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The Unexplained With Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes
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Where is Howard?
Sid The Frog
A fascinating and very well done show. Love Howard's voice and delivery. He truly cares about his audience. PS: Why no new shows?
Unlike many podcasts on these topics, this is one where you do not have to check your brain at the door. I really appreciate the host’s balance and intelligence, and I consider this to be one of the very best podcasts in this space.
A great podcast
Howard is extremely professional and a great interviewer, yet his communication style makes you feel like you are listening to a good friend. The topics are varied and fascinating. This has become one of my favorite podcasts. Thank you for all you do, Howard.
A fan
I’ve been listening for about a year and always look forward to your podcast. Thank you for all of your hard work, skill at interviewing, and your guest selection.
K. E.I.
Howard is great with history, science, discovery, exploration.
A wonderful interviewer with fascinating guests. A veteran BBC newsman. Fans of the paranormal will love Howard’s interviews with his unique, open mind. Personally, I love his podcasts on history, espionage, exploration, space, and discovery. One of the greatest interviewers, and broadcasting personalities, ever. Brilliant, modest, witty, engaging and considerate.
The Unexplained
Good show with interesting topics.
Please stop using pseudo scientific conjectures
Like “Interdimentional” “time travel from the future” “mirror universe”. There is zero evidence for any of this. String theory posits many dimensions and this theory has no evidence for these extra dimensions and certainly would not explain the phenomenon. The second law of thermodynamics prohibits energy in an closed system getting more organized. It’s called entropy. That’s why time travel can only move forward not backward. A broken glass cannot spontaneously reconstitute itself. And there is no way to observe another “mirror” universe. So again no evidence. Stick to real physics and admit that what is unexplained is unexplained until real science achieves the understanding. Thanks for great conversations.
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Tony Quintanilla
Interesting podcast, but I am unfollowing because I cannot listen to you interrupting your guests anymore. It comes across as an arrogance issue. It is very off putting to the guests, but you do not seem aware.
Excellent Informative & Entertaining
This is a most wonderful podcast. I find it educational, entertaining & very informative. The wide ranging topics are refreshing during these “stale” times. Howard Hughes has the Best voice on radio/podcasts!!! Need to skip the Apollo conspiracy folks. Thats shear nonsense.
The best show out there
Howard brings a veteran newsman’s perspective to every topic. He’s smart, engaging, and willing to examine high strangeness. Highly recommend.
The Best
If you want quality reporting and great topics, look no further.
Top Podcast
Episode 889. Please don’t give airtime to ultra right wing anti-government inidividuals who want to prosecute our top President Joe Biden. Otherwise I like your show but these paranoid anti-Democratic types with a grudge against Democrats politicize an otherwise interesting show. I am taking a star away until you understand that we have enough fascists in America already without hearing from them on your show.
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Too little content.
I love this podcast, I just wish there was more weekly content. Also, too little crypto and historical mysteries and too much ghost/medium nonsense.
Just So Fun
At some point during the pandemic, I stumbled on this show. I love to ponder various mysteries and scare myself just a little bit by listening to stories of ghosts, strange creatures, alien encounters, after-death experiences, etc. Howard Hughes’s voice is so very lovely and calming, and he chats so comfortably with his listeners at the beginning of the show, you feel you are with a kind friend who shares your fascination with the unknown. He is also never mean or vulgar, and rarely discusses violent events — a refreshing change from so many podcasts. It is a respite from the hellish times we’ve all been living through and reminds you how marvelous and unknown the universe really is.
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Praise for a Professional
Howard, Just a shout out for a very enjoyable, informative and well rounded podcast in an extremely overflowing field in which you set yourself far apart from the pack. The Paranormal field. Kudos to you Howard from a lifelong investigator much like yourself friend. You are much admired and listened to over here across the pond in Black and Gold Pittsburgh Steeler country. Pennsylvania USA. Keep up the great work and don’t ever let the bullies get you down. And I’ve noticed through the years that there are such creatures and they rise their slimy heads from time to time. God Bless you old salt and feel free to give your Pittsburgh Steeler fan club a shout out now and then. Matt Miedel Sounds Like: Matt ‘My’ ‘Dell’
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Howard’s pounding over-the-top delivery is an anachronism reminiscent of early radio but the show is good thought-provoking entertainment
This is a gift!
I’ve been searching for something to fill the hole left by Art Bell’s passing and this show has done it. It’s great in its own way and I wish it didn’t take so long for me to come across it. This is one of the only podcasts I know that feels like an old school professional radio broadcast.
Love this podcast
Howard is great! Fantastic show, great guests, interesting topics, and a true professional conducting the interviews. Well done Howard, keep up the great work!
The next Art Bell
One of My Favorites
I love the wide range of topics that Howard covers with his guests. My favorite topics are haunting and psychic-mediums. The interview format is excellent and I look forward to the new shows every week. I e been listening for at least 5 years now and have continued to enjoy the interviews.
What a man!
Most men as rich as Hughes would just retire and enjoy life, but Hughes labors to give us this podcast, and I love it. We many never be as rich as Howard Hughes, but we can listen and learn from him anytime we want.
