The Sister Diary
The Sister Diary
Dear Media
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I love your podcast! So entertaining! Love u all! ❤️❤️❤️
Hey girls
Love your podcast so good and I can’t wait for more throughout the year
Ceci woz
so good :)
hi lauren and maddie! literally the only thing that makes me sleep is your soothing voices. i love the topics you talk about and your experiences. the podcast is so relatable and i would recommend the sister diary to anyone :) ooo can u do an episode with emily skinner? anyways ily guys!
I’m never going to stop listening
Even though I am only on 6th grade your advice has helped me so much especially during during quarantine and starting middle school. I love to end my days listening to your podcast. You guys have also helped me through depression and emotional abuse, you played such a big role in helping me find myself again. Love ya and I can’t wait to see what you do next, never stop. I also have a question what social media platform do you love to post on the most and why?
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Really good for middle school high school girls
katie ledecky
Love it so much
i started listening to the podcast kind of recently but it’s really good, your guys’s voices are so calming and I love the ones where you guys just talk about your life and how your day was
Maddie and Lauren
Hi Maddie and Lauren! I have been listening to y’all’s podcast since it first started. So i know that Maddie has her own clothing line “Artless Forever” and I’ve always wondered what was the hardest part of creating your own clothing line? I also have a question for Lauren. Was it easy started your own youtube channel at such a young age? Did you ever feel like you wanted to take a break from social media? Ps I love you and your family!💕
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please read !
hi lauren! hi maddie! i just wanted to say thank you for making this podcast, it has helped a lot! i have a question, how have you dealt with anxiety, or maybe some scary thoughts? if you have not experienced that, what is one thing maybe you’ve struggled with, and continue to struggle with? thank you!! i love you! 💞
Can you guys do more podcasts with John?? I love how John treats his sisters. Mostly, Madison and Lauren. John is honestly husband material! But fr I feel like John and Lauren have grown apart since the days!😭💔 Are they still close with each other and is it just off camera and we don’t see it? Or is it more of a tough love situation? I would to know more! Love you guys and your podcast!!💖💓
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makes me feel safe
hii! so I have a question: have you guys ever dealt with overthinking/overthinking that comes with anxiety? and if you have, do you have any tips about how to deal with overthinking and how to stop it from happening so often? thank you! tbh, this is probably my favorite podcast <3
Do you two get stuff done . You are my fav I listen to you two every morning
my favs
hey y’all i’m charlie & i’m from chicago , i love you & ur fam so much, this podcast has helped me grow so much & i actually do other things while listening to u guys so i don’t procrastinate, LOL thank u for that ❤️ (also maddie u said u would feature me on the podcast from my instagram post with the everybody wants u poster😉) anyways love u thanks for being so amazing.
charlie shedd
Can y’all ask Johnny and Lauren how they deal with so much social media attention?
Annika Srivastava
I like it but maddie interrupts Lauren a bit
Lauren and Maddie
I literally found you guy’s podcasts yesterday and I am really enjoying it. It’s really comforting and very interesting.
These help
Ok I just found this because of my friends and I love it I listen to them when I’m doing homework and I and learn to like help my skin and get health and I love that love you guys 😘
Hi! I love you guys so much!❤️I have 2 questions. I know you guys eat very healthy and I was wondering if you guys had some healthy smoothies or stuff I can try. And I was also wondering if you could do a podcast on the relationship with the rest of your siblings (John and Darian) And how y’all work out problems and are so close. And I hope you guys are staying safe and tell john I love his new song pls.
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So how is Lauren and Johnny’s sibling dynamic. Have they drifted since John goes on tour and of course he is getting older as well. Would you say they have a special bond? Of course they love eachother(I hope lol) but is it tough love or do they get along) Thanks I love you guys. Love from Atlanta.
Najya(na - ja)
Hi Lauren and Maddie
Hi Lauren and Maddie My name is Benni smith aka DjKat I’m a dancer and a singer a songwriter and a producer . I make my own songs with voice memo on the (iphone) I go to collage and I hang out with my friends like on FaceTime and all that fun stuff .... I got one question for you guys are your guys doing anything for Christmas cause I don’t have a idea what or how the Christmas is going to be when with this cronovirus ... hope you guys feel safe !! Please say hi to Lauren from me . Ps. I love your podcast and I learn and can you please excepted me on Facebook ... thank you !
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benni smith
Love this!!!
Dee Chang
I love your podcast it give me such good advice
nora meudt
The Sister Diary
I’ve been listening to this podcast since it started. It’s very cool to hear about the behind the scenes of your lives. I met you both once in Vegas but I took a photo with Johnny and I was very shy and didn’t get to talk to you guys. I regret that because I’ve also been a big fan of the whole family and I had been listening to your podcast even before. Which is really cool to listening to you guys and get advice about a bunch of things in life. ( I also love my artless hoodie) What has been the best thing about having a podcast?
