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Jonathan Mitchell
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THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears. They're short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. Every story is different, but they all take you to unexpected places using only sound. If you're new, some good starting places are: Silvia's Blood, That's Democracy, Moon Graffiti, Tape Delay, or whatever's most recent. Listening with headphones is encouraged! We're a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.
Bad Hair
A suburban mom discovers a sinister conspiracy at her local hair salon. Written by Mary McDonnell. Performed by Alex Dickson, Francesca Ferrara, Richie Moriarty, Amy Warren, Julia Kelly, Tara Copeland, Maggie Burke, Ariel Gitlin, Sophie Yalkezian and Mary McDonnell. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Oct 21
21 min
Married Alive
A mountain climbing couple gets caught in an avalanche. Will they survive? Will their relationship? Oh, and also—they’re not alone. Written by Davy Gardner. Performed by Margaret Burrus, Federico Rodriguez, Sue Galloway, Davy Gardner, Sophie Yalkezian and Sadie Mitchell. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Oct 7
28 min
The Halves
When a sitcom star is contacted by his long-lost relatives, he discovers that gaining a new family is a lot more than he bargained for. Written by David Ebert. Performed by David Ebert, Julia Kelly, David Koechner, Mark Gessner, Leslie Meisel, Amy Warren, Tom Stephens and Amanda Hunt. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Sep 23
26 min
Into the Hum
When the sky itself becomes deadly, survival depends on how much you can trust strangers. Written by Louis Kornfeld. Performed by Michael Cullen, Arthur French, Benja Kay Thomas, and James Dwyer, with Louis Kornfeld and Mary McDonnell. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Sep 9
29 min
After the Hum
In a post-apocalyptic world, a young woman faces her fears of the outside world in order to save her sister. Written by Mary McDonnell. Performed by Marisa Brau, Jessica Morgan, James Dwyer, Gregory Jones, and Rachel Botchan. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Jul 22
28 min
The Session
When two actors on different coasts show up to a mysterious voiceover audition, a sadistic director keeps making things weirder. Written by Laura Grey. Performed by Liz Leimkuhler, Casey Jost, Chris Kipiniak and Bill Rohlfing. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Jul 8
24 min
Anywhere in the World
A virtual reality company can send you anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. So when a celebrity uses it for escape and ends up finding love, he goes to great lengths to hang onto his new life. Written by Bob Raymonda. Performed by Chris Cafero, Tessa Hersh, Richie Moriarty, Mark Gessner, Nikki Thomas, Asher Herbstman, Amy Warren, Mary McDonnell, Davy Gardner, and Bob Raymonda. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Jun 24
19 min
What's Wrong with Nicole Berkman?
A woman gets trapped in an inter-dimensional game show. To leave, she must win the game by figuring out: what is wrong with her? Written by Mary McDonnell. Performed by Julia Kelly, Jeremy Bent, Bridgette Rizkalla, Billy Bob Thompson, Amy Warren, Richie Moriarty, Margaret Burrus, Bob Raymonda, Cara Ehlenfeldt, Mary McDonnell, and Jaime Lamchick. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Jun 10
20 min
The Fraud
When an artificial intelligence grad student becomes a finalist for a big robotics award, her empathic AI robot starts calling her a fraud, and she must figure out how to overcome its nasty, counterproductive feedback. Written by Kristy Lopez-Bernal. Performed by Erica Hernandez, Yoni Lotan, Erin Harland, Amy Warren, Josh Perilo, Ed Herbstman, Bob Raymonda, Margaret Burrus, Katie Hartman, and Nathan Min. Content warning: This episode contains depictions of anxiety and panic attacks. The Truth Instagram Twitter
May 20
26 min
LIVE: The Hilly Earth Society
The Truth was live at On Air Fest in March 2020, with a performance of “The Hilly Earth Society” followed by a Q&A with writer Louis Kornfeld, actor Michael Cullen, and producer Jonathan Mitchell. Written by Louis Kornfeld. Performed live by Michael Cullen. The Truth Instagram Twitter
May 6
37 min
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