The Shining Wizards
The Shining Wizards
The Shining Wizards
Three pals discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!
Episode 507: The Wonderful World of the Wizards
No guests lined up tonight, we start the only way we know how, talking about our assholes. This gets us to an awesome story from Kate the Great about her meeting Thunder Rosa. We jump into some Talk N Shop A Mania 2, Impact Turning Point, the Knockouts Tournament and some WWE talk & Zelina Vega & her whole situation before we jump into a break. Coming out we talk...
Nov 16
AEW Dynamite Post Show 34: Full Gear Fall Out
We have a lot to unpack on this episode. We had an AEW Friday Night Dark, AEW Full Gear 2020, Being the Elite, AEW Games, AEW Dark and of course AEW Dynamite. Kate, Ant, Matt and Danny take you on a journey through a very busy week for AEW fans. Storylines ended, we got what seemed like a restart on AEW Dark, and we have a lot of new things...
Nov 11
Episode 506: Talk N Shop with Rocky & Watts
Another Monday Night, another jam packed show. The boys catch up with each other, and talk turns to Zeus the Human Wrecking Machine. This somehow leads us down a Hulk Hogan/Ultimate Warrior rabbit hole before being joined by WATTS. Eric Watts has been a regular at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood & United Wrestling Network as well as being featured on AEW Dark recently. Talks turn to the UWN Title Tournament,...
Nov 9
AEW Dynamite Post Show 33
It’s the go home show to Full Gear and we go all out with this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. We cover a little BTE, some AEW Dark, the recent signings & then are joined by Old Man Tony. Old Man Tony stops by for some rankings and the first few matches from Dynamite. We talk Taz promos, Monster Ballads, FTR vs Young Bucks, and all things AEW. Plus we...
Nov 4
Episode 505: Lucky 13 & Levin
We are on the road to our 9 Year Anniversary Show. We are talking UWN, NXT UK & NXT Halloween Havoc to start off the show, each of us think the match of the week came from each show, find out which one we all liked. A little Halloween Havoc talk, the UWN title picture, before we hit on some Impact and Who Shot John E Bravo plus the Kylie...
Nov 2
AEW Dynamite Post Show 32
It’s the October 28, 2020 edition of AEW Dynamite. The crew gets all caught up before talking some Being the Elite, who had the best Halloween Costume in the Dark Order, and what we liked of the episode. We move on to the marathon known as AEW Dark, and hit on some of the highlights. Rankings for this week are discussed briefly. Then its AEW Dynamite Time, we go through...
Oct 28
Episode 504: Chamber of Horrors
The boys are back for another HUGE Show. Tons of wrestling to talk about as Impact’s Bound for Glory, and WWE Hell in a Cell were this weekend. We go over our picks, and talk about each event in depth. We also talk a little UWN, NWA TV Title and AEW. Tony hates the rankings and Orange Cassidy. We bang out some news and notes before taking a break, and...
Oct 26
AEW Dynamite Post Show 31
Another Wednesday Night means another AEW Dynamite Post Show. Kate, Ant, Danny & Matt are back to talk all things AEW, starting with BTE. Talks turn to AEW Dark, Matt thinks its getting way too long, and certain talent aren’t looking so good. We hit the rankings next and Kate finds them very illogical. This leads us right into AEW Dynamite. The Eliminator Tournament kicks off & we break down...
Oct 21
Episode 503: Holla Playa
The boys are joined right out of the gate by WWE Hall of Fame member and Playa Teddy Long. As is with 2020 we have so audio and video issues, but we get through them & talk all things wrestling with Teddy. An amazing interview we highly suggest you check out. The boys then run down the week of pro wrestling, from UWN to the WWE Draft and the brand...
Oct 19
AEW Dynamite Post Show 30
Its 1 Year of Dynamite and the OG’s are back to give you a hell of a show. As usual, a little BTE talk, followed by some AEW Dark, quick run down of the rankings, before we get to the main course, AEW Dynamite. Tag Match kicks off the show, and leads to some interesting things. TNT Championship is on the line, as Cody defends against Orange Cassidy, and we...
Oct 14
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