The Sister Diary
The Sister Diary
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Welcome to The Sister Diary, hosted by Lauren and Maddie Orlando. These two sisters, despite an eight year age gap, find themselves navigating the same types of experiences and challenges in their lives. Lauren is an actress, YouTuber and an expert on all things social media. Maddie is an entrepreneur with a love of business, fashion, and a passion for self-development. In this show, listeners will hear unfiltered conversations on a wide variety of topics that both teens and young adults can relate to. Lauren and Maddie discuss everything from health wellness and beauty, to confidence, relationships and growing up on social media. They also bring on insightful guests and experts to provide the audience with additional knowledge, perspectives and values. For Lauren and Maddie, The Sister Diary is the space to be real, open and honest about what’s really going on with this sister duo. Welcome to The Fam!
Melissa Gisoni on the Reality of Dance Moms and Raising Kids in the Public Eye
Today, we're joined by our parents, Meredith and Dale Orlando, and Melissa Gisoni, one of our closest family friends. Melissa got her start in the entertainment industry on Dance Moms, which she starred in for six seasons with her kids, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. On this episode, Melissa discusses her experience on reality television and what really went on behind the scenes and shares details about her newest project, a podcast called Because Mom Said So. We also dive into the challenges of living and raising kids in the public eye. We loved catching up with Melissa and hope you enjoy this episode! Make sure to check out her podcast, Because Mom Said So, on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  Produced by Dear Media  
Jan 22
37 min
New Year, Better Us with Dale Orlando
This week, we're joined once again by Dale Orlando to kick off the new year, talk about our goals, plans, and resolutions for 2021 and to provide a quick life update. We review some listener polls that we posted on Instagram and discuss topics like the negative parts of sharing your life online, Artless and the COVID vaccine. You can find us on Instagram @thesisterdiary and Dale @dalevorlando.    Produced by Dear Media
Jan 15
27 min
Advice from Kristen Mcatee & Alex Koot: Body Positivity, Finding Your Passion, Making Money and more
This week, we’re joined by Kristen Mcatee and Alex Koot. Kristen is a YouTuber and social media influencer who has shared her life with an audience of over a million people online for the past four years. Alex is a talented web designer who balances a career in both the corporate and creative fields. Together, they host the podcast, Oddvice, where they share their life and career experiences and give advice to their listeners in a clever, yet approachable way. In this episode, we dive into both Kristen and Alex’s background and story and share some of our best advice with you as well. You can keep up with Kristen @kristenmcatee and Alex @alexkoot.jpg on Instagram, and can find their podcast, Oddvice, on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.    Produced by Dear Media
Jan 8
38 min
Good Things That Happened in 2020 & Goals For The New Year
Happy New Year! This week, we're reviewing the highs and lows of 2020, reading some of the amazing things that happened to our listeners, and setting goals and resolutions for the new year.    Produced by  Dear Media
Jan 1
27 min
Christmas Episode - Sharing Family Memories, Traditions & Stories with Johnny & Our Parents
This week, we're sitting down with a few special family members to discuss our Christmas memories, traditions, travels and funny stories. We hope you enjoy and have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!  
Dec 25, 2020
31 min
Random Things On Our Mind (overthinking, family drama, Noah Beck, virtual school & more)
This episode really goes everywhere. It's casual, random, and is truly an accurate representation of the conversations that we have at home. We chat about overthinking, family drama, Noah Beck vs. Lil Huddy, online bullying, Christmas shopping and more.  Produced by Dear Media
Dec 18, 2020
19 min
Tasha Franken on The Power of Pilates, Food Freedom & Establishing Wellness From The Inside Out
This week, we're joined by Tasha Franken to discuss all things wellness. Tasha is a model, Pilates coach and healthy lifestyle advocate. In this episode, we dive into the key elements of a healthy body and mind - intuitive eating and food freedom, low impact, mindful movement and a positive mindset that encourages acceptance, confidence and self-love. We loved chatting with Tasha and are so grateful that she shared her wisdom with us.    You can follow Tasha on Instagram @tashafranken and find her Pilates workouts on her YouTube channel,     Produced by Dear Media
Dec 11, 2020
40 min
End of 2020 Update and Our Holiday Gift Guide
We curated our perfect holiday gift guide and are sharing it with you on this week's episode! We also discuss our Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases, give a quick life update and reflect on the end of 2020. All products discussed in this episode will be linked on our blog, and on our Instagram @thesisterdiary.    This episode is not sponsored, but you can shop Lauren's Casetify picks here:   Check out Dr. Mallory Ryan, the naturopath that I am working with @dr.mallory on Instagram!    Produced by Dear Media
Dec 4, 2020
35 min
Wellness Q&A - on Skincare, Diet Changes, Positive Mindset, Sleep & more
This week, we're diving into all things wellness! We discuss how to create a nighttime routine for optimal sleep, share the skincare practice that cleared Lauren's skin, and talk about the food and dieting mentality that works best for us. We also discuss mindset in general, particularly in relation to cultivating positive thought during difficult times, which is relevant to all of us in 2020.    Produced by Dear Media
Nov 27, 2020
29 min
Get to Know Us: Our Personality Types
This week, we're doing and discussing personality tests! First, we dive into our zodiac signs and discover that there is a lot about astrology that we don't understand. We also review our enneagram and Myers Briggs/16 personalities results and share whether or not we think that they accurately represent our true personality. We hope you learned a bit more about us in this episode! Let us know what your zodiac sign, enneagram and personality type is as well on our latest Instagram post.  Produced by Dear Media
Nov 20, 2020
33 min
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