The Tim Dillon Show
The Tim Dillon Show
Tim Dillon
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Don’t be fooled
Tim’s a pathological liar, don’t be one of the rubes who believe his “stories”
One of the most importantly funny satires
Listen guys, if you get offended easily don’t listen. But if you understand dark tragedy comedy and facetious political commentary while crying laughing, this is it.
Ben's Left Ear
One of the best podcasts on this platform.
Absolutely hilarious, unfiltered and uncensored. Can not suggest enough to friends.
Dime bag darrel
The best
Tim Dillon is the funniest person on the planet
The Tim Dillon show is the only thing that brings me joy in my life. For that, I give it 5 stars
Genius in the midst
You are nailing it every week, with each episode. The fact that you are basically a one man operation going on like you do in each episode is beyond impressive. Your show is also responsible for introducing me to my other favorite podcaster Anna Khachiyan. You guys are ****ing gold together!
The best
I don’t know how to describe how funny this podcast
Yes or yes
Tim’s the negative energy the world needs right now.
Mohammed Stein Cohen
This is literally the best comedy podcast out there, I never miss an episode! Also check out the patreon, you won’t regret it 😁
Yesenia G. Arias
Underrated comedian truly hilarious
Great show
Tim is one of the funniest guys in the world right now. Cant wait for you to be in the chi !
Truly a menace to society
You know all those horrible thoughts you randomly have for a split second like “what would happen if I just landed a haymaker on this elderly woman crossing the street”. It’s that but two hours long and for some reason you look forward to it every Sunday.
A Religion
Lisa’s Lounge
Saw T Dilly at the Wilbur. Baddest man alive
Boner Champ 99
Epic Rants
Direct blunt honestly and epic rants . A total hysterical disgrace from LI
Wild man
Says what you think, love it.
Woodsmith Wes
Snap subscribe!
Every time I see Tim Dillon on JRE I get excited so it’s only fitting I get more! Excited to check this out!
Partially Cybernetic
An Olympian
A Father, A Mother, A Murderer!
Best and funniest podcast right now
Bar none.
Fake Business. Just listen, it’s great.
Phenomenal podcast
I've been listening to this podcast for a while now, Tim has a very unique and a dark perspective on everything that goes on around us. He does a great job of dumbing it down to people like me and asks the right questions. He is the epitome of the saying "Speak truth to power". He probably is one of the greatest comedians of his generation, probably a hybrid of George Carlin and Bill Hicks minus the drugs and more energy haha. Please keep doing what you're doing, also shoutout to Ben, it's a truly mesmerizing chemistry you both have. Can't end this without mentioning the great Raymond Kump! There's always FAKE BUSINESS while you spend your LIFE IN THE BIG CITY!
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Saved My Life
I was in a dark place. Slumpbuster after slumpbuster, barely making any money, just unsatisfied with life. Once I heard the deeply intellectually stimulating conversations hosted on this podcast, my entire outlook on consciousness and happiness changed. When I heard Ben’s cheeky laugh for the first time, I kreamed my khakis.
A respectable critic
See you in Detroit, pig <3
This review was brought to you by Cummie the Starfish and the Red Scare girls
The King PIG
Some of the funniest rants I have ever heard in my life. The oppression themed restaurant and life in the big city are absurdly funny
Tim and Ben have changed my life.
Best comedy show out there
it keeps me from doing meth
this isn’t a cry for help
Jack Kewitsch
The best
The best
Best podcast
Tim and Ben are hilarious.
Sir Rhone
Nohasaurus Rexx
Best podcast on Apple podcasts
Call your daddy
Ice clanking
WWBro sent me here
And I’m here to honor my grandfather’s legacy as a carpenter
Eh it’s ok
Show is hit or miss. Prison pen pal is one of the least funniest things I’ve ever listened to.
Great interview!
Charlie wiesss
Our Last National Treasure
Tim Dillion is the future. Tim Dillon is a genius. This is the FUNNIEST CONTENT EVER CREATED. Any one star reviews are from ugly lesbians. Tim or Ben, if you’re reading this I need two tickets to the San Diego show in August. #bless
Best Podcast Out
Tim Dillion is the best Podcaster alive, rants and hilarity that exceeds any other show by a long shot
vincente john B
My Pig King
That’ll do pig. That’ll do.
Great show
This podcast awoken me out of a coma
Funniest podcast
The best
Funny pig🐷🐷
Best podcast ever
Try this in for size
Listen, if you don’t get it, ya don’t get it. If you so much as giggle one time, you will enjoy the entire catalogue (the rest of which is on p*treon for 5 bucks) I pay $20 but I’m not a dirt pig
man breath scented candle
My idol
Tim Dillion is my spirit animal 🐷 Also, Ben is the most adorable twink ever.
Focus on strengths
The ads are far more interesting than the interviews. The show is funny, but I don’t give a crap what Jake Paul or Candace Owens have to say.
The true messiah
He is the messiah of fake business and fake business. God bring aunt Kathleen to prison.
A proposal
You being a influencer and media genius should push for adding a R to the LGBTQIA to symbolize ambiguity of sexualization. Sort of like the Freudian way of living trying to find themselves and true love. There is also a computer program called R which is complicated like sex. GBTQ LIAR is also a funny coincidence like drunk goggles for the mental scape of the Internet. Love schizophrenia 1.
The greatest comedy podcast in existence
Even the ads are riotously funny.
Desert Airbnb
My aunt wants to know if she can squash da beef. She is getting too many fake business calls. Hasn’t been able to rent the Airbnb since you left.
Give ben the raise pig
lou sputzy
Tim Dillon’s Fake Business Seminar
A few unemployed friends and I were inspired by Tim Dillon’s fake business ventures to start our own fake business recently. We’ve been doing commercial real estate, Christmas decorations and smoked meats. We haven’t turned a profit yet but no business does its first year. 5 stars, would recommend this seminar to start your own fake business.
timmyD's sukkboi
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