The Talent Equation Podcast
The Talent Equation Podcast
Stuart Armstrong
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Not only is this approach more fun for the kids, it’s way more fun for the coach!
Stuart has great guests and does an amazing job of breaking down the ecological dynamics approach so that non academics, which most of us coaches are, in a way we can understand and even more importantly, utilize in our practice design. Coming from the ice hockey world, which can be very rooted in tradition, these podcasts help me support what I am doing, make it so I can explain to parents why I am doing it and help me be creative in creating environments for learning. As a coach developer for USA Hockey, these are the concepts we are presenting to our coaches and there isn’t a clinic that I present that I don’t pull ideas or phrases from these episodes to help our coaches understand and use these concepts. As Stuart has said “once you see it, you can’t unsee it”
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SFL Hockey
Interrupting ads
Great podcast of course but maybe let the listeners know you’re going to break for a sponsor instead of just cutting off mid sentence to run an ad?
Great info for sports coaches, athletes and parents
If you are a coach who wants to get better, an athelete who wants to do the same or a parent who wants to help their child then this is the Podcast to listen too. So many amazing guests across different sports and different fields esp. psychology. "Ditch those drills!"
Frank Kelly
Free for All on FreePlay!!!
Interview Ted Kroeten, was phenomonal! A real life case study into how children athletes acquire love of the game and skill - these ideas are worth 2nd/3rd thoughts and discussion for any sports organization.
Should be Required
Stuart’s knowledge and that of his guests is unparalleled in this space. This podcast should be required listening for anyone in the Coach Development space and all coaches. Great Work Stuart!! TJ Buchanan Technical Director, Athlete Development US Lacrosse
SW User
One of best podcasts for coaching and sport development
I look forward to every new episode, as Stuart brings together so many insightful coaches, sport scientists and leading voices in talent development and coaching. This should be mandatory listening for every coach.
Coach John O'Sullivan
Awesome Podcast
Stuart host of The Talent Equation highlights all aspects of talent recruiting in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Athlete development! What a great podcast, so needed!
Love what Stuart is bringing to coaches with this podcast, such a critical part of understanding how to develop athletes!