nikki Glaser...not ok...
Wow. Nikki Glaswegian talks about cutting parts out of the show...she should filter herself on bashing Matt’s praying on the show. Wow!
Lost Interest
The unfortunate phenomena of talking about lewd and racy topics instead of providing educated discussion has now plagued this podcast. I wish the content was cleaner, it makes me feel icky to hear some of the topics of discussion. You have the opportunity to provide great content, why limit yourself to the monotony.
Decaf ☕️
Caffeine can be useful. But can also lead to a stream of consciousness way of speaking as opposed to give and take banter. All good
Needs a co-host
It is unlistenable since losing Rachelle. The new co-host has zero opinions that aren’t swayed by a single word from nick. Get a co-host that is capable of a back n forth
Love ask nick!
Nick gives awesome candid advice! Love the content
Please be more considerate
I am a big fan of this podcast, I always have been. Nick brings insightful and mature commentary to everything he does. I typically value the guests that he has on his show and do not fault anyone for having an opinion different from others. However, the most recent episode with Nikki Glasser was terribly upsetting. After insulting somebody’s religion, she follows up by wishing that she had a disability. One should feel so lucky that they were born able-bodied. I’m not a fan of cancel culture, and I will still continue to listen to the show, but please be more thoughtful in a future.
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Bye Nikki
Love this podcast but never have Nikki as a guest again. Distasteful and rude. I’m okay with people having different opinions but please be respectful of people who do pray.
Thumbs up
I always come to this podcast as an escape from the world and an opportunity to explore so many new topics! I love how opinionated Nick is because I get to see so many new perspectives I don’t always see! Will always be a loyal fan!!!
Super uncomfortable with the discussion around Deafness and disability. Alternating between Deaf jokes and talking about how people with disabilities are good to learn from is cringey to say the least. We aren’t actually here to teach you, just here to be treated like humans.
Love Nick!
Nick, I love the podcast! 5 stars, always a great listen. But please stop having Nikki Glassier on bachelor recap episodes! She doesn’t know anything about bachelor content! Justin Long forever!
Favorite podcast
I never miss an episode. Ask Nick episodes are amazing. Thank you Nick for being real and entertaining. Love this podcast!!!
Nick is that older brother you need
I grew up with only sisters so I never got to hear a brothers perspective on dating. I feel like Nick is that brother you need to give you that tough love you need to hear in order to seek the respect you deserve in a relationship. I’m in a five year relationship now but I still enjoy hearing his advice for women/ men’s search for love. He’s also really progressive in the bachelor world. So I like that as well.
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One of my favorite podcasts...and,
I am not quite sure why this podcast would ever receive less then a five star review; Nick and Krissy are doing an amazing job!!! I am a fairly new listener, about seven months or so, and I love it! The commercials are hilarious, the guests are wonderful (Justin Long is by far a favorite - bring him back), the podcast is entertaining and Nick gives great advice! As long as this podcast is on, I will be listening.😊 If you are looking for a new podcast - I highly recommend this one. HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! Ivi.
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Ivi Z.
Need new producer
Nick has no rapport with this producer. He cuts her off, talks over her, and ignores her. It is very awkward.
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