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I love this podcast, but I have a critique for you
I listen to this podcast all of the time and I absolutely love it! The ASK Nick episodes would have been so beneficial for my dating life. Saying that, I had a little bit of a problem with some of the terminology used on Monday 04/12/2021. At the end Nick and Crissy (sorry if I spelt that wrong) discussed Narcissistic personality disorder. Nick described this disorder as potentially dangerous. They also discussed how most of the callers partners most likely don’t have narcissistic personality disorder when the callers discussed qualities in their partner or potential partner. Describing Narcissistic personality disorder as “potentially dangerous” and emphasizing to the callers that their partners not having Narcissistic personality disorder as a good thing stigmatizes individuals with personality disorders. Personality disorders like Narcissistic and Borderline hold a lot of stigmas in our society. Nick and Crissy absolutely did not mean harm in what they said. I just ask for more mindful language when discussing mental illness.
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Why does Nick let his guests go on and on and on
I like the podcast and Nick’s advice but JESUS CHRIST. Any given caller talks for atleast 10 minutes more than what’s needed. Who is screening these calls beforehand and/or why does Nick always let them babble. We don’t need these long episodes on each person !
“What Would Nick Say?”
I have been listening from the birth of this podcast. I have listened to all the Ask Nick episodes and now anytime I have a guy problem or issue I have Nick in the back of my brain saying “you keep saying how you think he feels, how do YOU feel?”... while he is not an expert he does have a lot of questions that any person in the dating/relationship scene can ask themselves to get through a weird or tough part of a relationship. It’s nice hearing a guy’s perspective. I like his approach of questioning the caller and helping them to really look within themselves about why something bothers them or what they want out of a relationship or situation! Keep up with the great advice, it has helped me figure out how to approach relationships in my life!
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Hilary Haefner
Nick speaks TRUTH!
Nick says what everyone else is too afraid to say. I love his advice because it’s so straightforward and makes people check themselves. No sugarcoating!!! His an excellent interviewer as well.
Good podcast speaker
Nick is a good podcast host. Sometimes he doesn’t hit the mark but he actually gives good advice. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think he does a good job at engaging guests and providing a valuable unbiased opinion.
It’s SO GOOD!!!!
Everyone should listen to this show! I love Ask Nick!! I’m happily married and love every episode. I feel like I personally give great advice but every time Nick talks I think to myself ‘wow, that’s profound!’ All the other content is great as well but I specifically love Ask Nick! Thanks for working so hard on this show!
Love it!!
I literally only listen to the Ask Nick episodes because they are so entertaining. Keep it up!
All I can say is, if you go to therapy and work with a qualified professional. You’ll hate this podcast.
Love it!
I love Chrissy!!!! Chrissy don’t listen to the haters! Your laugh and commentary is the best! Ask Nick episodes are my fav.
Love the Ask Nick section
I listen every Monday morning before starting my day to Ask Nick and always look forward to it. Love the bachelor chat and reality/pop culture stuff as well. I will agree with others though about Krissy. She probably does great as a producer but it’s very awkward interactions on the pod. The giggling and laughing. It would be nice if there were genuine conversation between you two about your week or any brief life updates. Instead she’s giggling about inside jokes or almost fan girling over you and there’s no substance to anything she says. The few bits we have heard from Ally and Amanda on air have come off way better and natural as a “co-host”. Just some honest feedback from a dedicated listener.
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Nick is not as smart as he thinks he is. Also, stop begging for 5 stars. Maybe do better in your podcast?
Cmon dude
Nick gives a lot of relationship advice for someone who now exclusively dates women young enough to be his daughter. His producer just inflates his ego, he doesn’t need a yes man he needs someone who challenges his opinions or what’s the point of her at all? Just an uneducated and narcissistic dude i feel bad for his 22 year old girlfriend
Krissy. Stop laughing. Stop talking
I’m sorry but nick hates you krissy. Nick. Fire her or get her off the air. This is uncomfortable. It’s like you’re doing a show with your ex girlfriend.
Love this podcast!
I’ve always liked Nick (big Bachelor fan) but after the Viall Files I love who he is as a person! During the “Ask Nick” segments, he gives such great advice that I’ve taken into my own personal life. He keeps it real and asks insightful and thought provoking questions. Most importantly, he never judges anyone. Although the Ask Nicks are my favorite, he also has really interesting guests and topics. I love that it’s not bachelor-based, but they do some recaps and have bachelor guests on. My new favorite podcast.
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Honestly so good
I gotta say Nick is a total natural at this. I’ve listened to other former Bachelor cast podcasts and the other ones just don’t flow or feel very real. He does a good job of adding in his ads without it feeling awkward too. Sound is also great, I hate the shows where you can hear where it’s edited. Bachelor recap episodes are awesome and Ask Nick episodes are my all time favorite. My one complaint is that the Ask Nick callers often have a lower volume than Nick/producers/guests.
