The Strange Harbors Podcast
The Strange Harbors Podcast
Derek Wong, Jeff Zhang, & Amir Touray
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Fantastic Television Review Podcast
Found these guys during their review of Devs & now as they are going into Hannibal! Love their insight into pop culture & their different takes on each episode! Highly Recommended.
So-so audio, terrific content!
I wish the sound quality were a little better (tip: record the audio with a decent mic on each panelist’s computer and then merge the audio files in post), but I am still rating it five stars because the content is excellent.
Love This!!!
I’m loving this podcast! It’s super informative and well researched. This objective viewpoint is welcomed. Thanks.
2D luver
Amazing Podcast
Can these two dudes cover every TV show I watch please?
Killing It
Jeff and Derek kill it every episode.
Unbelievably Good
The only thing I listen to after the show.
Listen to this podcast after every episode
I’ve never read the comic, and this podcast is perfect. The prologue episodes are great to get caught up for a newbie, and the episode analyses are deep and thoughtful. This is a show about race, and Jeff and Derek approach the delicate subject matter with grace and respect. Must listen! Do not miss out!
Watchmen and Lindelof Fans, Listen to This
The most comprehensive Watchmen podcast out there.
Simply the Best
Can’t recommend enough. Perfect to listen to along with the Official Podcast
The Best Watchmen Podcast
Listening every week. Fantastic
Prologues? Thank you!
Thank you kindly for the prologues. As someone new to Watchmen, I’ve tried to get my hands (and eyes and ears) on everything Watchmen in order to gain a better understanding of the TV show.
Must Listen
I’m a big fan of Lindelof, the Leftovers really helped me get out of an extremely dark time, depression and death go hand in hand. I really enjoy both Jeff and Derek’s take on the series, it feels like I’m talking over the dinner table with my friends. Keep it up, I’ll be listening.
Great Show If You Love Watchmen
Great show, awesome hosts. If you like the Watchmen this is the show for you.
Roman Prokopchuk
Great show
Very intriguing show!!! Would highly recommend!
The QE Guys
Watchmen fan
Huge watchmen fan, have been super pumped since I heard about the release. Never felt like the movie got the respect it deserved, extremely psyched for this podcast.
A Must-Listen for Fans of the Show
The most in-depth podcast about the HBO show Watchmen. Jeff and Derek go over theories, analysis, real world parallels, and even the official supplemental material. Don’t skip out on this!
Great start to the show!
Knowledgable and intelligent hosts. Can’t wait for Derek and Jeff to start covering the series!
Smart show
Intelligent and fun look at The Watchmen.