The Truth
The Truth
Jonathan Mitchell
THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears. They're short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. Every story is different, but they all take you to unexpected places using only sound. If you're new, some good starting places are: Silvia's Blood, That's Democracy, Moon Graffiti, Tape Delay, or whatever's most recent. Listening with headphones is encouraged! We're a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.
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“Bad Hair” Hulu already has a better storyline
White people performing a piece called bad hair is a Chop for me.🙅🏾‍♂️ Hulu already has a telling with a good storyline that is also important to black culture.
5 out of 5!
No podcast I have ever listened to kept me as entrained as The Truth! I truly don’t want to know what I would do if it wasn’t for this amazing podcast series! Thank you for flowing through my ears like smoothly like air!
Good listen
It’s a a good show, I’m not a big fan of the newer episodes but the older ones are great.
Socks & sandles
Highly entertaining and production is quality
Just started listening and I am plowing through the episodes! They are so easy to listen to, and the production quality is amazing! Just finished “Robocalls”. I was absolutely mesmerized. Thanks for all who make this show possible! UPDATE: I’ve listened to every episode, and I can’t wait for more episodes to be released. I’m loving the writing and the acting, and the production is spectacular! Just finished “Can you help me find my mom?” This story had me in tears. What an amazing perspective on this topic.
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Absolute Favorite
I listen to this podcasts everyday on my hour commute to work. I have enjoyed every single story. Thank you..
Seriously, just the best.
I heard about the truth from another podcast and thought I’d check it out. It’s not usually my thing, so I wasn’t really expecting much. Man, it’s so good. Every single episode I’ve heard has been top notch. The writing, the acting, the audio quality, it’s all perfect. I usually stick to darker, more horror/sci-fi podcasts, and there are some of those types of stories on the truth. But there are also feel good, romantic comedy, silly, lifetime-esque type things and political, make you think type things - which I would normally hate. But I’ve loved every single one I’ve heard on the truth. I really can’t recommend it enough.
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Love this show!
The Truth is my most favorite podcast. I just listened to Married Alive. It was so beautiful 😍 thank you for the story telling gifts!!!
This podcast contains some of the best short fiction that I’ve heard on any podcast. The stories are short enough that you can listen to three or four in a row. The stories are guaranteed to entertain. Some are creepy and some will make you think. Enjoy...I promise you as a listener you will.
The Hum
Relatively new listener, and loving the stories and voice acting, ESPECIALLY the two Hum stories! I hope we get more in this series, I live post apocalyptic stuff!
Amazing stories!
I LOVE this podcast. Every episode is a new story, all of them beautifully written and well-acted. That Mall Santa episode has stuck with me and might be the only podcast episode I’ve ever listened to more than once.
Such an amazing podcast!
This is really the best podcast I’ve come across. So well done! I’ve loved almost every episode and have really enjoyed binging this entire show in about 3-4 days. Only sad part is now I don’t have any new ones to listen to! All of the actors are awesome, I love when I can spot out my faves in different stories. Love love love this podcast!!
My favorite podcast by far!
I can’t think of any single episode I didn’t like. The stories are so well done and interesting. Everything about this podcast is gold.
The best podcast I’ve ever heard
Nothing more to say. Second to none. Listen to your hearts content!!
This podcast is great. The stories are unique, and reminds me of old school radio theater.
Gems for the inside of your ears
Pristinely produced and consummately crafted, every pod play (not a teleplay, not radio drama - what is it?) is dynamic & thoughtful, gently gently gently wending a way into your thoughts. I think about these stories more and share them more than any other podcast. The Truth.
My absolute favorite fiction podcast. Their tag line of “movies for your ears” could not be more apt! The acting and editing is so well done; really takes you to another world. Stories range from heartwarming to chilling, but never fail to make me pause and think.
The Truth is everything! Some episodes are dark and mysterious, others are fun and comical. Great stuff.
My “me time”
I love this podcast. My only complaint is that episodes are too infrequent!
So Good!
I look forward to every episode. I Love this podcast . 🤘🏽💙🙏🏽
J. McMae
So thrilled
Every time a new episode comes out I get so excited! Thank you for this wonderful production!
I never miss an episode
I’m an avid fan of this podcast, I never miss an episode. I often recommend this podcast to friends in order to turn them on to audiofiction podcasts. Some episodes are better than others, but all have excellent voice acting and enjoyable, thought provoking themes.
Listening for years
Wow, this last episode “the session” was so unbelievably good. You must subscribe!
Hilly Earth Society
Glad I decided not to abandon ship after the Songonauts. Recently, great stories. Loved the live edition of Hilly Earth Society. Thanx. Quality has been up. Songonuts have been silent. Fun stuff. Keep up the good work. This rating is upgraded from two stars.
Was good
Used to love the show but getting tired of stories building up to terrible endings.
These stories are gripping
They’re well produced and I can’t stop listening!
Favorite pod — love love love
This incredibly performed podcast is imaginative, deep, mind-bending, charming, interesting, and mysterious. Somewhat akin to the Netflix show Black Mirror but the pod came waaaay before and in totally gripping podcast form. Love.
Show Killer
Was completely captivated on the first episode I ever listened to (the fraud) until they decided they had to insert some “gulps” and “slurps” from the girl drinking a soda. Show producers-I promise, you can just say “I feel like having a drink“ and we as the audience will be like “OK she’s having a drink”. You do not need to have a gulp, lip smack or the “refreshing beverage’ sound every five seconds for added believability.