Ralph and Martha Wright
Love this show
This show has become my top podcast. Howard books the best guests, asks the best questions and stays objective all while being quite endearing.
Howard is awesome
I enjoy very much listening to Howard. He has a lovely voice, I listen while I move about through my day, and when I crochet. I am from the USA, state of Ohio. I like his interviewing style, find him easy on the ears, and will often ask the guest a question which I was thinking of myself.
Purty Gerty
The Unexplained with Howard Hughes
Wonderful to listen to! best broadcaster ever next to the late Art Bell!
A biggish
Keep it Audio
I’ve no interest in video podcasts. Words and imagination remain alive because of radio / podcasts and literature.
Howard, this show is amazing!
I absolutely love this show. The guests are very diverse and Howard does a superb job interviewing them. This is not your run-of-the-milk podcast and I highly recommend it!
Paul Ssintclear
Always informative and very entertaining. Great shows! I always end my night listening to Howard’s soothing voice and professional style of interviewing.
John Greenwald
I’m really disappointed to see an episode with John Greenwald of The Black Vault. For the last 18 months he has vehemently defended racist jingoist views on his twitter account. Any show that hosts him really should consider the entire package of what they are endorsing. I will be unsubscribing now. I’m sorry. Loved your show but my personal ethics will not allow me to support those who support those who support fascism, racism, transphobia, or homophobia and the like.
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I have been going through the library of more than 500 episodes. There are many gems in there. I highly recommend a good listen.
Sea Monster Carver
Howard Hughes is an excellent orator and interviewer who keeps a healthy mix of material and delivers an exceptional product week in and week out, it’s rare that I am not entertained by his broadcasts and I enjoy his delivery thank you for offering such a great public service at no cost to your listeners god bless you.
xxxzxzxx 743
First class broadcasting
Howard has been essential listening to me for the past five years and his presentation is a joy to listen to. He lets his guests do the talking and asks the questions we all want asking, whilst never jumping to conclusions. A radio and podcast treasure.
5 stars!
I’m a mailman in the States. You keep me moving and entertained! Thank you!
Howard Rocks the Planet
Thank you sir, for your excellent perpective on these topics. Your effort is greatly apprieciated by me and your audience. Keep rocking the planet with that awesome voice. WW
Great podcast; great host
Howard does a great job and is very respectful and personable to his guests; unlike some hosts, he “puts in the work” and seems genuinely knowledgeable and interested in the topics and guests. Great podcast for the spooky and not-so-spooky. Also good podcast for kids who are interested in these topics.
Just discovered and really enjoying it!
Great show with a variety of interesting topics. I really like Howard’s interviewing style with his guests. He digs deep to try and find answers to the unexplained
My favorite pod
He tries so hard to interview guests in a way his listeners won’t give him a hard time, and to let’s guests share their stuff, which can’t be easy to do. Howard has been a friend in these strange times. Love this podcast.
Steven Greer is a total grifter
Having someone so shameless in their trafficking of complete and proven lies on your show is a huge hit. I like Howard, but you have to have some standards with your guests.
Loving it!!!
Anyone who respects, admires & doesn’t debunk or continuously use the words ‘he CLAIMS’ for Dr. Steven Greer...I respect ❤️
Dr. Greer knows his claims have no proof
First time to visit this podcast and never again to hear this Dr. Greer. He knows one cannot disprove his claims. If he was a medical Doctor He would be considered a quack! But wait he claims to be an ER physician so I can call this guy a “quack “.
k9 Chief
Just found you
Binging all. :)
Great topic.
Great podcast. Arkansas, USA
Host is beyond annoying
What is wrong with this host? Why is he interrupting Linda Moulton Howe when she is speaking? Why is he so disrespectful? Super cringe to listen to.
Cream of the crop
Very well done by a classy guy.
YUUUU!!!! soulja boy
CGP Mike
Excellent Show
Interesting diverse guests and topics. Howard comes across as kind and does a great job with interviews. Wonderful voice by the way!
Well, I'm back - and glad to be here!
Howard, Maybe a year back I sent you a note complaining about Richard Hoagland craziness. It was like a last straw. However, I have found my way back for good. You're unique voice that - I think I should admit - provides a professional and extremely interesting program every week. I apologize. As a peace offering I went to The Unexplained web site and signed up to send a £5 monthly donation to do my little bit. But please, not Hoagland, at least keep it to minimum. Best, Michael O'Hara Mesa, AZ 480-527-3640
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Hughes is a sorry sack of crap. Every show he whines about the lock down. He’s so scared and effected by the corona virus. Give it up you zero. The episode with Anthony Peake is a good example of how sad he is. He tried to explain away the amazing topics Peake would bring up with lame and played out thinking. This guy stinks. Stay home and shut up.
Excellent Show
One of the absolute best podcasts on the strange and unusual. Mr. Hughes is smart, to the point, congenial, and always professional. He is an excellent interviewer who consistently brings insightful questions and astute observations to the conversations.
One of the best
The Unexplained with Howard Hughes is one of the best programs of its kind. The quality of the program is top notch and the host Howard Hughes is professional and an excellent interviewer. This listener is entertained and informed every time.
Happy user 123
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