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ewww Chris Medina
How could you give that man a platform? He is the worst, and I am not alone in that thought.
Great show!
I especially love the “Ask Nick” episodes. He asks the right questions and gets to the root of the issue even when people struggle to articulate themselves. He gives good solid advice. Love him!
I just feel weird about the interest he has in what men say vs what women say. He treats his male guests with high regard, but has no problem cutting off women
Perhaps the most unwoke-woke person
At the end of the day Nick has had 2 failed engagements, was runner-up twice on the bachelorette. The fact that this men is 40 years old and giving out relationship advice to a minority of young women is crazy. I get it’s good to get a male perspective, but not from a man who hasn’t even had true success himself. The Reality Steve interview is by far the most telling episode of his true character. He is arrogant and beyond rude. I’m rating two stars because I do listen when bachelor/ette guests are featured.
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Good points 👌🏻
I like listening to the “Ask Nick” episodes. Good advice!
I love to hate love him
So here’s the thing. Couldn’t see what Andy or Kaitlyn or Vanessa saw in him. Truly. Then, having listened to him on other shows, I realize this is a guy NOT made for the sound byte. Nick is a musing and an amusing wanderer with no filter whatsoever; if it is but a fleeting thought, barely tangentially related to the subject at hand, Nick verbalizes it. This leads to some super interesting discussions; he does his homework, and is kind of stuck on the “breaking free from the Bachelor bubble” cusp - so support his non-Bachelor shows. My favorite show of the week is Ask Nick. Not only is he sex positive he is profoundly gentle with his callers, but is also objective and gives straight, sound advice. He genuinely likes women. His producers, his team, and now the grace with which he speaks of his girlfriend. I am a complete convert. I watch his video clips - he models unselfconsciousness! His crazy plots, dancing, skating, cooking, painting (or did I make that up?); he is inventive and entertaining. He needs to have a show after James Corden.
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Favorite podcast
I listen to multiple podcasts like Joe Rogan and others but this is my absolute favorite podcast. I drive an hour to work back and forth and this is what I love listening to, to the point I will stop at a shop close to my house to finish listening to the podcast, because I enjoy it so much. I think everyone who hasn’t heard these podcasts should be listening. It brightens my day. Nick viall is funny, kind and cares about his listeners. I’ve learned a lot from his podcasts. I recommended it to my fiancé and he’s only ever been into listening to Joe Rogan, but he is loving the podcast too! It’s a must listen!
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More harm than good
It’s very harmful to speak on topics that you are not educated on. Even with the warning of “I’m not a therapist” you then continue to give uneducated advice on serious topics including substance use, depression and anxiety. This can be dangerous to the guest and also listeners. You minimize issues because you don’t know how to address them. Also, don’t ask a question if you don’t want the answer. Stop trying to change people’s answers.
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Love your podcast but there is a problem
Hi - I do love your podcast and think you have an interesting perspective, but I’ve noticed a problematic thing you keep saying recently. You keep referring to only white women as being “traditionally beautiful”. All of the women are objectively beautiful I think. Just a thought. Best wishes.
Love you Chrissy!!
I do NOT understand these one star reviews about Chrissy. Girl, you are a GEM. Keep speaking up, you’re a big part of this pod 💞
The ego is just beyond words
Ask Nick #251
Loved listening to this podcast!
sussex Mike
Killin’ it
I’m a 57yo mom from Madison WI. Shout out to Nick and Krissy! You guys are killin’ it! Nick has a kind, soothing voice. His advice in Ask Nick is thoughtful yet frank. He’s affable and often wise beyond his years. He brings a unique insider’s perspective to his Bachelor recaps and his celebrity interviews are fun. I want to say it’s his Wisconsin roots that make him open and relatable to his guests. Once he talked about road rage and how he gives rageful drivers the benefit of the doubt. His response to road rage is to give a "smile and a wave" which is such a “Wisconsin” way of being in the world! He and Krissy have a nice rapport. She’s like a big sister, keeping him in check, and her sense of humor and hearty laugh make me smile.
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Seanstrrz GTA riview
Zuri was great!
Have Zuri back on for an Ask Nick!! She was so well spoken, thoughtful & I think she’d have a lot of good perspective/advise for your callers!
How can people tolerate it?
I really, really tried. But he is literally ALWAYS right about something. And as soon as someone (like his producer) starts talking or making a point, right as she (it’s mostly with women) is approaching the point, he goes WELL ANYWAY...... and back to him. If I hear “WELL ANYWAY” one more time I’m gonna die. Hence why I’m done listening. I thought I was gonna be team Nick on the reality steve podcast, but that was unbearable. If anyone wants to know exactly what I’m talking about with this pompous attitude, just listen to that podcast. It’s soooo brutal.
