The Simply Human Podcast
The Simply Human Podcast
Mark Rogers and Rick Bentley
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Great Podcast!
Great show and great guys!
Nonstop Entertainment
I’ve listened to every episode over the last 5 or 6 years. I even ordered a Simply Human shirt. My wife asked me if these guys are famous. I told her they aren’t even close to famous, but very hilarious. The guests and content are worthwhile for good information on health and fitness type of stuff, but the real highlight of the show is the banter between Rick and Mark. I suggest starting from the early episodes if you are new here. It gives you the background to appreciate all of the little inside jokes.
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I might have a problem
I have been binge listening since October and I’m on episode #114. I love this podcast so much that I only speed it up to 1.1x (except sometimes during the poop-your-pants stories). I listen when I’m driving. I listen when I’m cooking. I got a new waterproof phone and now I listen in the shower. I listen when I’m doing mobility work and sometimes I laugh out loud in the middle of the gym. I listen so much that I now hear my own inner-monologue in Mark Roger’s voice. I can’t skip an episode because I never know when something pure gold and life changing will be said. I hope the next 104+ episodes are also great because this review could make me look like a real ***idiot***.
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Awesome show, highly recommend!
Mark, Rick and their guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Simply Human Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your body, mind & spirit (and live your best life as a result)!
J. Barshop
There baaaaack
So excited cant wait to listen!!! :)
Always makes me smile
Love the podcast Mark and Rick! I hope you can keep finding time in your busy lives to make it happen - it brings happiness to my commute.
Simply Awesome!
I have been listening for several years now, basically since the beginning, and felt it was time to express the gratitude. Despite the sophomoric jokes (which I completely love), Mark and Rick bring it every week with great material, great interviews, and great guests. I have always loved the format with about one hour total length, and 30 mins for the main guest. Again, as much as they goof around, the quality of the show is always there. Made many plugs for the show to people at work and at home. Simply, thank you, Mark and Rick!
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A great place to hang out.
Over the past few years podcasts have been of great value to me in reclaiming my health. Many I listen to have been spacific to topics of health I am personaly concerned with. Although, I have never had notible sphincter issues nor has impromptu regurgitation been a thing with me, this has become one of my favorite go to podcasts. Invormitive, great guests and stories. It is great to be a middle school kid again for an hour a week.
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Listening from the beginning
All I have to say is poop
Simply Human Rocks!
Love, love. love this podcast. It's the first one I listen to every week when it comes out! I love how it is in different sections and love the guests as well as the simply human guests! Keep it up Mark and Rick!
My love for this podcast can't be contained
Much like diarrhea.
Simply best podcast
This podcast is awesome. Started listening a couple months ago and now I'm hooked. Great blend of humor and health. Seriously has changed the way I look at life, health and true happiness. Great knowledgable guest with simple productive advice that I feel pertains to all levels of health. Mark and Rick keep me coming back for more....that's what she said.....keep up the good work fellas
Informative and Entertaining
I LOVE this podcast! Practical advice without all the awkward and boring moments of most lifestyle podcasts. The rest of the podcasts I listen to have one good host and one annoying one. The guys have great chemistry, they're both hilarious (+from Texas). It now seems more normal to care about higher level nutrition and movement, yet still die laughing at "that's what she said" jokes. The only down side is that it makes me feel like I'm hanging out with friends....until I'm at a stop light, and people look at me crazy for laughing...alone... in my car 😳 😂 keep it up! 🏆
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Closet listener
Writing a review requires admitting I listen to the podcast. This podcast would ruin my reputation as a conservative senior human resources professional if people knew I listened. It's tough to keep it a secret sometimes; especially when I bust out with a full belly laugh in the middle of the grocery store. People just want to be let in on the secret. I find your combination of boyish antics and actual useful advice to be the perfect mix. You compliment each other so well and each bring so much to the show. Thank you for making me look like a fool with a smile so big my cheekbones actually seem to hurt sometimes. Laughter truly is the best medicine and quite addictive. Please continue doing what you do!
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Inspired to be fit
Not so simple
This is a great podcast about how to live better. The information is all really helpful, the guests are very knowledgeable and getting better every time. Mark and Rick have a great rapport with each other and they are really funny. I've listened to all of the episodes and they're great. I would have rated them sooner but couldn't on my phone and of course never remembered to while on my laptop. Keep the information and entertainment coming!!
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Thank you for not being boring
Great info on mind and body wellness mixed in with tons of humor! You make my commute so much better! Thank you! (nards)
Hilarious and educational!
