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I love how the show has evolved
I've listened to SB for a long, long time, and different than many shows, I've noticed the conversations have become sharper. The show has more of a "late night talk show" tone. I've had more laugh-out-loud moments during my morning run. Highly recommend.
Joe Andrews12
Robinhood a Sponsor Now?!
I love the show but this feels like a huge sellout with all the negative comments voiced on this show about robinhood until they write a check
Great show. no Joke
Laugh at your own joke
I’ve never heard anyone laugh at everything they say like Joe does. He rarely makes it through a sentence without laughing at what he’s saying. He’s not that funny. His cohost is extremely in love with himself. If you can get past that the information is good.
Swing and a miss
A financial podcast going on and on about forced circumcision, no thanks.
Dr817 from TX
The best movie review podcast on the planet
Great way to keep your pulse on the finger of the best movies and tv shows out right now. There’s great trivia too. If they stopped talking about money and finances so much the show might actually be half good.
If you're interested in crypto, it's just one of the innumerable topics about which you'll learn absolutely nothing by listening. FIVE STARS! p.s. I feel like there should be a prize for having 3 reviews read on the show. Maybe an extra helping of dessert, or a t-shirt, size extra medium.
Love the show !
Thanks For all the great content ! The episodes are always fun and upbeat . Really love the different segments! SDP
jacked & canned
Eh not for me— too judgmental
I listen to almost every podcast in the FI realm and I truly gave this a chance by listening to 4 episodes. The first episode I listened to they read a question from someone who helps manage finances for their autistic sibling. Their laughter and response after reading the letter really turned my stomach. That poor person in that situation was looking for real solutions. I suppose that put a bad taste in my mouth from the start. The ads are absolutely distracting and so frequent I couldn’t get into the information. I also found the hosts a bit judgmental and mean about questions. I’m sure there’s some great info here, but I’ll listen to other podcasts in the personal finance realm to get it.
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Love being a Stacker
Stacking Benjamins is a happy place for learning about finance and personal growth. I always look forward to MWF releases and I enjoy being part of the basement. I’ve learned so many things that I’ve put into practice that have helped improve my family’s financial well-being. I’m so thankful for that. SB has a great cast, interesting guests, and is an all around wonderful podcast. Been a listener for close to two years now and I hope to be a part of it for many, many more. Love it. Now on serious note, Joe and OG - you know why we’re all here. We’re mostly here for Doug. More Doug please. “See ya!”
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Get to Subject Matter
Seams like the subject matter would be significant, but so much chatter that is not on topic.
Fine Bakon
It’s a podcast!
If the things that are podcasts , this is one of them! 5 stars!
Matt the bomber
I've learned so much and laughed a lot!
I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this show since I started listening about a year ago. I listen on my runs or daycare drop offs - and look like a fool laughing to myself. Even though some of the concepts they talk about are sometimes more complex, by listening over time I've grasped financial and investing concepts I haven't understood before. Thanks for making financial education enjoyable.
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Everyone stop listening to this show. I used to be their number one fan but now there are so many of us the competition is getting to me. I can only fanboy so hard you know? 5 stars - 10 out of 10 but please don’t listen because I don’t need more competition.
Most Approachable Personal Finance Podcast, Layman and Expert Alike!
Congrats on 1000 episodes Doug... err ... Joe and OG. We are all more surprised than you are, of having reached this accomplishment. I would say that I look forward to the next 1000 episodes, but I see that your two listeners have already commented. All kidding aside, I find your catchy and entertaining way of speaking about difficult personal finance topics to be truly profound; though I will not say that I learned anything, maybe, just maybe, somebody out there did in fact learn something. Probably not, but maybe.
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Brad DiDuca
Love to Stack those Benjamin’s
Stacking Benjamins is such fun to listen to. There are the headlines that Joe and OG break down some news tidbits (they say you won’t learn anything, but shhhh, I frequently do). Then there’s the headline guest or Fintech segment, which provides such an interesting variety. Joe does a great job interviewing! You can tell he really prepares. There is something for everyone! Sometimes it is applicable to me, but other times more for someone at a different stage of life than I. Of course there is Doug’s crazy trivia. (Don’t learn anything there really applicable to life, but it is fun.) Finally there is the Haven LifeLine where they answer a listener question. OG, especially, has a great way of enlightening us (dare I say, again, I often learn something). All of this is dished out in a fun way which makes me want to listen and look forward to the next one.