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Good listen but some cringeworthy parts
I enjoy listening and love the guests that come on! Also, really enjoy the ask nick segments because I’m a therapist and Nick surprisingly gives some good advice for not having any expertise. Only cringeworthy parts would be when Krissy talks too much, when Nick doesn’t let people finish their sentences, and the vibe I get that Nick is annoyed/makes fun of Krissy.
Hollie Sch
Nick says he didn’t know what the word antebellum meant until 2 weeks ago?.....
Chrissy has got to go. I get so annoyed by her i end up stopping 15 mins in because i cant take it anymore. I’m sorry but i just can’t.
Ziti Episode
As a 61 yo white woman who has been a fan of the show since it’s inception, loved your review of the finale. I too have my work to do but have been diving into some books and podcasts. I wish someone would review the season and what could be done better. Perhaps, the production team needs to be revamped. I don’t like that the franchise picked a token black bachelor and did not give him support. The missed opportunity was that you had articulate women of color on this season. Lawyers, pharmacists , pr managers and educators were among the group . Instead of focusing on white women drama and old v. new girls , these women, their stories and what they bring to the table should have been highlighted. Also, Matt is a college educated articulate man. He may have been lacking in e.I. due to his lack of relationship experience but let us know about him what he studied, his athletic career and the work he is currently focused on. Instead , they focused on black stereotypes, the absentee father not the white mother who against a lot of odds raised two young black men to be productive contributors to society. I do believe Matt was probably not the best choice given his lack of experience with women. He would have been better served to have had a chance to find love on a bachelorette season. Mike Johnson would have been a better pick, articulate and gregarious , established in his career and another great male role model, regardless of the color of his skin. I hope they never pick another black person without giving them the support they deserve. Diversity training and implementation is required for the ABC franchise. Your podcast does great work speaking and presenting the details.
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Rose Beach
Nick is way too deep in to be objective
I have such a hard time listening to Nick recap the bachelor(ette) because he’s the definition of a company man. He is not objective and rarely speaks against the quite clear producer manipulation. This was so obvious to me in his conversation about Matt’s dad, only speaking of it as a positive. While Matt obviously needed that conversation it never should have been aired. It was exploitative and not appropriate to share with the world. He also is so adamant about all the points he makes and does not allow space for any of his guest’s opinions. Re: producer. While I think the reviews about Krissy attacking her personality/voice/laugh are harsh, I do think it needs to be addressed. She is a producer, not a cohost, why is she always interrupting? She should only jump in when absolutely necessary if there’s an obvious correction (as the social team does.)
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cait cash
Only podcast I listen to!
Love it!
Fun but slightly annoying
I like the interviews with contestants from the bachelor franchise but Nick has a tendency to interrupt
Desireé E.
Best recap podcast.
I love your recap podcasts. I love the guests you have. It was great to hear from Bri this last podcast. It was awesome to get to know her better. Great episode
Bri was made for this
I watched Bri on the bachelor and seeing how she carries herself drew me to listen to this podcast right away. She has a great laugh with a voice made for podcasting. Nick is also such a great interviewer. 5/5 stars. I’m looking forward to listening to more content.
The interruptions
It’s more prominent if it’s a female guest; Cutting them off mid-sentence, talking over them and talking down to them. The producers that interject sometimes are dismissed. But also the etiquette is clunky, sometimes they interrupt a guest mid-sentence as well, often with a shout. I know it’s a delicate balance, but it’s been an issue that was brought up very early on in the podcast’s history, and it has not improved much at all.
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Bri Springs!!
The podcast with Bri was my absolute favorite, thank you for giving her the chance to speak!
Producer talks way too much!!
Chrissy interrupts guest and it’s annoying . Not here for her take on things but for Nicks and the guests.
Love love love
This podcast is amazing! Love the great advice and how open nick (and guests) are. Fun and educational 😉
Love ask nick!
Nick gives awesome candid advice! Love the content. Please invite Cassie David and Dave Holmes back!! My fav guests!
Here for Krissys laugh.
I think the Howie episode was the best yet, I laughed out loud several times.I think for a moment Nick actually relaxed and it was great to hear that side of him. Krissy, your laugh gives me life.
She is so annoying!
Sorry Chrissy but I find you extremely annoying. It’s your loud cackling laugh and you also make the listeners uncomfortable the way you interrupt Nick and guests. Take a hint from Nick - it’s obvious. Nick I love you lots!!
I’m where he is from...what happened to him?Arrogant. We both live in different states now, but just can’t get over his ego
In general, Nick tries to play the devil’s advocate a bit too much for me, so I find myself eye rolling a lot while I listen lol. But overall, I come back to the podcast every now and again for the bachelor/ette recaps and they can be entertaining depending on the guest on the podcast with him that day
I like Chrissy!
Idk what these comments are about but Chrissy’s laugh is contagious and she adds a lot of insight to the show ❤️
Recap with Nikki
So funny, I laughed out loud numerous times! Howie mandell- I lol a couple times - so funny!!!!!
Suz from PA
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