Mark and Rick are the comedy duo who discuss a wide range of topics related to living a full and healthy lifestyle. Paleo, lifting heavy, sane exercising, AltShift, blue blocker shades, Eva T., John & Sarah Fragoso, Jim Laird and Jason Seibs are just some of the outstanding topics & guests on the show. Filled with extremely funny shenanigans, and Human’s Being Human’s segments make this one of my favorite podcasts. I highly recommend checking out this podcast!
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love it!
This is one of my very favorite podcasts ever! Its super informative and super hilarious all at the same time. Humans being humans is one of my favorite parts and I usually end up crying I'm laughing so hard. It is more of a male humor but luckily for me I grew up with two older brothers.. so I love it. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones with the pastor Luke and the one with Jason Seib. Thank you so much for this amazing podcast!
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rachel worthing
It's too short...twss.
Man it is hard to admit but I always wish it were longer. I never seem to get enough and always am left wanting more. The interviews are so personable, it's like listening to two old friends have their way with the unsuspecting guests. The content is so filling. I have already put many things to use in my own life that I have gleaned from you. I can relate to Rick so much, I also constantly call Mark an idiot. Even if only in my own head. Humans being human might be my favorite part of the show. It is truly a breathe of fresh air and reminds me that everyone vomits or has explosive diarrhea sometime in their lives. It's a great reminder to slow down. Don't go so fast. And enjoy life one climax at a time. And don't dwell in the fecal infested valleys of life.
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Simply fun and bonus educational too!
Love the sophomoric guy humor, as most women do (don't tell any one) Keep up the good work guys!
Practicing the Tip of the Week
I am thankful for the Simply Human Podcast. It could be worse. It could be only Mark.
These guys are hi-larious.
Mark and Rick bring the perfect balance of invaluable knowledge about the human condition and spit-out-your-coffee humor, and they've become one of the highlights of my podcast playlist each week. They address those topics that we don't always want to discuss but are inexorably human - the truths that unite us all. Keep bringing the funny, guys.
Hey guys!! Love your podcast! I listen to you while I'm working and literally laugh out loud. I love that you are not afraid to be "humans being human". You provide great information with a touch of humor. We all need to laugh more in our crazy serious lives. Keep up the good work! You are doing a great thing :)
Too funny!!! Love the show and have learn a lot, i look forward to listening to it while on walks. Keep up the awesome work!!
Simply the Best!
This is my favorite podcast and I look forward to it every week. Mark and Rick are so funny and make me laugh out loud like a dork when I'm doing my walks! You guys have such a fun and sophomoric vibe yet are able to deliver great content for us "regular folks" that are trying to get healthier. I will admit that I had to replay Mark's laughing fit during the Urban prank a few times as it was so dang funny (yep, I really am a dork). I really like Rick's cop corner and the humans being humans segments - good stuff! You should do another Q and A show as I enjoyed that too. P.S. The Uncle Rico references always make me crack up. Keep the laughs coming as that is essential to being a healthy human!!!
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This is a great podcast. I've gotten a lot of information and laughs from the show. Mark and Rick are great hosts.
Surprisingly Informative, quasi-intelligent ridiculousness
As a Paleo health coach, however, I am a tad embarrassed to admit publicly how much I love this podcast, particularly the humans being human segment. (Although I can't get the guy who sutured his parts out of my head - Thanks a lot..) The last line of today's episode (101) is really what sealed my fandom, however, and prompted me to write a review. I was doing Bulgarian split squats at the Y when that parting shot prompted a barking laugh that scared even myself! I toppled sideway which sent my dumbbells rolling and ripped my earbuds out. (No worries though; I don't have any pride either.) So anyway, thanks I guess. I'm off to use Kate Gaillett's recommendations for becoming less breakable before I listen again...
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Lively & Informative
Simply Human is a great podcast for lively and informative interviews with a variety of health experts, followed by a humans being human story sure to put a smile on your face. Mark & Rick have the ability to make each guest interview fresh and entertaining even after having listened to a guest on other podcasts. It doesn’t get much simpler than the message of this podcast!
This podcast helps you make friends
My original post was written at the request of Officer Rob (poop and butt, respectively), but I felt it was time for an update. A few months back, these dudes interviewed FoodieRN, Kristi Cheek. Kristi lives in San Diego (like me) and she’s a paleo-friendly health professional (like me). So I decided to reach out to meet her. Now we are friends. BOOM (you’re welcome Mark). The Simply Human Podcast helped me make a friend and thus helped me enjoy life like a human. You guys are winners.
