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The Unexplained With Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes
Join Howard Hughes as he explores the world of the unexplained, live from London Howard has been in conversation with some of the world's most renown mediums and paranormal investigators, more information is available on The Unexplained website - where you can join the mailing list, contact Howard and more!
Edition 808 -USOs
Canadian film-maker and investigator Darcy Weir takes a deep dive into the topic of Unidentified Submarine Objects and finds Navies encounter them regularly... In his new documentary "Transmedium - Fastmovers and USOs" Darcy talks with witnesses scientists investigators. There's also stunning material about strange undersea "bases".
Apr 21
Edition 807 - Comas/Tim Burchett
US Congressman Tim Burchett in Washington updates us on "disclosure". Also British investigator/author/broadcaster Alan Pearce looks into the amazing, dangerous and sometimes terrifying experiences reported by people who've been in a coma. His new book is "Coma and Near Death Experience."
Apr 21
Edition 806 - Louise Hamlin
Louise Hamlin tells the story of her deep grief when her beloved husband Patrick died... and how she believes he started sending her "signs" and a series of poignant messages on WhatsApp. Her book is "WhatsApps from Heaven".
Apr 14
Edition 805 - Guest Catchups
Four guests from the radio show. Philip Mantle on Disclosure, an update from Jaime Maussan on the claimed 'alien mummies" in Peru and Dr James Giordano with news on "Havana Syndrome". Also Douglas Thompson... who co-authored the new book "Reckless - Sex,Lies and JFK..." with ex-detective Mike Rothmiller. It describes what they say are the sometimes sordid dealings of Joe and John F Kennedy and shocking background details of their quest for power.
Apr 14
Edition 804 - Haunted Scouse
Adam Billing and Chris Cummings are "Haunted Scouse", a Merseyside-based ghosthunting team. By day Adam is a teacher and Chris works in the Customs Service... But by night, for their YouTube channel, they have investigated locations like Peter Kavanagh's famous pub, The Royal Court Theatre, Bidston Hill on The Wirral and Woolton Hall.
Apr 6
Edition 803 - Forgotten Detective/Scandinavia UFOs
Two items from a recent radio show... A catchup with UFO chronicler Clas Svahn in Sweden... And Jeffrey D Simon tells the story of the doggedly determined William J Flynn... America's forgotten "super detective"...
Apr 6
Edition 802 - Ron Felber - The "possession" Of Clara Fowler
Returning guest Ron Felber's latest research is the product of half a century's work. It's the chilling "possession" case of Clara Fowler that has many parallels with "The Exorcist". Ron Felber was handed the story by the person behind that famous film. His research is detailed in his new book "The Unwelcome - The Curious Case Of Clara Fowler". How can a young woman be so totally taken over by a fearsome force of evil?
Mar 30
Edition 801 - Jason McLeod
An item from the radio show , Demonologist Jason McLeod - emapth and paranormal investigator - who trained under world-famous Ed and Lorraine Warren. He's got a stack of remarkable tales to relate - some connected to his well-received book "Dark Siege"...
Mar 30
Edition 800 - Nick Pope/Paul Sinclair
On this 800th Edition, Howard talks about his radio life, Nick Pope, Steve Bassett and Peter Robbins comment on the recent and very controversial AARO UAP Report... What now for "disclosure"? And Truth Proof's Paul Sinclair answers your questions.
Mar 17
Edition 799 - Tom Matte
Atlanta advertising man Tom Matte came through addiction to find himself permanently able to "see" and perceive people and scenes most of us don't see. It's called "upsight vision" and Tom is on a quest to find out what it is and how it works.
Mar 10
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