The Short Coat
The Short Coat
Dave Etler and the Students of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
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Such a Helpful Resource!
Dave does such a good job covering a variety of topics. He brings on great guests that offer awesome advice! I would recommend this show to anyone looking to learn more about med school and beyond!
Choosing Medical Schools based on Prestige
Hi again! My name is Morgan, I left a voicemail that you all discussed in a previous episode about the weight of a name/Ivy League school prestige in choosing a medical school. First off I loved the feedback so thank you. Even more though I really valued that you all followed up on a different perspective regarding a listener who wrote in about going to an Ivy League university (I think you referred to them as “Bun-Bun”?) on the episode To Leave or Not To Leave. You guys are never afraid to share opposing/differing viewpoints which in my opinion is what makes this podcast so special! So thank you 😁
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Super fun and informative!
As a new pre-med I find this podcast to be super helpful and interesting. I’m a cross country runner and I frequently run eight and nine miles, and instead of listening to the same old boring music, I listen to this podcast and have so much more fun, though I do get the occasional weird look when the podcast makes me laugh ( which is pretty often)... Overall I just want to say thank you to Dave and all the guest stars on the podcast, you guys are awesome and I can’t wait to listen to all the new episodes!
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As a grad from ui com 2 decades ago (time goes by quickly!!), it is fun to listen to the intelligent and witty banter-it reminds me of being around my med school buddies back in the day. It is great to hear references to profs that are still doing their thing. I really enjoy it!! Thanks!
Dean "the Yar"
Dave et al! Love the show and the mojo! I am so glad you address the issues that affect med students.! Thanks and keep up the good work!
Jeff Moody, MD ’92 UICOM
Informative, yet fun to listen to!
The Short Coat Podcast has been my go to podcast for about a year now. I started to listening to them on my long 2hour drives every weekend. From the beginning, everyone on the show has been informative and funny! I didn’t expect the students and the host to be funny when talking about medicine, but it is sprinkled in within the show and I love it. They do a great job on keeping us up to date on medicine and do an amazing job at answering the viewers’ questions. So thankful I get to make this show apart of my week!
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As a premed student I find it very difficult consume informative media that doesn’t make medical school feel impossible while freaking me out. Dave does a great job at making premed dreams feel more tangible by bringing on medical students who have been through the thick of their educational battle and are still persevering. It is a humbling reminder that students undertaking medical education all start from a common ground: the dream to become a doctor.
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Soon to be Dr. Wright
Very Informative
And entertaining! I look forward to hearing the questions and answers provided.
Enjoyable & Informative
The medical students cover a variety of relevant topics and provide unique perspectives. I also enjoy the comedic relief and side commentaries that are wonderfully interwoven into each episode. A must-listen for any current or future medical student!
Love this podcast!
This is such a great podcast! I recommend this to my pre-med friends all the time. I always look forward to its release each week. Great hosting and interesting student perspectives on a variety of topics!
June Southerland
Medical Humor and Advice
Love this show!! Dave and Co. always put a smile on my face with the bad jokes and nonsense (both medically-related and not). But this is wonderfully balanced with thoughtful conversation involving medicine and insightful advice.
j-dog swole
I related to Dr Mrachek and his story! I practiced cardiovascular surgery and dealt with similar stories! His moved me to tears and I presently am also trying to help our youth !!
Z 90000000
I love the mix of humor, light scientific discussions, and unique student perspectives. The host does a wonderful job provoking conversation from his guests and is fun without being over-the-top. I listened as a pre-med and love it even more as a med student. Also, politics and medicine are inseparable, please don’t let the other reviewer deter you from having conversations about things that impact your future career and patients. Thanks guys!
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The microagression episode! And the game has me laughing so hard!
Get to know the nurses
It’s important for physicians to treat nurses with respect. I’m glad there are people talking about this issue, especially at the med student level.
Just a genuinely enjoyable show. Dave and all co-hosts are so down to earth and it's easy to see that they're truly passionate about what they do. They inspire me to work hard and one day I will see myself in medicine, too!
This podcast is just wonderful. Funny, pragmatic and extremely insightful. As someone who is about to start their journey to med school this podcast has been a great source of encouragement and has boosted my confidence in my decision. Thank you Short Coats!