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Nikki Ledford
So entertaining
Mark and Rick interview experts and everyday people about the different aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. I learned of this podcast from the Jassa Podcast. I listen to this podcast while I lift at the gym or when I go for walks. These guys are so funny, I look like an idiot, laughing to myself on the street or at the gym. My 8 year old son will listen sometimes, as well. He will tolerate the healthy talk, but LOVES the "humans being humans" segment. I appreciate that Mark bleeps out the swears, so I don't have to worry about my son being in the room. Remind me to tell you about my vomit story. For Rick: poop, disaster pants, cha-cha-cha's -Amy
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Great Podcast, But No Chinese Food
I came across this podcast while using the Google to find my favorite local Chinese restaurant, Simply Hunan, so I could order some General Tso's Chicken, pork fried rice, and wonton soup for pick-up. I listened to it, and although I enjoyed the co-hosts banter greatly, and found their discussion of diet, health and fitness very interesing, I was disappointed to find that it is not about Chinese food at all. Overall, this is a great, entertaining, health and fitness podcast: Four stars. If there was some discussion of Chinese food, I would definitely give it the fifth star.
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You guys make me laugh.... it makes my day
On the train on my way to and from work and on my walks during lunch people must think I'm crazy because i'm smiling or laughing like a crazy woman. You guys rock. Keep it up :)
Entertaining and educational
I love listening to Mark and Rick. I feel like I'm listening to friends, laughing with them,(not at them 😉). Great content in an entertaining way. Good work!
Laugh out loud funny, AND informative too.
My neighbors may think I'm a bit wacky as I walk my dogs in the dog park wearing headphones and laughing out loud at Mark and Rick banter back and forth. I LOVE this podcast. Funny, informative and user friendly.
Good information
Awesome podcast. Good information
Very entertaining podcast!
If you’ve been in the Paleo community for a while, the information in this podcast won’t be new. (If you’re new, listen now!). What sets this podcast aside is Mark and Rick. They’re always funny, always entertaining. It’s more like hanging out with like minded people than listening to the reasons why Paleo is still good for you. Great podcast.
Funny, yet informative
This podcast has just the right amount of goofiness to content ratio. Good job making Rick a regular; he is always cracking me up. Love you guys!
A must listen podcast
A very entertaining way to get a wide range of information on living a healthy life.
Simply human? More like simply poo, man.... Because that's all they talk about. I liked that Irish boxer or whatever the hell he was that one time though.
I know you want a bad review, but I just cannot do it!
I know you are dying for a bad review (bc I listen to JassaPodcast) but I just cannot do it. I was directed to your podcast through Jassa and after listening to one episode, I was a bit hesitant to continue listening. The podcast seemed a bit frat boy-ee (yes, this spelling amuses me) and being neither part of a frat nor a boy, I was not sure if I was your audience. BUT, I absolutely love your podcast both for the valuable information and the humor. As a 34 year old, full-time working mother of two kids under 5, I secretly love washing dishes and prepping lunches at night now because I get to listen to your podcast uninterrupted. I laugh out-loud regularly and absolutely adore the banter between the two of you. Thank you!
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These guys never fail to make me laugh. Great health information and a lot of goofing around. The humans being humans segment is always awesome and helps my night shifts go by a little faster. By using their tips I'm pretty sure I can throw this football over those mountains.
One word for you guys
One of my favorites!
The perfect ratio of fart/poop humor to quality fitness information and it's almost the perfect length for me to listen to while mowing my yard.
jake RPM bmx
I love this show!
Always way more than moderately entertaining, and the Mark stories are amazing.
I just have to say it.....POOP
I've been binge listening ever since I discovered this podcast a few months ago. Hilarious stories and commentary, I find myself laughing out loud all the time while listening. I feel like these guys are my friends and I haven't even met them....ok I met Mark once for like 5 seconds talking about the Squatty Potty. On top of enjoying life by laughing, I have been truly changed by the content presented here. Challenged in more than one area to become a better human. So much of my research is around food but this podcast showed me there is so much more to life and making healthy choices. Keep it up boys...I mean men who sometimes laugh at boyish things, I'm right there with you!
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Feeling more like a human
I have been suffering from weird bouts of poop issues all my life but then had an acute fit in February that landed me in the ER. I have been listening to your podcast since way before then but a few weeks ago you brought on Aglaee Jacob. I bought her book and have been following it. Things are going much better and I am feeling more and more like a human instead of a pile of waste. Thank you so much for having a variety of people on that attend to the whole body instead of just specializing in one area (which I feel a lot of podcasts do).
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Awesome Podcast
These guys are rad. They are funny and make learning how to be a healthy human fun.
Great show!
Rick and Mark consistently get awesome people on the show and they’re a lot of fun to listen to! Keep up the great work!
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