The Sister Diary
The Sister Diary
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Welcome to The Sister Diary, hosted by Lauren and Maddie Orlando. These two sisters, despite an eight year age gap, find themselves navigating the same types of experiences and challenges in their lives. Lauren is an actress, YouTuber and an expert on all things social media. Maddie is an entrepreneur with a love of business, fashion, and a passion for self-development. In this show, listeners will hear unfiltered conversations on a wide variety of topics that both teens and young adults can relate to. Lauren and Maddie discuss everything from health wellness and beauty, to confidence, relationships and growing up on social media. They also bring on insightful guests and experts to provide the audience with additional knowledge, perspectives and values. For Lauren and Maddie, The Sister Diary is the space to be real, open and honest about what’s really going on with this sister duo. Welcome to The Fam!
Wellness Q&A
This week, we're diving into all things wellness! We discuss how to create a nighttime routine for optimal sleep, share the skincare practice that cleared Lauren's skin, and talk about the food and dieting mentality that works best for us. We also discuss mindset in general, particularly in relation to cultivating positive thought during difficult times, which is relevant to all of us in 2020.    Produced by Dear Media
Nov 27
29 min
Get to Know Us: Our Personality Types
This week, we're doing and discussing personality tests! First, we dive into our zodiac signs and discover that there is a lot about astrology that we don't understand. We also review our enneagram and Myers Briggs/16 personalities results and share whether or not we think that they accurately represent our true personality. We hope you learned a bit more about us in this episode! Let us know what your zodiac sign, enneagram and personality type is as well on our latest Instagram post.  Produced by Dear Media
Nov 20
33 min
It's The Perfect Time to Launch Your Business and Grow Your Social Media Following with Lindsey Heppner
This week, we're joined by the founder and CEO of Vampped, Lindsey Heppner! Vampped is a leading influencer marketing and creative agency based in Los Angeles, CA. In this episode, Lindsey recounts how a traumatic life experience served as the catalyst to her putting her plans into action and launching her own business. Since 2014, Vampped has been connecting brands and influencers for successful marketing campaigns, organizing influencer trips and tours, helping other companies develop branding and strategy, and much more. If you're interested in growing a social media following, or even creating a company of your own, this episode is for you. We loved Lindsey's entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of the social media world and learned so much from her in this episode. You can find Lindsey @lindseyheppner and Vampped @vampped.    Produced by Dear Media  
Nov 13
32 min
How We Stay Motivated, Disciplined and Live a Proactively Happy Life
This week, we discuss the concepts of positivity, happiness, mental health and motivation. First, we start by describing our own definition of happiness and by sharing strategies that you can implement to bring more positivity into your own life. We unpack the idea of perfectionism and talk about how striving to be perfect has negatively impacted us in the past, particularly when it comes to school. Finally, we share tips for staying motivated, whether it is in a school or work setting or  for sticking to a goal. We discuss the difference between motivation and discipline, and why it's important to cultivate both in order to live a healthy, happy and productive life.    Produced by Dear Media
Nov 6
32 min
Finding Your Path and Life-Long Friendships & Navigating Post-Grad Life with Abbey Joy
This week, Maddie is joined by one of her best friends, Abbey Joy, to discuss university, friendship and post-grad life. Abbey talks about the steps she took to find her path in life so far and shares the factors that helped her decide where to go after graduating from high school. They also tell the story of how they met and became friends and recall funny memories from past travels. Finally, Maddie and Abbey discuss post-grad life and what it's like trying to find a career after finishing university, particularly during a pandemic. Keep up with Abbey on Instagram @abbsjoy!    Produced by Dear Media
Oct 30
35 min
Addressing Assumptions About Our Family
This week, Maddie is joined by a special guest and recurring co-host, Dale Orlando, to address some assumptions that our listeners have about our family! We also recap some current life events and discuss what we've been up to recently.    Produced by Dear Media 
Oct 23
32 min
Ellie Zeiler on Gaining 1 Million Followers in 2 Weeks & Staying Authentic While Navigating Fame
Ellie Zeiler is an online creator who amassed an audience of over 7 million on TikTok and 1 million on Instagram... just in the past six months. In this episode, Ellie discusses her rise to TikTok fame and shares what it was like to go from a normal highschooler to a very popular influencer with millions of people watching, supporting, and even critiquing her online. Ellie values normalcy and discusses how she balances her busy life in the public eye with rest, family time and school work, and how these "normal life" activities allow her to remain true and authentic. Finally, she talks about how TikTok has influenced her plan for the future, how she deals with hate online and builds a strong, supportive community, and what Saddle Ranch is really like. Keep up with Ellie on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat @elliezeiler.    Produced by Dear Media
Oct 16
37 min
Life Update: Back to School During COVID, Trying New Beauty Trends & Artless Launch Details
This week, we are updating you on our lives and what we've been up to lately. The episode starts with a recap of Lauren's first few weeks back at school. She shares how things in the classroom have changed because of COVID and talks about how the pandemic has affected everyone's mental health. Next, we discuss new beauty trends that we've tried recently, like curtain bangs and eyebrow lamination. We also dive into our mom's Twitter fight with Elon Musk and why we love her new Tesla. Finally, we end off the episode with an update on Artless and details about the brand's official launch.  Produced by Dear Media
Oct 9
35 min
Chatting About Life, Love and Mental Health with Johnny Orlando
This week, Maddie and Johnny sit down to chat about life and answer some of your questions.  Johnny's 73 Questions episode: Produced by Dear Media
Oct 2
41 min
Answering Questions We've Been Avoiding & About Things We've Never Addressed
This week, we're answering questions on topics that we've never talked about before, and even discuss some things that we've been avoiding on social media. We dive into past relationships, struggles with weight, our sibling dynamic and more.  Thanks so much to everyone who wrote in!  Produced by Dear Media
Sep 25
27 min
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