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The Strange Harbors Podcast
Derek Wong, Jeff Zhang, & Amir Touray
Welcome to The Strange Harbors Podcast, formerly known as The "Who Watches the Watchmen?" Podcast. Hosted by Derek Wong, Jeff Zhang, and Amir Touray, The Strange Harbors Podcast is a weekly discussion of all things pop culture, with an emphasis on film and television. Join us every week as we dive deep into big blockbusters, indie favorites, and under-seen hidden gems.
Hannibal Season 3: The Number of the Beast is 666/The Wrath of the Lamb
Say farewell to The Hannibal Files with our final episode recapping the last two episodes of this wonderful show. The Red Dragon ends here, and perhaps in a way that you might not expect. We talk about the end of Dolarhyde, and of course, Will and Hannibal. What is the legacy of the show? Tune in and find out.
Nov 19
53 min
Hannibal Season 3: And the Woman Clothed in Sun/And the Beast from the Sea
Welcome to the penultimate episode of The Hannibal Files. In the home stretch of the series and this podcast, we discuss the scattered yet still compelling episodes leading up to the end. Building up to the final showdown between Dolarhyde and those out to catch him, the show is reveling in Richard Armitage's feral performance and some new dynamics with old characters.
Nov 12
40 min
Hannibal Season 3: The Great Red Dragon/And the Woman Clothed with the Sun
The final arc of Bryan Fuller's Hannibal starts here. Three years after Dr. Lecter's capture, a new case draws everyone back into the good doctor's orbit. Richard Armitage is Francis Dolarhyde, a monstrous new killer targeting entire families. Will Hannibal cooperate and help the FBI catch him?
Nov 5
51 min
Interlude: Michael Mann's Manhunter
Before we tackle the final arc of Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, we're going to be taking a look at Michael Mann's 1986 thriller, Manhunter. Based on the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon, Manhunter serves as the first adaptation of the Red Dragon story, and the basis of the final six episodes of Hannibal. Widely considered as a cult classic, Manhunter is a neon injection of 80s neo-noir.
Oct 29
55 min
Hannibal Season 3: Digestivo
The Mason Verger arc comes to a close with the midseason finale of Hannibal. "Digestivo" buttons up a number of storylines, setting the stage for a brand new direction in the final half-season of the series. How do Will and Hannibal escape their predicament at Muskrat Farm? What fate befalls the Verger estate? Tune in and listen to our thoughts!
Oct 22
37 min
Hannibal Season 3: Contorno/Dolce
Hannibal and Bedelia's time together in Italy has come to an end as the good doctor is luring all his enemies to him. Jack, Will, and Pazzi close in on Hannibal in an explosive couple of episodes that sets up the mid-season finale. Tune in and find out what we thought about the latest gruesome developments!
Oct 15
56 min
Hannibal Season 3: Secondo/Apertivo
With episodes 3 and 4, Hannibal hits a lull in the pacing in which we all agree isn't the best for the series. Will visits the infamous Lecter estate, while we catch up with the rest of the cast, whose fates are all still up in the air from last season's bloodbath.
Oct 8
48 min
Hannibal Season 3: Antipasto/Primavera
A new chapter of The Hannibal Files begins as we follow the fugitive Hannibal Lecter and his unexpected companion to Europe. Paris! Florence! Stolen identities! What is the esteemed doctor up to after the bloodbath that ended the second season? Tune in as we begin the discussion on the third and final season of Hannibal
Oct 1
51 min
Hannibal Season 2: Mizumono
We've finally made it to the end of the second season of Hannibal. Get ready as Derek, Jeff, and Amir dive into one of the best episodes of television of all time, the absolutely shocking and bonkers Mizumono. It's a bloodbath at Hannibal Lecter's house as Will and Jack execute their master plan, and not everything goes smoothly. What surprise does the good doctor have in store for us? Tune in and find out!
Sep 24
48 min
Hannibal Season 2: Ko No Mono/Tome-Wan
The first Verger saga comes to a close in the penultimate episodes of Hannibal's second season, with Jack and Will's trap for Hannibal ready to be sprung. What happened to Freddie Lounds? Will Alana forgive all the betrayals coming her way? We discuss this and more before the killer season finale next week.
Sep 17
55 min
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