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According to FastCompany, "the Stacking Benjamins podcast...strikes a great balance of fun and functional." Created live from Joe's mom's half-finished'll hear a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and people with stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card table and bring you guests, trivia, your letters about saving, investing, and risk management, and much more. Academy of Podcast winner for "best business podcast of the year," 2017 Plutus award winner for "best personal finance podcast," and Kiplinger magazine's only recommended personal finance podcast. You'll like this podcast if: you enjoy chatty, laid back money talk at a relaxed pace with lots of humor attached. You won't like this show if: you're looking for hard-core, genius money-nuggets presented at a fast pace.
From Frugal to Fu*k It (plus Angelo Poli from Metpro)
You've saved and invested diligently for years and you're now sitting on a fat stack of Benjamins. When's the right time to say f*** it and start spending cash like there's no tomorrow? Today our contributors share their big spender to saver money stories and give their thoughts on retiring WAY early... on less than a million dollars. It's not always about the bottom dollar, but also lost potential income (and raises) if you need to return to work years down the road, lost marketability as your skills age, and outdated professional networks as your co-workers move on to other opportunities. Joining us on the roundtable this week is Diania Merriam, founder of the FIRE-Movement inspired EconoME Conference, Len Penzo from the blog, and OG from our own podcast. Friday Fintech: Health and Wellness Expert Angelo Poli from After our contributors finish swapping money stories, Joe sits down with health and wellness expert Angelo Poli from With summer right around the corner, we polled our Stacker community for all the health and exercise questions they've been dying to get answered. From questions on aging metabolisms to intermittent fasting, and of course, time-efficient (and free) workouts even the busiest Stackers can do at home... Angelo covers it all and then some. Listener Voicemail: HSA Horror Stories? Our anonymous caller, who we refer to as Sal, calls in with some HSA questions. For years he was told he only needed the Explanation of Benefits form (think something like a medical statement) before finding out he actually needed his receipts as well. While this was an easy fix, Sal asks: what other blind spots could he have? What HSA horror stories should he know about - and avoid? As always, Doug has some post-Fintech airtime to deliver his game-show trivia. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 16
1 hr 21 min
How Do YOU Stack More Benjamins?
How do you make money driving for ride sharing companies? Credit card hacking? Churning bank accounts? How do you help your family plan? What's it like to meet with financial advisors? Today members of our community, Alan, Claudia, and Jon are kind enough to share their wisdom and experiences in all of these areas! Plus, we'll also share an important headline about doing your homework before investing, another on helping your community, and more. Of course, we'll also throw out the Haven Life line to a caller with a great question about estate planning. That comes after Doug's trivia and a few of your emails. Enjoy!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 14
1 hr 31 min
Start Adulting With Your Money (with Jake Cousineau)
How much of this stuff goes over your head? What are the absolute first things you need to know about when you're rolling out on your own? Today high school personal finance teacher and author Jake Cousineau joins us to dive into the very first items you should include on your list of lessons to learn about money as you begin your journey. From the double-edged sword of interest to simple banking and ideas on budgeting and saving, we'll share some of Jake's favorite tips so that you can leave today's show more prepared than you were before you listened. Annuities Changing Standards: Our Headlines States are rolling out some new rules around annuity sales, which largely are meant to mimic the SEC's Reg BI (best interest). While industry spokespeople say it's a step in the right directions, consumer advocates say it isn't enough. Today we'll share how annuities work, where the problems are in the industry, and how these new state-by-state rules may change the game (or not). We'll also share our TikTok creator video minute, and today we'll share a refreshing story. An online "guru" actually apologizes for leading his followers into a scam. While we love the sentiment, who would have known (hear the sarcasm coming?) that a StarWars universe-themed crypto coin called Mando might be fake. We'll also share the latest worldwide real estate news. Inflated prices aren't just happening in your back yard. Around the world we're seeing some eye-popping numbers. What's the takeaway? We'll talk real estate today! Of course, we'll also throw out the Haven Life line AND save time for Doug's trivia. It's another great day in the basement! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 12
