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"How Much Do You Make?" and Other Awkward Money Conversations (plus an update on M1Finance)
1 hour 9 minutes Posted Jan 22, 2021 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

Not sure how to ask for a raise at work? Don't know how to initiate seemingly awkward money conversations with the people around you? This one is for you. Joining us today with their best tips on having an honest, productive dialogue around money are our roundtable contributors: Doc G from the Earn&Invest podcast; Len Penzo from the blog; and Paula Pant from the Afford Anything podcast.

Halfway through the show, we'll pivot our money conversation towards data and money management with Brian Barnes, the founder of M1 Finance. We love data and graphs as much as the next Stacker (no really), but Brian approaches automation a little differently. Doing our Fintech segment we'll have a conversation on why less is more when it comes to the streams of information you use for investing choices.

During our MagnifyMoney segment, our mystery caller asks if they should take on debt to finish their graduate degree earlier or take it a year slower and cash-flow their degree. Our caller assures us that her degree is in high demand. They ask: how do they determine the opportunity cost between waiting or taking on loans?

As always, we'll give Doug some time in the spotlight with this week's trivia game-show.

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