The Talent Equation Podcast
The Talent Equation Podcast
Stuart Armstrong
The Talent Equation podcast is an 'exploration in human advancement'... mostly (but not exclusively) through the lens of sport and physical activity. Each episode is an 'emergent conversation' with practitioners, parents, researchers, authors (or some combination of all three) taking a deep dive into the ways that people can help others to enhance their developmental journey in whatever field they are committed to. These conversations are not mainstream - you will not hear ideas that are provided on standard education courses - they fly in the face of convention - they will sometimes be controversial and provocative - the show is about doing things differently and doing different things. The people who come on the show are innovators - they are trying to break new ground or swim against the tide of a broken culture - what they say will prompt new thinking or new ideas. All that is asked of the listener is to embrace the conversation with an open mind.
How a mobile application has transformed my coaching - a conversation with Trine Falnes
I caught up with Trine Falnes - CEO of Spond at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philadephia and we 'got to talking'. I pressed record on my podcast gear and we explored how her company's coaching app 'Spond' has transformed my life as a coach by making it so much easier to manage all of the teams that I coach and also supported with the running of the club. We also discuss how the app is reducing coach drop out and has enabled me to ensure that I keep the voices of the young people I coach at the forefront of my coaching practice.
Jan 22, 2023
43 min
Who is protecting coaches from external aggression? - a conversation with John O'Sullivan
On my travels across the United States I made the trip to see John O'Sullivan from Changing the Game Project and the Way of Champions Podcast. We had a great time and decided to record a podcast to talk about some of the things that we had discussed while I was there. In this podcast we discuss the application of skill in varied environments (including my limited ability at powder skiiing!) We also explore the challenges that coaches face in an increasingly hostile world where parents and other stakeholders seem only to eager to challenge coaches for any perceived slight on their child. What can coaches do about this, how can they protect themselves and what measures can they put in place to prevent or manage a landscape with increasingly high expectations.
Jan 22, 2023
1 hr 6 min
“Why do people think that play and learning are incompatible”? a walking conversation with Julian Khalili
I caught up with Julian after my presentation at the United Soccer Coaches Convention and we reflected on some of the questions that were raised by the audience.
Jan 12, 2023
22 min
"Coaches can be big agents for change...but the decks are stacked against them" - a conversation with Chris Cushion
Chris Cushion is Professor of Coaching & Pedagogy at Loughborough University as well as the Head of Coaching at England Netball. Chris is one of the most well known researchers in the world of sports coaching and has published widely. I asked Chris to join me to disuss the nature of 'direct instruction' which he argues has some to mean something in coaching that is not an accurate way to depict it. Chris and I have disagreed in the past about this subject so we thought it was hight time we got together and had a proper discussion about this area. Needless to say, we didn't stop there...we also discussed...How poor coach education is as a means to effectively support coaches and develop thier skillsWhy coach development is so under valuedWhy technique led coaching is still so prevalentWhy the 'toolbox metaphor' limits coaching effectivenessIt was a really interesting and valuable conversation. Hope you enjoy
Dec 20, 2022
1 hr 11 min
Dog Walk Diary - What if children ruled sport
In this dog walk diary I think aloud about work I am doing at the moment to support a reconceptualisation of coaching for children by evoking the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.
Dec 13, 2022
35 min
"I'm not prepared to sacrifice my life for other people's (sport)" - a conversation with Leanne Norman and Ellen Jones
Leanne Norman is a Professor of Sport and Sociocultural Studies and Director of the Research Centre for Social Justice in Sport and Society at Leeds Beckett University. Her research utilises a critical sociological lens to examine sport organisational and coaching cultures to address gender equity and diversity within sport coaching workforces.Ellen Jones is a lecturer and the academic lead for all tennis performance modules and the Performance Director of Tennis at Cardiff Metropolitan University.They join me to discuss a paper that they had written that explained some of the challenges faced my both male and female coaches who had experienced mental health issues and burnout linked to the dominant 'performance narrative' that has become so prevalent across sport. Here is a link to the paper - hope you enjoyStuart
Dec 8, 2022
1 hr 22 min
'2 touch or not 2 touch - that is the question' - a conversation with Cal Jones, Julian Khalili and 'Goody'
After a monster twitter discussion about the relative value of 'two touch' as a constraint I invited some of the protagonists to join me for a live streamed discussion where we could circle around the problem in a more conducive situation than the limits of Twitter. It's a proper CLA geek out but I think we made some good progress and shared some good ideas. Hope you get some new insights from it
Nov 8, 2022
1 hr 9 min
'Something in the water' an exploration of talent hotbeds in football - a conversation with Cal Murray
Callum Murray has worked in youth football for the last five years with some of the most talented and respected players of their age in the country, including working in men’s first-team recruitment for a professional club. With a background in sport psychology and a deep interest in football and talent development, he has researched football- talent hotbeds in England exhaustively, speaking to experts and some of the most influential people in this field. 'Something in the Water' uncovers the secrets of the football-talent hotbeds of English football: past, present and future. It takes a look behind the scenes of the traditional working-class northern town hotbeds and the emergence of south London as the new-school hotbed, to explore the key characteristics that helped to develop players such as Sancho, Zaha, Gerrard and others.Hope you enjoy
Nov 2, 2022
1 hr 20 min
Representative Learning Design - a Twitter Spaces chat with Philip O'Callaghan, Alex Lascu, Marianne Davies, Cal Jones & Mark O'Sullivan
This is a bit of a different episode, it is the recording from my 'Twitter Spaces' conversation organised by Philip O'Callaghan to explore 'Representative Learning Design'. The chat features a range of people who have all featured on the podcast in the past, Alex Lascu, Marianne Davies, Cal Jones and Mark O'Sullivan. It's an interesting conversation that wanders all over the map of Representative Learning Design and also gets into coach education (because Mark tries to get me into trouble by baiting me into saying something about it - and I can't resist!)I hope you enjoy
Oct 26, 2022
1 hr 29 min
"There are times where I wish that I could forget half of what I have been taught" - a conversation with Rob McGarr
Rob McGarr is a YouTuber who has been documenting the ups and downs of his journey of improvement in golf for several years. His honest video diary has seen him travel all over the UK and Europe in search of information that will help him reach his goals of playing consistent scratch golf. His channel is fantastic and I really enjoy it but I have also been struck by the interactions he has had with many coaches, and the different philosophies that they adopt and the approaches they take and how this has affected his performance, adversely or otherwise. I decided to reach out to him to have a conversation about his journey and to explore some thoughts about coaching and skill acquisition that might help him make sense of all of the information he has received. It's a long one...but I think that it is a goody...whether you are into golf or not. Enjoy!!
Oct 20, 2022
1 hr 48 min
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