The Unexplained With Howard Hughes
The Unexplained With Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes
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My favorite pod
He tries so hard to interview guests in a way his listeners won’t give him a hard time, and to let’s guests share their stuff, which can’t be easy to do. Howard has been a friend in these strange times. Love this podcast.
Steven Greer is a total grifter
Having someone so shameless in their trafficking of complete and proven lies on your show is a huge hit. I like Howard, but you have to have some standards with your guests.
Loving it!!!
Anyone who respects, admires & doesn’t debunk or continuously use the words ‘he CLAIMS’ for Dr. Steven Greer...I respect ❤️
Dr. Greer knows his claims have no proof
First time to visit this podcast and never again to hear this Dr. Greer. He knows one cannot disprove his claims. If he was a medical Doctor He would be considered a quack! But wait he claims to be an ER physician so I can call this guy a “quack “.
k9 Chief
Just found you
Binging all. :)
Great topic.
Great podcast. Arkansas, USA
Excellent Informative & Entertaining
This is a most wonderful podcast. I find it educational, entertaining & very informative. The wide ranging topics are refreshing during these “stale” times. Howard Hughes has the Best voice on radio/podcasts!!!
Host is beyond annoying
What is wrong with this host? Why is he interrupting Linda Moulton Howe when she is speaking? Why is he so disrespectful? Super cringe to listen to.
Cream of the crop
Very well done by a classy guy.
YUUUU!!!! soulja boy
CGP Mike
Excellent Show
Interesting diverse guests and topics. Howard comes across as kind and does a great job with interviews. Wonderful voice by the way!
Well, I'm back - and glad to be here!
Howard, Maybe a year back I sent you a note complaining about Richard Hoagland craziness. It was like a last straw. However, I have found my way back for good. You're unique voice that - I think I should admit - provides a professional and extremely interesting program every week. I apologize. As a peace offering I went to The Unexplained web site and signed up to send a £5 monthly donation to do my little bit. But please, not Hoagland, at least keep it to minimum. Best, Michael O'Hara Mesa, AZ 480-527-3640
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Hughes is a sorry sack of crap. Every show he whines about the lock down. He’s so scared and effected by the corona virus. Give it up you zero. The episode with Anthony Peake is a good example of how sad he is. He tried to explain away the amazing topics Peake would bring up with lame and played out thinking. This guy stinks. Stay home and shut up.
Excellent Show
One of the absolute best podcasts on the strange and unusual. Mr. Hughes is smart, to the point, congenial, and always professional. He is an excellent interviewer who consistently brings insightful questions and astute observations to the conversations.
One of the best
The Unexplained with Howard Hughes is one of the best programs of its kind. The quality of the program is top notch and the host Howard Hughes is professional and an excellent interviewer. This listener is entertained and informed every time.
Happy user 123
Great show
Great show
I love it. Howard is respectful to the listeners and guests
Dr Doom Jr
Great show
One of the most skilled interviewers I’ve heard.
minnesota phd
Pretty good
I like this show- it’s hit and miss in terms of topics and guests for me, but I enjoy the host and a lot of the episodes.
Enjoy the show!
Enjoy the show but wanted to comment on alien abductions — wouldn’t animals describe humans in similar ways as in “those weird monkey-creatures that can fly came around and then George disappeared and then he was dropped in the woods with a weird thing around his neck and he can’t remember anything.” Also David Oman, who for some reason, got a lot of details wrong about the Manson stuff — he meant Dennis Wilson, not Brian Wilson, as far as the Manson/Beach Boys connection was concerned (the Manson song is on Dennis’s solo album). Also, Manson was a career criminal who was sex trafficking underage girls while hooking them on drugs (there’s no polite way to put it). Bugliosi and others built up the Manson mythology unfortunately. Also, the specific house on Cielo was chosen by Manson because Manson hated Terry Melcher who had moved out of the house recently (he was a producer and son of Dorris Day and Candice Bergen’s lover). Manson wanted to target Melcher. Oman seemed to think that no one knows about the Wilson/Manson connection but the Dennis Wilson/Manson relationship has been covered in a number of books and also in popular podcasts even before the Tarantino film was released.
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Awesome !
I am a new listener and so far it has been great much love from Phoenix Arizona !!!
Love this podcast
The host is very professional and talented. Proves that you can be respectful but also challenge some of the more out of this world claims. Always very interesting and well done.
Derf r
Host is rather rude
Although the host asks guests the right questions, ones that you as a listener want to ask, I really don’t appreciate the holier than though attitude of the host. I have no problem with having “a clean show”, but there is a way to maintain one with out being condescending and rude to the person you have on. I just found there were too many cringe moments like that to continue listening. Too much ego for me.
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Wonderful host, beautiful topics
This is an amazing show to listen to, it’s not over bearing in ads at all, it’s not tone deaf culturally, it has more class and gets right to the promised topic at hand vs many other podcasts. I love it.