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Diamond in the Rough
Runs a little long most times, but otherwise a well done show. I have sampled many financial shows over the past two years and this is one of the select few to which I still listen.
Can’t take it anymore
The amount of actual financial talk wedged between the condescension of those who listen and the forced commercials is too much anymore. Unsubscribing. There are better options like the motley fool.
Ally J
Great listen
Fantastic show to listen to if you don’t care about learning anything! Jeaux and OhGee are great at riffing on each other and elevate their positions by routinely bashing their “friend” Duhg. Joking aside, I’ve got about 1 1/2 hrs of driving each day for work and 3 days a week I gladly suffer through these jack wagons to make sure I’m on track for a mediocre retirement!
Great podcast for those new to saving for retirement
This show does a great job of encouraging safe, reliable investments that set you up for retirement. And they do it in a very interesting way. You’d think talking about investing for retirement would be dull, but they’re very engaging. Starting off with perspectives on an interesting headline or two, interviewing a guest, and throwing some trivia in really makes it a fun time. They’ve made me look forward to Mondays!
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shedding dollars
Rein in the Doug Shtick
Great show- entertaining and informative. Joe and OG together is podcast gold. Just please reconsider the whole Doug shtick- not funny and off putting; my finger can’t hit the fast forward button quick enough when he hits the stage.
So much ruined potential
This would be one of the the best financial podcasts currently out if they would remove the whole “joes moms neighbor Doug” part. If they took out that nonsense this would be my most recommended podcast. Makes me cringe and a waste of time. I listen to multiple podcasts and don’t have the time for the useless wannabe humor
A Review That “Can’t Be Talked About”
I listen regularly, but have 157 episodes pre-2020 to catch up. Personal finance mixed with humor! There are things in life We Don’t Talk About, but we all should listen and talk about personal finance. I just don’t understand why Joe keeps my mic turned down during the entire show! Friday’s banter and quiz are worth the wait. By the way, my shirt size = (pending; it keeps changing) Do you offer it on a lease program?? Very good podcast. Paula from Napoli (t-shirt idea) I may sue Len for infringement, as I have a persistent itch.
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Lotta Dad jokes & deadpan humor. I want more.
Usually multiple ads smack dab in the middle of a show make me unsubscribe from podcasts, but Stacking Benjamins manages to integrate ads with humor. I oddly looking forward to some of the responses to the set-up ad questions. At one point that I had to rewind several seconds to hear what I missed while laughing too hard. Oh and I guess you learn stuff too sometimes.
Get to the point
Focus on the content more and quicker. The host isn’t that funny or witty. The show would actually be better with a better host. He’s ok but too much talk about nothing. It’s not a bus stop, I don’t need small talk. Just give the details more efficiently
Too much
Great podcast...please slow down the amount of podcast
Haven't learnt anything, but.....
I've been listening to these two great guys for the past two years, and when they say they don't teach anything, it's true, because I only learn from Doug, either through his world renowned trivia or his takeaways. But really, I listened to theses two guys make fun of each other more regiliously than going to my lectures! Five stars for sure!
This show grows on you
Technical content is generally spot on. Joe and OG are complimentary. The guests are great and Joe is a strong interviewer. But Aaron Velky is not one of the great guests. People are just chess pieces to him. It does take a while to catch on to the inside jokes.
Interested bystander
Well done...some of it anyway
Overall I like parts of this show. The many minutes of commercials is frustrating. There are more Ads on this show than any podcast I’ve listened to. The fin tech segments are not enjoyable. That being said, parts of the show are great. I only listen to the Friday episodes where Paul Pant and Len Penzo join.
It’s like a masterclass
In transitions. I came for the finance advice and ended up learning how to transition my everyday conversations into sponsor ads...and they claimed I wouldn’t learn anything. Awesome hosts and guest interviews, fun and interesting topics and discussions, easily my favorite podcast.
Stuck in the 90s
I usually try to find something nice to start but I can’t here. They seemed like nice guys at first, but in the one episode I listened to, they contradicted themselves three times and they patronized a person’s thoughts on what current investments could be successful in today’s environment. That person wasn’t present to defend himself and I happened to agree with most of what he said. Everything I heard from the hosts were investment strategies that were successful in the 1990’s. Those strategies may bring mild success today, but they flat out ignored today’s macroeconomic environment and what’s to come. Horrible show in my opinion because they’re afraid of learning new concepts or don’t understand alternative investments.