Lil' Bitz
Fun, usually informative, occasional unilateral identity politics
Mostly enjoyable content with wide variety. Formal interviews, candid discussion and hilarious games. Hosts usually stick to medical school topics but sometimes dive into pseudo-related political issues without any conservative perspectives to spark productive civil discourse. If you really enjoy politically progressive positive feedback loops you’ll absolutely love these segments of the show. Regardless, I listen every week.
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Not just for Med Students
I’m not a med student. Or even a student. But there is still a lot of interesting conversation and ideas about the practice of medicine that I find really relevant to all people!
jamco presents
Good show
Fun to listen to, engaging conversations (with political bias), and if you write in, you are very likely to get on the show.
Insightful and entertaining
I’m a new listener to this podcast but so far, it’s great. I really appreciate the hosts giving listeners the inside scoop of medschool. Plus, it’s hilarious too. :-)
Literally the best
I found this podcast just a few short months ago and it has for real changed my life. My work commute is better, I have an even bigger appreciation for physicians and medical students and the effort they go through to better our health and the healthcare system, and I have learned so many new and interesting health related things because of this podcast. I’ve always dreamed of being a physician but was on the fence if I had what it took to go through all the school and training. This podcast not only is a great guide for anyone looking to pursue medicine but also a great motivator for those, like me, who were scared or nervous they weren’t good enough. Thank you short coats and Dave for the phenomenal podcast!
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A blessing for any premed and medical students
It's such a breath of fresh air to hear about medical school and residency in a transparent light
Shlok Natarajan
Clear perspective on Premed struggles
As a non traditional student, learning as much about med schools as possible was a priority for me; this was a useful show for picking up info on topics I was totally ignorant of.
Way to go!!
The best podcast about medical school!
Great podcast
Unlike most medical podcasts, these nerds are entertaining! I look forward to every Thursday’s release of a new episode. Keep it up Dave and crew
Wonderful Resource!
While I am in the process of changing careers, taking my pre-med courses, and assuring medical school is right for me, the Short Coat Podcast has been my go to resource for information gathering, understanding what life might be like medical student, and staying up to date on recent events in health care! 10000000% reccommend!
Would Definitely Recommend!
I find myself refreshing my podcast app every Thursday to listen to the new episode. I love the mix of serious topics, listener questions, and fun games that Dave and the Short Coats present! Would definitely recommend to anyone considering going into medicine!
5-Star Host, 5-Star Podcast
I’m an ICU nurse who needed something light to listen to on my bike rides to work. Although this isn’t the most informative medical podcast out there, it’s funny, lighthearted with a loveable host that’s incredibly easy to listen to. This podcast is definitely a mood booster. Keep up the good work!
Lone She-Wolf
Witty, Fun, Informative, and Authentic!
I have been listening to this podcast for two years, and every week these amazing podcasters remind me of the beauty and humanity of medicine! It is real, and the hosts are not afraid to speak their views and truths on tough topics, which I love! Not only do they discuss hard topics, but they do it with the right amount of humor (in a way that leaves you laughing as you drive down the road or smiling while you jog that last long lap). They are inspiring, and I can’t thank them enough for all the amazing advice they give. Keep being awesome Short Coats!
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Must listen
This podcast is always a highlight in my day. The perfect, light hearted mix of informative and fun. May or may not get weird stares when getting caught laughing out loud while listening at the gym.
Pretty Neat
“There is more pleasure in giving than in receiving” They say this pertains to both medicine.... and advice. I say why not enjoy both? I had the pleasure of receiving the advice of the podcast every week for several months before I started at Carver. And then I got the pleasure to join the flip side and be on the podcast a couple of weeks ago. Listen to this podcast for some advice, current medical news and a lot of good laughs! It’s all been pretty neat.
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Great Podcast
This is a wonderful podcast for medical students and pre-meds alike!
Apprentice M.D.
Informational and Fun at the same time!
This is a good way to get an eye into what it looks like to be a medical student in all facets: curriculum, methods for success, how to stay sane, ethical situations in the news, etc. They give good advice in a nonjudgmental manner!
Interested in medicine? Why haven't you subscribed already?
Dave and his knowledgeable and relatable crew of medical students will make your week! As a pre-health student, this hilarious and informative podcast motivates me to keep pursuing this medical education journey. I learn something new with every episode. After listening to this podcast for over a year, every episode feels like I'm hanging out with friends. BONUS: they eat cat food! (You must listen to find out how.)