Professional Host & No Commercials
The host is very professional and does his utmost to have good sound quality. Most of the guests are interesting. Now and then, he gets a boring one (usually, because the guest is a run-of-the-mill science person rather than someone who fits the category of "unexplained.") Lately, this podcast has more interesting guests than the "Coast-To-Coast" radio show that has been so popular in the U.S. for decades). That show has really gone downhill from when Art Bell was the host. I consider Howard Hughes (the host) the Art Bell of the UK.
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Huge fan!
Brandon Ariel, from Austin,Texas solid journalism on a wide range of subjects that typically don’t receive legitimate attention. interruptions happen, but I tend to agree when it occurs in that it’s necessary, to maintain course when sailing a ship on the uncharted waves of podcasting thru the sea of the unexplained!!! Ba
Unexplained with Howard Hughes
Very intriguing subjects with incredible interesting guests. Loved Howard’s open mind with just a hint of amusement the more his openness is stretched. Would recommend and regularly do to any curious minded person I run across. Great show so keep them coming.
Ididit the idiot
Howard Hughes is the best!
Love this podcast
Mad N0S
I love Howard’s style. It’s not as much an interview as it’s a conversation. Makes me feel like I’m eavesdropping in on a great story! Last year I sent Howard a few video clips that contained traveling light balls and his producer called me and scheduled a phone call with Howard. We had a cool conversation about the clips. I didn’t make it on the show, but I was impressed how they took the time to reach out to me!
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Thank You
The one podcast host I can honestly say is the closest resemblance of the famous Art Bell. I can listen to this show any day of the week, great topics, great pacing, run by a great man! Thank you for giving us a show to hold on to while other paranormal shows can’t tread water long enough to be relevant!
I love love love this podcast! It is clean sound, great topics and 100% professional level show all around!!! Will definitely donate when I have a chance next week! Thank you so much Howard! If it wasn’t for the legendary name you were given I may not have found you. Can’t wait to visit England again when this pandemic is over 🙇🏻‍♂️
One of the best
If you are like me and find urself missing a kind of peace that Art Bell and his many broadcasts brought to my life, Howard and The Unexplained is hands down, the closest thing out there today. He's a talented host of exceptional taste and character. Asking pertinent questions and keeping the topics interesting but still in the same niche I enjoy. Keep being urself Howard....thats the key.
The Mammynun
staying in touch
Some of your guests are a bit far out for me but I appreciate your balanced, respectful interviewing style and gentle voice.
Howard has the best radio voice and demeanor. Look forward to every update
Paul Ssintclear
Always informative and very entertaining. Great show!
Thanks Howard for being you and keeping us informed!
Simply the Best. Better than all the rest.
Never disappoints, always interesting and thought provoking. I appreciate and look forward to each episode. Thank you!
Grate show well dune
A grate show that realy helps you understand the paranormal world not just here in the USA but between here in Washougal Washington USA Baleuze Central America and the Philippines I’ve seen some paranormal things myself there’s a lot of the world I don’t know
locogringoGingo loco
The Unexplained with Howard Hughes
Amazing podcast! Howard Hughes does this so well. His interview style is enjoyable. He allows his guests to tell their story without too much interruption and his choice of guests is unique and entertaining. I love the topics each week and eagerly wait for each new show. Thank you Mr Hughes for so many fantastic hours of interesting facts and entertainment. Missy USA
Great Podcast! Always fascinating!
I truly enjoy and appreciate Howard’s approach to the interviews he does. He does not back away from asking tough questions and always remains respectful. Truly a great show. Thanks for the many hours of great content Howard!
Great host!
Howard’s a real person..(with an amazing voice) he’s not afraid to talk about his personal struggles and is always respectful towards his guests.. I love his podcast and listen regularly..keep it up !!👍
westward inc.
Great show!!
Love your show and all the topics you cover! It has a great pace and it’s quite informative!
Show 420.
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Classic host, fun topics, wide range of guests
Mr. Hughes is like listening to a classically trained singer. His elocution and interview abilities stem from a vast reservoir of radio experience and British reserve (he loves talking about the weather with practically every guest). Sure, the guest range--but that's what I like about the show. Some seem like fraudsters or borderline loonies, others make you question. Its all good though because Hughes is at the helm. I know the guy has his struggles; I hope his podcast generates some funds for him in 2020--he richly deserves it for what he gives to others so freely. True professional.
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I don’t believe most of what I hear on this show. That said, it’s a very entertaining show, and it really gets my crazy mind what-iffing in kinds of directions. Fantastic show and Mr Hughes is great at what he does. Worth a listen no matter what you believe.
Howard is the best around
Excellent interviews with a most excellent host. Howard is always cool and level headed, the guests are wide ranging and the pace is excellent. A gem in the realm of paranormal podcasts
Love this podcast
Howard is great! Fantastic show, great guests, interesting topics, and a true professional conducting the interviews. Well done Howard, keep up the great work!
Great podcast
Love his interview style, love his guest
Great podcast
Informative, with an appropriate amount of skepticism and belief.
Top notch
I discovered this podcast on a trip to Ireland. Downloaded a few for the plane trip. I was hooked. Howard is a true professional. He has interesting guests and does his interviews in a interesting and informative manner. I highly recommend.
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