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kennedyyy247 on insta ily
do you guys have any tips for trying to find your style and where to shop 🤍✨
How do you deal w so many siblings like do you ever feel left out or something,I mean I have 4 siblings(one brother & three sisters) and I’m the middle child and I something do feel like that??
jaylene 101
podcast suggestion :)
hey maddie and lauren, can you do a podcast episode- maybe with a guest on more traditional careers and the process of getting there starting from high school? thanks love you guys
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! love these girls so much one of my very favorite podcasts!
I just recently started listening to this podcast, and it’s really good for girls my age, I’m in middle school, I’m a dancer and would love to become professional when I grow up and design dance related clothes, so this podcast is like really good to listen to because they are role models
cheernastics2 fan
Love the podcast
Hey Lauren and Maddie love u both I have a question abt YouTube I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel but I don’t know if i should tell my friends I just switched schools so idk if there actually my friends
R they my friends????
My Question
Hi Maddie and Lauren! My question is what was your favorite goal or thing you accomplished in quarantine so far?
childhood memories!!
hii maddie and lauren!! i adore your podcasts so much because of how relatable the content is for me and many girls my age. could you guys share some of your favorite memories growing up together? i know you guys have probably touched on this already but it’s so cute, a little throwback moment!! @sallyyzhao on Instagram hehe❤️❤️
question about a new podcast
I love you guys and your podcast soo much!! Could you guys please do a podcast about how to schedule a busy school/college day?❤️❤️❤️
What you guys think about the podcast in the future I mean as future plans future projects
I love this podcast sooo much!
My question is: What are some goals in your careers that you want to accomplish eventually? Like for Lauren, would you want to star in a major movie one day, and for Maddie, how big do you want your clothing company to get? - nat.alieee21 on Instagram
a longtime arianator
Your podcast is so amazinggg! I love it so much it’s the only one I listen to tho but it’s also the only one I need!! I love u both Maddie and Lauren ❤️❤️ and I have a question: can u make a podcast giving us ideas of how we can make money easily? Thank you ly!! 💜💜
What are some easy ways to travel, and how can you watch how much you’re spending traveling? Love you guys! @hannah_lisbeth_
Very inspiring and motivational. Very relatable.
Omg 😳 i love u guys
Ur such a kind person BLACK LIVES MATTER ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼✊🏻✊🏼 I love u 😍 nice podcast 😻😻😻😻
likes podcast
Don’t get me wrong, many podcasts can be overviewed at first. But this podcast really helped me in my personal life. I learned many tips and Maddie and Lauren have the BEST advice ever. I gained a lot of confidence and put insecurities, (etc) behind me. If you need someone to listen to or to relate to, this podcast is for you! I listen daily to relax and learn many new things and get advice. Maddie and Lauren well done, this is the most relatable podcast I’ve seen so far.❤️❤️
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Love it so much
It an amazing podcast I would recommend this to everyone.
I love this podcast sooo much!
you guys give so much good advice! it’s definitely useful and relates to my life :) i love listening every week <3
Good for how young these girls are
They do a great job
Sisters <3
I really like this podcast. It’s fun to listen to, has a variety of topics, and my favorite part about it, is that it is run by two sisters - love that! I definitely like this podcast :)
Hadassah M. ✨
Its not bad,it’s fun to listen to,but you don’t learn anything about ANYTHING!!!😕😑❤️
My new favorite podcast!
The honesty and genuine discussions are so easy to listen to and super relatable. So glad I found my new favorite podcast!!
You guys do such a good job on this! I am almost a teenager myself and my dream is to go on the podcast someday! I’ve always wanted to be a singer and an actress. I just started listening to this a few days ago, and I already love it! I am a huge fan! Thank you for doing this!💓
The Sister Diaries
I love this podcast so much! I listen in every week and I can’t wait for your next one! You inspire me so much and I love all of the things that you guys have done! If I had to ask one question it would be what do you guys like to do in your free time?
I love this podcast 🤍
Audrey Wertheimer
The sister diaries
One word.......amazing!
I never knew you had a podcast because you don’t really promo it but glad I found it!
Ms carlson
Love it so much!
hey Lauren and Maddie! I love this podcast, it’s really helped me through the hard times and I love hearing your voices! Listening to the Sister Diary really makes my day amazing. it would be awesome if you can bring on Kenzie and Johnny and let them talk about how to be confident and their experiences on tour as singers. can’t wait for more!
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