The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas
The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas
Keith Kalfas
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Best Marketing advice I’ve heard
Love your podcast listen to it all the way home on a 3 hr drive. Really helped me understand marketing better. Thanks man. I also suffer with anxiety, depression also agoraphobia like mike from the spoke about. I made a video on my way home and really related to what I heard about your early videos where like therapy for you. That’s how I felt. I’m kinda have fears of talking about my past struggling with addiction and cause to go to jail. I know that would be a major turn off for customers. 4 year clean and sober about to step out into the home and commercial industry. Thanks for all your insight. You rock Kieth!
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Thank you
Thank you ! Bc by listening to you it’s helping me to be a better person
This man will change your life he has changed mine
This guy is a goat if you listen to his podcasts they will transform your life and make you the person you dream to be.
heskett hot dogs
Daily listen!
What Keith is doing for small business owners, landscapers, and people in general service s bringing a message of motivation, lessons learned, and positivity. Hugely informed podcast! Go listen to his most recent episode on supporting veterans... powerful!
Blueprint Lawn & Landscape LLC
Keith is the realest in the green Industry 💪🏼
Inspiring and real
Keith always gets down the nitty gritty in the interviews. Always good stuff!
Auman Landscape
Listening to Keith is very inspiring! Coming from nothing to where he is now is nothing short of impressive. Not only has he built from the ground up but he has overcome alot of obstacles. In those experiences he brings us the raw material he produces.
Apex Outdoor Services
Straight talk
Keith is a straight shooter that lays it all on the line. Not only is he very informative, he’s also highly entertaining. Business, marriage, mindset, competition, work quality...its all here!!
Tom's Lawn Care
I thoroughly enjoy listening to Keith! Always great insight.
Everything that you have pushed out over the years on YouTube and note you’re podcast touches home to me and I can relate to a lot of topics that you talk about. So thank you! Keep doing what you do
Over flowing with knowledge
Man when I get down or don’t know what to do, I start up a podcast from Keith and it’s like a kick in the butt! He gets me so fired up and ready to take charge or my life and business.
Awesome podcast, great content!
Been listening to Keith for about 3 years now after randomly stumbling upon his YouTube channel. Always great content and free education. 10/10 recommend this podcast and any of his stuff. Love listening to it while working and just rolling through the episodes. Thanks DAWGGG!
Man I wish I could get my thoughts out like you do! Your a true inspiration and I truly appreciate all the effort you put into sharing your story and by that helping other like me!
Shon Crisp
Great information
I love listening to Keith. Always has such useful information and you can tell it’s honest.
White Tail Lawn
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established as an entrepreneur, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Keith does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Actually informative
Listen to podcasts Lawn N landscapin ery day, this might be the new favorite broham. Keep it up
this nickname is taken 286263$
Great role model
Awesome dude and great to hangout with
Better then my morning coffee
I wake up every morning grab some coffee & turn on this pod cast. I have literally listened to the same episodes a hundred times if your in a service business you have got to watch Keith’s you tube from when he 1st started
smiley 😐
Keith is the man! He inspired me to start my Landscape business 5 years ago! Great Podcast my friend! -from a fellow Michigander
Check out Keith on YouTube
I have been watching Keith on YouTube for years, I encourage everyone who runs a small business to check his channel out tons of great advice. He also has a second channel called “I am ability “ which focuses more on philosophy and general life advice
West Landscaping
If Just starting in business or even if been in business for a while, Keith is a must listen to.
Keith is as real as it gets. He has come from the trenches and done very well. Also he is one that never forgets where he came from. He has just as much love for his business as he does to help others. He came from starting off with a $500.00 rust bucket crappy truck off craigslist. He did not let anything hold him back and tells you how to do the same. One of the most stand up guys I have ever come across.
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365 Yard Care & Landscaping
Keith Kalfas Review
Wow! What a good podcast!
Keith’s Podcast
Wow! If you haven’t checked this out I would absolutely recommend it! Before listening to this I was looking for direction, well thanks Keith for giving it to me!
Learn How to Draw Hub
Paul Jamison
Keith is inspiring. His insights on marketing are helpful. Keith has encouraged me to raise my rates and be confident in knowing my worth and value.
Paul Jamison
Love the energy and dynamic Keith brings to the table.
Awesome podcast! So much gold nuggets that you can apply that week to your business or life. Keith puts a dynamic perspective on things that makes it hit home! Thanks brother, keep inspiring us.
Great Content!
Great content from a guy who started at the bottom. Seems to be information so many can relate to!!
Always a good listen!
Keith is down to earth and a great dude for helping me grow my business. I love listening to him break things down into simple analogies and ideas that I can implement to grow my company. Keith always brings it, thanks for the Untrapped Podcast Keith, you da man!
Brian Fullerton
I love how Keith is helping share his world with others . With a pure heart he sincerely is passionate about inspiring &to teaching others on their journey of entrepreneurship.
Keith is a top notch dude!
Love this guy and his show!
Keith has a wealth of knowledge on marketing and growing a service business! I highly recommend him
greg with tlm lawn maintaince
I’ve learned so many things from Keith that have helped me keep my mindset healthy and my business running. Thanks Keith!
Great Man, great mindset and great attitude
Had the pleasure of meeting Keith at 2019 GIE expo and tuned into the podcast after meeting him. I owe him and others huge for the amount of inspiration and motivation I’ve gained from supportive people like Keith. The podcast is a great source of knowledge and a tremendous value!
Valuable insight
I’ve been following Kieth’s content for years.... it just gets better and better
Very Insightful! Wouldn't expect anything less. A true Entreprenuer!
Very knowledgeable
Keith’s is such an outstanding person. I’ve been following him for a few years now and almost everything he posts brings great value. I really appreciate how much free content he provides. The best way to learn is from others failures and Keith always talks about his. Thanks for the knowledge.
NO BS Podcast
Keith’s podcast offers amazing, authentic strategy and advise. You can tell Keith is truly passionate, not only about his business, but educating and helping his subscribers run and operate a more efficient business of their own.
Love it!
Great show, love all of Keith’s stuff. Started following his YouTube channel as well. He and his guests are bringing great value for small business owners everywhere!
Shamrock Real Estate
Lesson learned
Great stuff man loved every moment
Tweet Talks
Love it
Great Podcast. Tons of helpful thoughts and tips in here. Coming from a guy who has listened to Keith from the very start I can tell you that he has been a beneficial spruce for the business I run today. - Window Joe
ABC Window Cleaning
Great podcast!
I just took over the family lawn care business and this podcast is helpful af 🤟🏼
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