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E218 Ask Nick - The Update
1 hour 5 minutes Posted Jan 3, 2021 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

You have been asking for it so we decided to put it together… welcome to the first Ask Nick update episode. This week we go back and reconnect with some of the callers that we spoke with this past year to see where they ended up in their situationships. Some of our callers still needed some tough love but we were happy to hear Nick did not destroy anyone's life!

Our Callers Original Stories:

Episode 142 featured Catherine, who was in a relationship where her boyfriend decided to bring someone else in to make them a thruple and she was not confident in that decision.

Steven was wondering why someone he had feelings for and connected with was starting to pull away from him and did not know if he should wait for her.

Brittany wanted to open up her Mormon marriage on episode 134 because of the lack of sexual experience she and her husband had before getting married.

Paulina wanted to open up the relationship with her younger boyfriend, who lacked experience, to try and have some control. She was trying to make sure he experienced other people and would not one day feel like he missed out on sexual experiences and leave her.

Mackenzie was in episode 142 and she did not know she was being used by someone who was cheating on his girlfriend.

Melissa spoke in episode 165 about how she really wanted to date her friend with benefits, however, he was sending mixed signals by offering to pay off her car, instead of showing interest in a relationship.

Featured on episode 151, Stacy’s mother had made some inappropriate racially insensitive remarks to her daughter about dating and she needed some advice on how to approach her about apologizing for her actions.

“Hiking is hard, it is harder to do with wet socks, you insist on hiking in wet socks. “

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