The Shining Wizards
The Shining Wizards
The Shining Wizards
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Five Stars All the Way
If you like wrestling, you’ll love The Shining Wizards. From indie darlings to the biggest names in WWE these guys have great guests, but the real gems are when Kevin, Matt and Tony are on their own discussing what they love, what they hate and what they wish they could see. Give it a listen and I guarantee it will easily be in your Top 5.
Kayfabe brother
Kevin is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be
Best wrestling podcast, period!
Fun and informative content, great interviews and superior camaraderie! My favorite podcast ever!! These folks are some of the most entertaining people on the internet!!
Berg Knows
This podcast has everything for wrestling fans!
Smart✅ Funny✅ Entertaining✅ Great guests✅ This podcast checks everything off when it comes to what a wrestling fan wants. No need to go anywhere else.
Love this podcast
Keep up the great work! Love the mix of comedy and wrestling
Big Shows Tears
Fun fan view
These guys are awesome and a joy to listen too. Their interviews are very insightful and have introduced me to many a new indipendent wrestler. I would highly recommend this podcast to everyone.
The Shining Wizards Podcast is awesome!!!
Great pro wrestling podcast, the guys keep you entertained throughout
Great pro wrestling podcast that the Shining Wizards run. They are always entertaining and have on great guests weekly. They deserve a listen if you are a fan or pro wrestling and wrestling podcast.
Outlaw Mudshow
Funniest Wrestling Podcast Around
I listen to this podcast at work and constantly have to turn it off, because I have tears running down my face from laughing too much. Wrestling knowledge mixed with hilarity at its finest. Love the guests and the comedy. I've been a fan since the Otunga Bunga episode and have never stopped listening. The JP voice cracks me up every time too. My only complaint would be if Tony is going to continue to be so negative about the product, please have him bring back the flute.
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Mark Poulton
The best goddamn wrestling podcast on the planet, and that's all you really need to know.
Great all around show
Group of awesome and hilarious guys who are really dedicated to the business. Great hosts, great guests and a great product!
Jonphoenix !!!!!!
Love from Texas
showing y'all some love. Thanks for helping me get through my work days. Always making me laugh especially when y'all do David Adams impersonations and love y'all opinion on wrestling. And I expect my high five next time I see ya 😀
Great podcast!!!
This podcast is one of the best available. It's not just the lineup but it's the way it's presented and that's the cool thing. Good job guys keep it up. I don't think wrestling could be much better than this y'all
You guys are great!
Great wrestling talk, great laughs, great guys, great podcast. I mean, what more could you ask for?! These guys help your work day run more smoothly.
is funny
show is funny. kevin my hero.
Giancarlo Dittamo
Sining Wizards Podcast Review
The Shining Wizards Podcast is a great combination of comedy and broadcast journalistic genius!! Almost every week, they have a new guest on from the wrestling world, whether that be current WWE/TNA or Indy stars or the legends of the past this podcast always delivers. Love the banter back n forth with all 4 guys and they most defintely make your workday fly by that much faster. So glad I found these guys and the entire Shining Wizards network. Keep up the good work and cant wait to see what the future holds. Although I know he'd be very tough to attract, with alot of speculation and recent events like today at the SDCC it'd be awesome if you guys could somehow convince (Black Scorpion voice) "Sting" to come on and speak for a few minutes. Thanks again - James Wallace aka Axel Foley
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J - Dubbs
Bill Schuyler @DABIGSHOW
Bill Schuyler @DABIGSHOW
One of the best
This is one of the best wrestling podcasts out there today. The guys know alot about the sport and have great interviews. Everyone should give them a listen. They get great guests from Chris Jericho to the Drunken Swashbuckler.
The Jury is pretty hilarious.
Awesome Podcast
Great guests and awesome wrestling talk, what more can you ask for? If you are a wrestling fan you need to check them out
Mr Any Night
before I go out and walk the dog
I don't like pro wrestling but I like the shining wizards.....
Entertaining podcast with dudes who KNOW wrestling
These weirdos paid us a buttload of cash to leave a review so we're doing it. I've never deleted a podcast so fast in my life! OK seriously, this is a very entertaining show. These dudes know wrestling, they consistently put out great content (with awesome guests), and they actually sound like they're having a blast. Most wrestling podcasts sound like a few dweebs who haven't left the house in weeks recording on a laptop from 1995. The Shining Wizards have it together. Download this show and subscribe NOW. Oh and cheap plug for our show NECKBREAKER on wrestling and metal... sue us
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Wizards rule!
these guys are great! I like this show and they always have great interviews! Kepp it up guys!
Wrestling Podcast Gold
These guys are a riot. They talk current wrestling ,old school wrestling, and are funny as can be. They even sometimes talk obscure tv shows, music and other crazy stuff. If you like wrestling and want to laugh, you gotta check this podcast out.