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Short coat is great!
I find this podcast validating, since the journey to medical school seems challenging to me. These people have helped me to relax and realize that many other premeds are in the same place as I am. This podcast is also funny and inspiring. Keep up the great work!
Wonderful Podcast
Been listening for a few years now and find every podcast wonderful from all the topic areas you all bring up within the field of medicine. Keep up the good work!
Connoisseur of all Music
Engaging & fun!
I love listening to your podcasts on my runs while I train for my marathon. People probably think I’m nuts as they drive/walk by because I’m literally smiling and laughing aloud at your jokes and dynamic witty banter. Thanks for making my long runs bearable!
I am not a Med student but I am the teacher of many students who are entering or have entered the medical field. I find this podcast interesting and informative. I plan so share a few episodes with particular students on topics related to medical paths they are looking to enter. Especially the episode where you answer the question about routines during first year and about the document of positives/negatives during Med school.
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Favorite medical information resource!
I just recently discovered the podcast and instantly got hooked. I listen to it during my commute to work and when I go on long distance runs. As a pre-med, it gives me great insight into medical school while maintaining a very welcoming and relaxed feel; which makes it easy and rewarding to listen to. I look forward to catching up on all of the episodes I haven’t listened to yet!
Jordan Windsor
So relevant, enriching and insightful!
Upcoming M1 here! After listening to different podcasts, I’ve found this is the one that resonates with me most. I was looking for something that would offer great advice for student-physicians, dive into the healthcare system and global issues, and share knowledge/broaden my perspective on all topics related to medicine & health care. Short Coat does all of this and on top of that, the hosts always keep the mood light and know how to make you laugh. I’ll definitely be listening to SCP throughout my medical school journey and beyond. Highly recommend =)
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Great podcast!
I just started listening to this podcast less than 24 hours ago and you guys had me dying of laughter! On top of making me laugh you guys are very informative, I enjoy every minute of this podcast. Keep up the great work!
Great podcast for med/premed students out there
LOVE listening to this podcast. It’s my go to for the drive to and from work. The insight is always awesome! Thanks all! Thanks Dave!
Beto’s Beatz
Great informative, fun podcast!
Rising M2 here! This podcast is fun and entertaining but still extremely informative for pre-meds and beyond. Got into the habit of listening right before my exams last year and got excellent scores every time, just sayin’...
Great medical podcast
One of my favorite podcasts. The topics discussed are always intriguing. The show is also pretty hilarious, I’m often smiling and chuckling as I listen on my drive to work.
Most Entertaining Medical Podcast Out There
I was looking for a podcast to listen to on my way to class, and a google search for good medical podcasts steered me here. I’ve been hooked since the first episode! Dave does a great job organizing the show and charismatically cultivating discussion, and all of the co-hosts come across as both knowledgeable about the topic at hand while also having fun. The Short Coat Podcast finds an excellent balance between entertaining and informative about medical news, and as a clinical lab science student I always find it interesting to hear the perspectives of other medical professional students. Overall I would absolutely recommend the Short Coat podcast to anybody working as or interested in working as a health professional, or even anybody who just wants to listen to some fun, informative banter.
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We’re All in This Together
I found this podcast on SDN while trying to quell some fears around starting medical school this fall, and it’s been exactly what I needed! Dave & the students behind this show are all really great, and I appreciate that their approach is so encouraging and positive. I’d definitely recommend this to other pre-med & med students with questions, worries, or who just want to feel a part of the conversation.
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So funny!
Great podcast, very informative and hilarious! I look forward to downloading the new episode every Thursday!
Scientifically delightful
This podcast catches you premed and medical students, who often fall between the cracks of medical education. I mean this as many podcasts are in depth research reviews or pearls for practicing clinicians. This podcast is for the student, who has love for medicine but a long way to go. The students are often witty and intelligent and human!! I would love to hear from more minority medical students! As a Latino pursuing this journey, it would be nice to feel represented. This is what medical students need. Keep doing the going work, adelante!
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Hilarious, informative, and holistic
I’ve really enjoyed listening to the SCP during the lead-up to med school apps this spring/summer. The discussions are up to date, conscientious, and really insightful-things that I’ve really appreciated in my preparation. Please keep up the good work and continue striving to incorporate the upcoming (hopeful) generations!
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