The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas
The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas
Keith Kalfas
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Small Business Ownership & Personal Development Hosted by Keith Kalfas from the Landscaping Employee Trap & Window Cleaning Blueprint.
The Origin Story of The YouTube Lawn Care & Landscaping Community
If you ever wonder how my YouTube Channel started and what is the story behind the Lawn Care & Landscaping Community. Listen to how it all started, get some tips here on how to start yours. What are you waiting for, my friends? Dive in.
Aug 31
44 min
Keith Kalfas Standing in a Parking Lot Talking About Life
What is life all about? We have struggles. How do we reach our ambitions? It is not easy, man. You might see me now, as a successful YouTube Vlogger, Podcaster and Entrepreneur. But the path I've been through, man I tell you. It is rough. But despite all of that, I strive. I reached my goal. So, the lesson to be kept here, my friend. Don’t waste your time. Reach for your goal, while you still have time. While you still can! Let’s Dive in.
Aug 24
14 min
Genius Idea For Saving Trees | Re-Tree with Vidosh & Daniel Miraval
Listen to today's episode as we tackle how these two smart people have found a way to save trees by Re-Planting instead of disposing of it. Hey, this saves Mother Earth! Cool topic. Please listen to Genius Idea For Saving Tree with Vidosh & Daniel Miraval
Aug 17
42 min
Business Bourbon and Bullshit  - Conversation with Bobby Walker and Michael Dahlke
Today's guests Michael Dahlke and Bobby Walker of BBB. These two great guys gave great pointers on how they strategize and hit their target revenue per year. Learn how these two BBB masterminds tackle their approach and tactics on how to run a business.
Aug 10
38 min
How to Run an Awesome Landscaping Business Efficiently After Recovering from a Business Failure with Caleb Auman
Caleb Auman is the Owner of the Auman Landscape LLC which is based in Carroll, Ohio. From crashing his old business he survived and managed to get up again when he met his wife Brittany Auman who has been supportive to him until now. They pick up all the pieces together to create and establish their landscaping business. And now, they not only do landscape but also other types of construction services such as Commercial Stormwater serviceCheck him out you will learn a lot from this awesome man.
Aug 3
35 min
Do You Have Self-Limiting BELIEFS Landscaping Business MOTIVATIONAL Mindset Talk Keith Kalfas
In today’s episode, we will talk about finances, and how does keeping finances to yourself affects and hurts your business. You don’t waste money if you get some help manage your account. It helps you know where your money is going or seeing if you’re making progress. Listen to this podcast, and I will tell you how…
Jul 27
30 min
Is Your Lawn & Landscaping Business Causing You Too Much Stress?
When you break into a new paradigm, boom! You outgrow it like a butterfly out of a cocoon. A butterfly can't go back. And now you know you can't go back into that space anymore. You just don't fit there anymore. You've grown. You spread your wings, then, you know you've leveled up. Now, it's apparent, it's obvious. Now it's in your voice
Jul 19
10 min
Do You Have a Warrior Mentality? Story by Keith Kalfas
Do You Have a Warrior Mentality? Story about having Humility, entrepreneurship and Raw Ambition.  Keith Kalfas with the Untrapped Podcast
Jul 12
20 min
Why Your First Customers Probably Took Advantage of You
Why Your First Customers Probably Took Advantage of You. This Weird Yet Powerful Epiphany I had While Working Today To get my free 7 Steps to marketing your business. Text the work "Untrapped" to 31996.
Jul 5
15 min
Why you MUST Start Telling Customers NO
Why you MUST Start Telling Customers NO. Grow a backbone and level up your business. Check out www, text the word untrapped to 31996
Jun 27
16 min
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