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Ben 2752
Awesome Podcast
You got Joe’s laugh will make you start laughing and you got OG with his sense humor will make you laugh even harder. But for the most part this podcast is a must to listen
lots to learn from stacking benjis
I enjoy this podcast and learn a lot. I like the humor and they have introduced me to many concepts and other pods to learn from
Joe’s not old
At least Joe is not old enough to forget to introduce OG.
thank's dave
Yeah, it’s pretty good.
I mean it’s still pretty good, but things haven’t been the same since Joe stopped saying “So let’s move” all the time. I can’t figure out how to stop it from downloading episodes, so I guess I’ll keep listening.
General finance info, weird shtick
If you want general info on financial info, this is a good place to start. It wouldn’t be my first recommendation, though for the following reasons: 1 The “Joe’s mom’s basement” thing doesn’t resonate with me. If it works for you, great! But I don’t get it and find it mildly annoying. 2. Feels like more commercials than on other podcasts 3. Info is good for people looking for broad financial advice and/or motivation, but I don’t find this podcast different from any other personal finance podcast. Since I’ve listened to numerous personal finance podcasts—to great personal benefit—I find myself skipping Stacking Benjamins almost every week because it’s a rehash of old info which I find covered in more compelling ways by other podcasts (weird shtick makes it easy for me move on from it too.)
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Easy listening finance, who knew!
I’ve been listening for a couple years now and finally writing this review after I gave up on learning anything... In all seriousness these guys are awesome. Not dry at all like you might expect from a finance podcast. Super knowledgeable and straightforward Even neighbor Doug can drop some knowledge when he’s not at the sizzler! Definitely recommend for anyone from newbies to finance nerds like myself! PS writing this made me want some dessert, better head to the sizzler to meet up neighbor Doug!
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Feud champ 31
Groovy AF
So good!
If Only...
IF ONLY the SB podcast provided solid financial advice! IF ONLY the SB podcast entertained and amused listeners! IF ONLY the SB podcast made my early-AM run a truly pleasant experience! Ah, IF ONLY! ...
Engaging banter
I was reluctant to listen to a money show, but my wife introduced me to this and I like the engaging banter between the host and other participants. It’s a funny show where you learn important money info, though you don’t realize it. It’s my kind of show! - Rich
Kestell Lestell
Awesome Content!
Kudos! Looking forward to your upcoming shows! ~ Elite Podcast Bookings
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Great Show
Love the show and commentary! You keep everyone involved and entertained!
Real Wisdom interlaced in the humor
Stacking Benjamins sneaks financial insights into a funny, entertaining show. It's like these guys want to teach about money, without the listener realizing they're being taught.
Dave Mason: Growth Novelist
Land the Plane
Come for the personal finance-aviation analogies, stay for the day-old cole slaw. This podcast features some of the best trivia on the Internet. Both listeners have yet to learn anything though...
Steak Brother
Straight Shooters on Financial Advice
They will always shoot you straight. They can bake fantastic cookies and teach you all about parenting and trivia. Best way to spend your Coronavirus commute and listen to financial talk.
Soooo much intro
Too many people on a single podcast. Spends way too much time talking about each person. Start around minute 10-15 for actual content.
Money with Denay
My favorite financial podcast.
Not funny by any measure.
You guys derailed my day chewing food and sucking liquid on the show, not funny. Google hyperacusis next time you think those sounds are joke.
Entertaining and interesting
As podcasts have become more common, they have come and gone from my subscribe list. Stacking Benjamin’s is one of the few that has stayed for years. The humor and segment style let make it so that at least a portion of the show engages me even if one part is not a topic that I have any interest in.
Fern's Sunny Spot
I accidentally learned something
This podcast is great for people who want to sort of learn a thing or two about finance under the guise of a variety show. There is a ton of banter and joking sprinkled with nuggets of legit advice. I find myself laughing out loud at some point during pretty much every episode. I'll be doing a write in vote for Doug 2020. Thanks for all you do, guys.
Wellness Minded Millennial
Inconsiderate guest
Why would they let a childish bully like Greg McFarlane on their show? Otherwise a good show. One rotten tomato spoils the whole bunch.
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