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Dingle Reviews
The “Awesome” Truth!
“The Truth” is the definition of awesome! Jonathan Mitchell’s voice and choices are impeccable, the stories featured routinely superb and the topics, actors and production quality of the highest caliber. Highly recommmend!
Movies for your ears!
Very entertaining and clever
Long time listener but recently disappointed
I am a long time listener who previously would be giddy to see a new episode was up! In 2019 the quality of the stories seemed to go particularly downhill. Body Genius, I’d hoped, would be another wonderful long-form story following the creativity and quality of Off Season - but it actually seemed to mark a notable difference in the writing. It has been nice since there appears to more quality fiction podcasts filling in the gaps The Truth has left me with, but I do hope the podcast can rebound as it’s always been my favorite.
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Literally the BEST audio drama podcast I have ever found ! I wish so badly I wouldn’t have gotten so hooked and listened to everyone of them in 3 days haha ! Keep it up!
Hope stories improve to high bar The Truth has set for itself
I was fascinated and intrigued by this podcast and really looked forward to each new one. Such great stories presented well. Last few months not so much. Stories aren’t really interesting and no real surprise endings anymore, or even regular endings. Stories seem to just drift off to credits. Hopefully just a phase
Lucky penny
I have been over the top impressed with every offering from the truth. Lucky Penny got me ugly crying- my Dad died this year from Lewy Body dementia- I had been estranged from him for many years until his last year and he would “wake up” just for me... I hadn’t really cried for him until this episode. Don’t know why I’m sharing other than to say the variety and quality you all produce is something I appreciate on many levels- didn’t think it would be healing as well- even the intro music makes me smile every time - Thank you, thank you
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New favorite podcast!
Very creative and engaging stories, beautifully acted. The Truth reminds me a bit of the show Black Mirror, but not as dark.
Interesting stories bad triggers
I do like this show but I have a hard time listening because the lack of triggers for episodes. Sometimes there’s a warning at the beginning sometimes there’s not. I looked on their website to see if there’s a list anywhere of triggers for the episodes and I couldn’t find it. Again I do enjoy the stories and all the different natures of the episodes but some of the darker ones need more warning labels because it’s hard for me to listen without causing me anxious/depressive episodes. It’s a grab bag of genres and stories which is interesting but can be upsetting if you’re not prepared for something.
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Jo F17
High Quality
Great stories. Great acting. Great sound. Great production.
Curtis Bay
The best
Of all the radio drama style podcasts I have listened to (and even actual old radio shows) this is the best by far. Great stories. Great production. Love it!
The Truth “This podcast is great!”
Wow! I binged the whole series in about 3 weeks. Was gonna write a full review until I heard the latest “robocalls!!” So I just decided to visit my parents and hug them! Great podcast!
One of the best
It took me a little while to get into this podcast. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into for a few episodes. That’s why this is so great. Every episode is unique and the stories are completely different. Robocall had me in an existential crisis thinking of death and my fathers possible dementia while The Body Genius had me guessing and wondering what I was hearing. I highly recommend this. If you don’t like one episode, don’t worry, the next one will be completely different.
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Millenial Philosopher
One of The Truth’s best ever.
Diss B. Donn
Darkly Beautiful
The Truth is thought-provoking, darkly beautiful, and existentially funny. Exquisite sound design.
Very well done.
Beautifully written original stories with cracking performances
The stories are not only brilliantly performed, the sound design is also beautifully nuanced and well executed. The stories also pack a poignant and timely message.
Joshua D La
Have to admit I’m disappointed to hear Passenger List. It’s a great story, very well done, but it is it’s own Podcast. I’ve already listened to the first season.
Brilliant 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Best binge !!! Weeks of listening and every episode brings a new surprise 😲 I’m concerned that I when I’m done I won’t find anything close to this listen
Great show!
Love it!
Daniel Casey Hopkins
Check out the multi-episode series!
A normal episode is beautiful to listen to and tells a story well. But I remember and enjoy the multi-episode series. Songonauts was catchy and fun. The Body Genius still has me laughing. But every week brings something worth checking out!
Slowly going downhill
I loved this podcast when it first started, but it’s been on a slow decline since. Most of the time I’m left feeling the story should go on a bit more, that they rushed the ending. Most endings are just plain dumb, in my opinion. You’re left saying to yourself, “that’s it?” Going to unsubscribe.
Best Story Podcast
I love a podcast that can tell a story and make you feel like you’re there with them. This podcast paints a picture of everything they say in your head so clearly. It’s amazing! I just started listening a few days a ago and I’m hooked. I’ve listened to at least 20 episodes by now! My favorite being the 5 part series of the body genius. Amazing story that keeps you listening day after day. 100% recommend this podcast!
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Wow!!! Love it!
These guys put in so much hard work to make this a truly amazing story source, thought I could spare a couple minutes to review! Seriously perfect bite-size stories that make you think about the world around you just a little bit differently. My hubby and I have a listed to just about every single one! On the train, in the car, errands around the house/ perfect! Thank you, Truth, for pouring so much into each episode to make it feel impressively realistic- entrancing is into each one! Keep it up- we love it! xx
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