1 hr 15 min
Build a Better Plan with Lifestyle Design (LIVE Podbean Personal Finance Week)
Are you coasting or actually planning your next move? Living in the land of "I should" or "I might" versus "I'm where I want to be right now?" Whether it's balancing your happiness with your career choices, changing industries, family planning, or deciding how long you want to work until retirement - lifestyle choices encompasses all of our financial decisions. Today we ask our contributors: what's the design for your lifestyle? What drives your motivations, career choices, retirement plans, and financial decisions? It's a great discussion with plenty of overlap with financial independence, and one you can use for a diagnostic in your own life once you hear how it's done. Welcome to a live-making of the Stacking Benjamins show! Recorded during Podbean's Finance Podcast Week, we had the opportunity to showcase a behind-the-scenes making of the podcast in front of a live audience, and it was lots of fun that you'll hear today. Our round table has a big discussion on lifestyle design this week using their cell phones. For this one, excuse our worse-than-usual audio. We promise the engaging conversation will be worth it. Our Listener Mail: What (Non-Financial) Podcasts Do We Like? We finish our live show with a letter from Lou: he's heard us talk plenty about our favorite TV shows and movies, but what about our favorite non-money related podcast? Our contributors deliver: from podcasts like Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald'‪s‬ and Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase‪!‬, to This Week in Virolog‪y‬ and more, you'll hear plenty of our favorite podcasts we love to binge when we're not thinking about money. (Except for one contributor who always is thinking about money - but we'll leave that one a surprise). Of course, we couldn't possibly do a live show without giving up some airtime for Doug's trivia. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 9
1 hr 6 min
How Much Is Overthinking Costing You? (with Jon Acuff)
Don't think you can overthink your money decisions? Study's show that sadly, you're wrong. Not only will overthinking cause you to create overly complex plans, but you'll give up early on strategies, fail to move when you need decisive action, and exhaust yourself with going over the options "just one more time." Overthinking rarely involves positive thoughts, and you can't win when you're not confident. Today we'll help you solve that issue. Long time listeners will remember the last time we had Jon Acuff on the show back in 2017, (find that here: Give Yourself The Gift of “Finished”). In Jon's new book Soundtracks, he explores how our thought process and the stories we tell ourselves impacts our everyday lives, AND how you change your own soundtrack to solve your problems with overthinking. Give Enough Cash and Even The Spenders Pay Up... Eventually Remember the news the weeks after the first stimulus checks hit? Everyone waiting for the first piece of evidence to release their blog posts and podcast episodes about how everyone ran out and bought fancy 4k's and PS5s? (We totally didn't do that...not us!) Well, a new study shows that given ample cash to clear out the Amazon wish list, many people HAVE ended up paying off their bills. During our headlines Joe and OG discuss paying down debt, the double penalty of being stuck in a debt cycle, and how you can walk away from the I Can't mindset. How The Pandemic Changed Our Retirement Worries The pandemic challenged a lot of the conventional thinking behind emergency funds, healthcare, and and retirement living. A newly released Fidelity report queried investor retirement worries, and while there were some surprises, other figures proved that not all financial thinking needs to be redrawn from the ground up. Doc G from the Earn & Invest podcast joins us today to discuss what the report means for the broader retirement conversation AND what the numbers mean to you. The Haven Life Line: What's the deal with Fundrise? Sean is interested in investing with Fundrise, and wants to know our thoughts. While the company has seemed to change up their marketing since they first came on our radar we still have some reservations, and OG and I actually differ on a few thoughts here. Never familiar with REITs? We'll explain your options on the show, but you can get started here: Traded vs. Non-Traded REITs: Which Is Best for You? Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 7
1 hr 18 min
First Home or Big Wedding? (with Netflix's Mortgage or Marriage stars Sarah and Nichole)
