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Welcome to The Viall Files, the podcast that talks about relationships. Nick has a lot of dating experience (on TV as The Bachelor and off), so he likes to think he knows what he's talking about. On Mondays, listeners call in for a live version of the popular Instagram series "Questions with Nick." On Wednesdays, Nick sits down with an inspiring guest who challenges the way he looks at the world. We love to laugh, be silly, and get deep! We hope you subscribe and join The Viall Files Family.
S E226: Breaking Down Marriage 101 With Dr. Alexandra Solomon
Today we are joined but Dr. Alexandra Solomon. Over the last two decades, Dr. Alexandra H. Solomon has become one of today’s most trusted voices in the world of relationships. A professor, therapist, speaker, author, retreat leader, and media personality, Dr. Solomon is passionate about translating cutting-edge research and clinical wisdom into practical tools people can use to bring awareness, curiosity, and authenticity to their relationships. Her work on relational self-awareness has reached millions of people around the world. Dr. Solomon is a faculty member in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University and a licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. Nick and Dr. Solomon dive into a bunch of relationship topics including, how to handle a relationship in a “rut”, hook up culture, porn in a relationship, expectations of men in the bedroom, how to speak to your partner without judgement , and making sure you know your body so you can communicate to your partner what works for you sexually. “ If there is one thing I have learned from 20 years of couples therapy, what matters so much to a man is how he looks in his partners eyes.”
Jan 19
1 hr 19 min
S E225: The Bachelor Recap With Teddi Mellencamp
Teddi Mellencamp joins us once again on tonights episode of The Bachelor recap. As a Bachelor super fan Teddi does not hold back on all of her takes when it comes to Queen Victoria, Katie standing in the corner of the room waiting for her time, Sarah’s intentions and how she was spoken to, and her pick for the season … Rachael! Nick and Teddi break down all the drama of the night, make their predictions for the season, and do not shy away from their opinions. “The most dangerous predator on the food chain is a group of people on the bachelor who smell blood.”
Jan 18
1 hr 22 min
S E224: Ask Nick - Playing House Too Early
Today on Ask Nick we start with a woman who is trying to get over her relationship after she jumped into it super quick thinking it was her person, and now thinking he is a narcissist who took her for a ride. Second our caller was in a toxic relationship where she was putting up with behavior she should not be dealing with but also is being irrational in not listening to what her boyfriend is clearly telling her because of a fear of being alone. Next we speak with someone who is questioning getting engaged because she can’t figure out what the one thing is that keeps holding her back. Lastly we speak with a girl who felt rejected by someone she started to date and now that he is single again, and reaching out to her, she does not know if she should re-engage with him. She shares with us her texts so that Nick can better understand the situation hearing both sides of the conversation. “ Its not hard for people to act like they are dating… what’s acting like we’re dating, its hanging out with someone while sex is on the table “
Jan 18
1 hr 18 min
S E223: Getting Deep With Ivan Hall
Ivan Hall joins us on today’s episode of The Viall Files for a more in depth conversation about who he really is and what we did not get to see on The Bachelorette. Ivan speaks passionately about prison reform, dating and religion, why he was so surprised to see his brother on the show, and what he really does for a living. Even though we are diving deep with Ivan, Nick and Ivan get do get playful talking about possible paradise scenarios and playing our game Do You Know Me. “ I’m in a place where I want to settle down but I don’t want to force it. “
Jan 13
1 hr 8 min
S E222: The Bachelor Recap With ABC Executive Rob Mills
On tonights recap of The Bachelor we are joined by ABC Senior Vice President of Alternative Series, Specials, & Late Night Programming, Rob Mills. We always love it when Rob stops by not only to give us his take on all things Bachelor but also to see what hints we may get on what we can look forward to later in the season. Today Nick and Rob talk about the women who seem to be getting a lot of attention on the show, the women really being casted for Matt, how politics and religion can play a role going forward in the franchise, Nick’s thoughts on Heather arriving to the scene, and whether or not we can be looking forward to an AFR this season. “ Appreciate your villains.”