Shining Wizards
Great podcast!! Check it out, definitely required listening for wrestling fans.
Al Adams
funny and reliable
funny stuff and good info. These clowns know their stuff. I also find them highly reliable unlike the itunes podcast reviews due to the fact that this is my 3rd time attempting to leave a heartwarming review of a podcast that honestly makes me laugh out loud.
NJ's Irish Sailor
Mike Daugherty
One of the best Podcast i have ever listen to ever i would recamend this Podcast to any of my friends
Keepin it real.
These cats do it right. Recaps of WWE, TNA, ROH, Chikara, and everything between, delivered with no BS. Longtime and new fans will enjoy the show, as your hosts present professional wrestling without the curtains, and against the grain. A must-subscribe for any PW fan.
Justin Phoenixx
Jersey's Finest
Monday Night Raw in late 2012: 3 hours and pretty much garbage. The Shining Wizards podcast in late 2012: 1.5 hours and absolute gold. Do the Math. Listen to the Wizards. They sum RAW up in less than three minutes (all that it's worth these days) and then move onto more pressing issues like interviewing Wolfman Jack Foley.
Excellent Podcast!
When it comes to wrestling podcasts shining wizards know exactly how to put on an excellent show. There has never been a dull moment with this show and is highly recommended for any true wrestling fan.
Travis Ayers
The Best Wrestling Podcast on the Internet Today
The title says it all. These guys aren't just your run of the mill "smarks"...they actually care about the product. Whether it's a local indy show, or a global giant, they will talk about it and, through their collective 90+ years of experience, they will break down exactly what works/doesn't work. But it's not just their commentary on the state of wrestling today that makes this podcast so entertaining, it's their ability to get some quality guests to help bring legitimacy to the show. As long as these guys keep making shows I'll be making time to listen to them. Make mine Shining Wizards!
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A really great wrestling podcast. They touch on all of the major companies, while also spotlighting lots of young talent in great interviews. Plus there throwback ppv reviews always bring me back to a better time :) Plus there always vey interative on fb and the like with there fans making it a much more fun/interactive experience.
These guys are great, can't ask for more from a wrestling podcast!
Johnny Kuc
Great show!
The Shining Wizards guys are very knowledgable about wrestling. Listening to their take on the wrestling biz is as entertaining as a Sabu vs. Bruiser Brody Japanese Death Match. Even though it never could imagine.
Totally rude and socially unacceptable.
And those are good enough reasons to subscribe. No namby pamby politically correct BS here. From your second subscriber in Arizona.
What a fun ride
A good time was had by ALL. Everything about this 'cast, from top to bottom, is terrific. These guys are funny, they have great chemisty and perhaps best of all, they know about wrestling! Everything from WWE to WCW to CZW to ROH and beyond! Five stars for fun!
Dr. Crest Mont
Be a Mark
The Shining Wizards connected with me on Twitter over the summer and I've been hooked on their podcast ever since. Love that they give indie wrestling it's due and talk smack about the big two (when it's due). They've lined up some great guests so far and I'm excited to hopefully meet them at WrestleCon in April! Love from San Francisco!
Kristin Therese
Great wrestling podcast
These guys are great Very funny Awesome guests. Buy the shirt peeps
These guys rock
Love this podcast great guests check it out
The Gus 12345
Good Stuff
Love these guys. Awesome Guest's and they know what they are talking about. This is a must for all wrestling fans
Mr Wrestling 950
Great Wrestling Talk
These guys are great. If u enjoy wrestling check these guys out. Great guests as well. Buy the shirt
Amazing podcast
These guys are absolutely hilarious. I download every week just to have a chance to witness their hilarity. Even if you're someone who might not be into the wrestling I suggest you tune in to laugh at their jokes, stories, opinions, and much more. The Shining Wizards podcast is truly an experience worth listening to.
awesome show!
Awesome blend of humor and serious! It's like what if gorilla monsoon and bobby heenan had love children with opie and anthony!!!! Derp Derp Derpy Derp! If anyone likes to hear great insight into wrestling from these guys as well as the guests, with a mixture of hilarity then this show is for you! A must listen!
Foxy Foxxy
You guys rock...considering you are from...Jersey LOL
Call me tickles
John Martin 138
No Subject
Because You Said So...And I Am A Puppet
Bork Laser
Great podcast by guys who really enjoy what they are talking about and have a great time doing it. This makes it all the more enjoyable to listen too. Keep up the great work and the great interviews!
Peter Sanzone
Listen to this podcast
You guys have a great wrestling podcast it's very entertaining and funny, thanks
John underhile
Great podcast. Funny and insightful I just sharted
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