This seems like an easy decision, doesn't it? Skimp on the party and invest money in your dream residence. Yet, don't we always say to invest in experiences because they appreciate in your mind (becoming more epic as the years pass), instead of things that clutter our lives? Co-hosts of the new Netflix reality show Marriage or Mortgage, wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate pro Nichole Holmes, join us for a fun discussion on a dilemma many newlyweds face: how much cash do you spend on making your dream wedding a reality, and at what cost to your future home? We know, this is a financial podcast, and financial nerds are definitely biased on this one, but Sarah raises some pretty good points, and you just might surprise yourself when you're nodding along. We're not saying you should go for broke on a huge wedding (though if you do, please invite us), but Sarah's reasoning isn't exactly in contrast with our own money philosophy. Making "Fun Money" on trading apps? Watch out for the tax bill. In our headlines segment, we'll relive the horror story one Robinhood trader experienced when he found he had an $800,000 tax bill. Worse news? He could have avoided it fairly easily if he knew one rule that we'll share on today's show. Tiktok of the Week: Amazon beats Walmart because of... adult toys? In our TikTok minute you'll find that it isn't just young, aggressive traders (or at least TikTok talkers) who are making bizarre statements about financial success. So are television anchors. Want early retirement? Try buying a school bus! How great is this? One man in his twenties decided to cut out 40 years of saving and instead retire right now. We'll share his story and what it means for you. BUT that's not all. Of course, we'll throw out the Haven Life line to a lucky listener AND we'll dovetail in some of Doug's amazing trivia. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 5
1 hr 21 min
Living Abroad Without Breaking The Bank (plus an intro to Jassby)
Brush off the passport, pack the bags, and plop down in your favorite lazy spot because we're going global on today's show! In this special Living Abroad episode, we invite world travelers living in various countries to share how they did it, what they should've learned earlier, and what life experiences they've gained since settling into their new lives. Joining our round table is a French native and former Guatemala-living Pauline Paquin from the Reach Financial Independence blog, Jim White from the Route to Retire blog (who moved to Panama with his wife and daughter at 43), and Travis Luther, author of Fun Side of the Wall, a book explaining why baby boomers are flocking to Mexico for retirement. Friday Fintech: Jassby - An App for Families After our trio wraps up all things travel Joe sits down with Benny Nachman, founder of the family money-sharing app Jassby. The app provides an easy-to-use system that lets parents assign responsibilities to children, pay allowances, and even setup a virtual debit card. Listener Voicemail: Gifting Stocks? During our MagnifyMoney segment, we take on a question about gifting stocks to students from high school teacher Jake. Additionally, he asks, is there a good way to buy fractional shares as a gift? A few of the stocks his students are interested in are a few hundred dollars a piece... not exactly feasible to buy for a whole class. As always, Doug has some post-Fintech airtime to deliver his game-show trivia. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 2
1 hr 31 min
Finding Financial Wholeness (with Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista)
You may have financial security, but do you have financial wholeness? What's the difference? Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche says that she felt more whole BEFORE she had financial independence than she did after. We'll talk about building a solid financial footing and understanding on today's show. Tiffany has led women worldwide in paying off millions of dollars in debt, co-hosts the Brown Ambition podcast, and now has multiple financial education books published, including a pre-education book for children. With a decade of teaching experience behind her - that's before she moved into financial education - Tiffany has used her experience to develop easy-to-follow, engaging financial education lessons. Today we sit down with The Budgetnista for a wide-ranging interview including why you should strive for financial wholeness instead of financial freedom, how to present financial education so even children can grasp it, and her straightforward budgeting system. A Case Study in Being Prepared Model and Actress Brooke Shields had a horrific fall a few months ago that required her to undergo multiple surgeries. It's an accident she's still recovering from, and one she'll need to dedicate time and resources too. Here's the thing: Brook Shields (in all likelihood) can field the costs and loss of earnings in stride. What would happen in your life after enduring the same experience Shields went through? Beyond the physical and emotional trauma, what type of shock test will your finances go