Jan 11
1 hr 5 min
S E221: Ask Nick - Making A Stew With The Wrong Ingredients
It is Monday and that means another episode of Ask Nick. On todays show we first speak with aa woman who originally ghosted someone she started dating, and now after thinking about it wants to get him back. Next we talk with someone who is at a crossroads with her girlfriend and their relationship as they start to plan for their futures that don’t necessarily align. Trust issues due to an alcohol addiction is the problem that frustrates our next caller as she tries to figure out if it is a relationship worth saving. Last we speak with someone who is recently no longer engaged because her fiancé’s mother played a huge part in the end of that relationship acting like a true step monster. “Nut up and push back.“
Jan 11
1 hr 11 min
S E220: Reinventing Yourself With Alli Webb
Today on Viall Files we are joined by NYT-bestselling author, former SharkTank judge and co-founder of DryBar, Alli Webb. Nick speaks with Alli about divorce, moving on, being a woman entrepreneur and most importantly finding the strength in yourself to move on and lead with your passion to find the happiness you deserve. “ I wanted us both to just get to something else we were not able to achieve in our marriage. “
Jan 6
1 hr 5 min
S E219: The Bachelor Recap With Nikki Glaser
Tonight we break down the first episode of Matt James’s season of The Bachelor with the one guest who holds the record for most appearances on The Viall Files, comedian, Nikki Glaser. There is so much to unpack when it comes to Matt’s story, the limo arrivals, that vibrator, Queens vs. CEOs, and the fact that Matt has not been a part of the franchise, until now. Nikki delivers her style of comedy to this recap as only she can, so get ready as we get to know the women of Matt James’s season and make those early predictions for what is to come. “ Separation of church and date.”
Jan 4
1 hr 18 min
S E218: Ask Nick - The Update
You have been asking for it so we decided to put it together… welcome to the first Ask Nick update episode. This week we go back and reconnect with some of the callers that we spoke with this past year to see where they ended up in their situationships. Some of our callers still needed some tough love but we were happy to hear Nick did not destroy anyone's life! Our Callers Original Stories: Episode 142 featured Catherine, who was in a relationship where her boyfriend decided to bring someone else in to make them a thruple and she was not confident in that decision. Steven was wondering why someone he had feelings for and connected with was starting to pull away from him and did not know if he should wait for her. Brittany wanted to open up her Mormon marriage on episode 134 because of the lack of sexual experience she and her husband had before getting married. Paulina wanted to open up the relationship with her younger boyfriend, who lacked experience, to try and have some control. She was trying to make sure he experienced other people and would not one day feel like he missed out on sexual experiences and leave her. Mackenzie was in episode 142 and she did not know she was being used by someone who was cheating on his girlfriend. Melissa spoke in episode 165 about how she really wanted to date her friend with benefits, however, he was sending mixed signals by offering to pay off her car, instead of showing interest in a relationship. Featured on episode 151, Stacy’s mother had made some inappropriate racially insensitive remarks to her daughter about dating and she needed some advice on how to approach her about apologizing for her actions. “Hiking is hard, it is harder to do with wet socks, you insist on hiking in wet socks. “
Jan 3
1 hr 5 min
S E217: The Great Turtleneck Debate With Brendan Morais
In this episode of The Viall Files, we are joined by Brendan Morais who stole not only the heart of our friend Justin Long but also, America. Nick finally has a chance to apologize for pronouncing his name wrong all season and to really take some time to get to know who Brendan is beyond his amazing turtlenecks. Brendan shares with us his thoughts on which of the guys he thought were there for love, what he would do if he & Tayshia and had more time, and what he would do if she ever called again. It’s a fun episode filled with guest pop-ins and matchmaking for our last episode of 2020. “One of my biggest regrets is not bringing more turtlenecks to Palm Springs“
Dec 29, 2020
1 hr 9 min
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