through? What vehicle gets the most mile for your buck? Pushing mortgages and health costs to the side for a moment, vehicle purchases are among the most expensive reoccurring expenses you'll have in life. Operating inside of a budget, there isn't anything wrong with picking based on your aesthetic preferences. However, at the very least, you should make informed decisions when any large amount of cash in on the table. We know cars depreciate in value the moment you drive off the lot, but which vehicles actually get you the most mileage for your cash over the long run? Joining us today with all the right answers, we welcome Karl Brauer from Getting Young Investors Started? Sarah calls in asking the best way of setting up investment accounts for her two younger brothers, who are 16 and 20 years old. She knows her older brother could possibly setup a Roth IRA, but not sure what the best move is for her youngest brother. Sarah also asks about college financial aid implications. Thoughts? Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 31
1 hr 20 min
You Are Resilient (with Harma Hartouni)
Pros in every field will tell you that confidence is a huge part of earning more money. But what happens when life delivers blow after blow? We've been there ourselves, and so has our guest, Harma Hartouni, who moved to America with his family and was flat broke. Much of his story stems from a childhood relationship with a dad that was less than perfect (to put it mildly). While this is not a direct rags-to-riches story, things started to turn around for Harma, and he now runs one of the top real estate firms in Southern California, along with having a passion for sharing his life experiences for others to learn from. Today Harma shares his compelling story of perseverance, confidence, and learning lessons from horrible experiences instead of falling back on them as a crutch, like so many do. Blackrock Cuts ETF Fees Cut to Near Zero Lower fees... hooray! Right? The race to zero fees continues with BlackRock's latest move to drop ETF fees, which is the lastest blow in their fight for assets with Vanguard. While we aren't complaining about more money in your pocket, the slashed fees leave us with a lingering question: what exactly should investors want when it comes to their strategy? Beyond the latest flashy headline of the week, what's your framework for making investing decisions? Top Mistakes People Make When Planning for Retirement Have you made your portfolio more conservative to soothe your market volatility fears? Larry Swedroe recently shared some big retirement planning mistakes which could cost you millions of dollars in missed opportunity. The Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement author (and previous Stacking Benjamins guest) brings some good points to the table, and Joe and OG share some math scary enough to make you think twice before slowing things down. Not All Products Are Meant for You We're mixing things up with today's Haven Life Line. Margaret saw a video online that's filled with mostly good advice, but sneaks in a "secure compound interest account" comment at the end of the clip. What's the deal? Joe and OG share exactly what this account actually is, and give some frank advice for people who may be considering investing. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 29
1 hr 24 min
Financial Advice You Should Ignore (with an intro to FarmTogether)
Have a difficult time separating good financial advice from the bad? Today our contributors tackle everything from budgeting and credit utilization myths, to discussions on trade schools and the rent vs mortgage debate. Joining us on today's round table is Lauryn Williams from the Worth Listening podcast, Paula Pant from the Afford Anything Podcast, and Len Penzo from the blog. Friday Fintech: FarmTogether After the constant reminders to diversify, you eventually decided to invest a portion of your portfolio into something like bonds, right? Ever consider farmland? Joining us from the FarmTogether investment platform, we welcome founder Artem Milinchuk to learn more about farmland investing. Joe and Artem discuss how farmland's low correlation with the stock market provides better diversification, how advances in the farming industry align with ESG values, and how farmland can provide bond-like stable returns while still providing equity-level value. Listener Voicemail: What Happens To Your Stocks When A Company Goes Private? A company you own stocks of goes private, what happens now? Caller Liz recently found out that Michael's will become a private company after a sell. Liz asks: do they sell her shares at a specific time? Does she have a choice? Fortunately, Liz tells us this is her sandbox money - she doesn't need it, but she's still curious about the process. As always, Doug has some post-fintech airtime to deliver his game-show trivia. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 26
1 hr 28 min
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