The Sensibly Speaking Podcast
The Sensibly Speaking Podcast
The Sensibly Speaking Podcast
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Skills we all need in today’s world!
Chris uses his experience as a former Scientologist, his studies as he has healed since leaving that cult, education as he works toward a Master’s Degree, and guests on the show to teach us all critical thinking skills we all need to a live a life where we control our own lives and think thru our decisions and interactions with the world around us.
This podcast is a treasure trove!
Thank you for such a fantastic and extensive mix of fascinating conversations. I came upon this podcast bc I have a fascination with mind control (recovering from a mind-bending relationship with a narcissist and being through religious indoctrination will do that to ya!). I also just love Chris Shelton’s voice and laugh. Keep on trucking you are doing great work!
Very Sensibly Speaking
This is now on the top of my list. Thank you. Your one question “how do we fill the emotional hole” after leaving a religion. I’ve never heard this discussed. Ever. Anywhere. Please spend time on this.
Very informative
Love the podcast! Getting the message out there to help people steer clear from Scientology and hopefully wake up those on the inside. I’m an ex-Jehovah’s Witness and appreciate you covering that as well. I love Lloyd Evans so it’s awesome that you have him on as a guest
Honest Discovery & Objective Analysis
I thoroughly enjoy Chris and his podcast. He tries (and succeeds) at being as objective as possible with his approach and analysis of the topics. He is also well aware of his biases and keeps them in context or checks them at the door. Chris - thanks for all you do to understand the world and how we humans navigate within it!
Great variety of topics!
The variety of guests and topics is great! Thankfully, Chris realises there are many, many things that need to be spoken about in a “sensible” manner in addition to Scientology.
Recommended listening
I am fascinated by the topic of scientology, and this podcast is an important and educational deep dive into the subject. Having been born and raised in St. Petersburg, Fl, just outside Clearwater, I have always been highly curious to know more about that “secretive church down the street.” The work that Chris and others who have left are doing to expose what happens inside, is invaluable, and more than worthy of support. Thank you!
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Not what it used to be
Chris is not talking about religion anymore.
Educational and Entertaining
I absolutely love learning about the behavior- and thought-manipulating techniques that high-control groups use. I feel like I’m better prepared to recognize and avoid sketchy groups!
Respect for even handed coverage
I have a ton of respect for what Chris has been through, what he has learned through those decades of experience within a destructive, controlling belief system, and how he chooses to move on from those experiences encouraging more people to embrace reason, education, and concern for our fellow humans. The three apostates episodes are particularly great.
Goog caddish
Very insightful podcast
Chris Shelton delves into a variety of topics with an open mind and great questions that are thought-provoking, entertaining and educational. He gets outstanding interviews with top-notch guests like Leah Remini and Jon Atack. Keep up the great work, Chris!
Jayhawk Grad
Generally good.
The voices are good. The subjects are interesting. The audio is good.
the bird lady
Awesome and well done
Must listen to for COS info
Great info!
As an ex Scientologist and Sea Org Member, I love Chris' podcasts.
Great Podcast!
Found you first on YouTube - so happy to have the podcast to listen to on the car!
Entertaining and thought provoking!
A must listen podcast for the person who enjoys thinking!
Learn to Deprogram Yourself
Chris Shelton is a person who spent a lot of his life in the cult of Scientology. Those days are past him now. He's deprogrammed and host this very informed program which will teach you how to deprogram yourself. He discusses Scientology every so often, but the theme of the show is the tools of critical thinking you can use to to debunk scams like Scientology. The has interesting guest and interesting topics typically surrounding the subjects of scams, cults, logical fallacies and why smart people believe stupid things.
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Tom of helatrobus
Great Scientology Content
I like a lot of these interviews, some about topics I've never really thought about. Where the show excels in when it talks about cults and of course Scientology. I know he likes to focus on critical thinking, and that is needed in our society, I just usually don't listen to those. But that's whats great about podcasts, I don't have to like every topic, as long as most of the topics interest me, it will stay on my very small list of must listen to content.
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Refreshing and informative
I really enjoy Chris's podcasts and videos. His presentation style is easy going and I always walk away having learned something.
Excellent Podcast
Whether you agree or disagree with any of the thoughts or opinions from either Chris or his guests, you will always find something to think about. The depth and respect that each topic is covered with is both entertaining and informative. Definitely worth a subscription.
Keep it up!!!
Love the podcast you two! Don't always agree with you, but I do the majority of the time. Keep em coming!
Keep up the good work
Very insightful I would like to hear more about the reason humans believe in cults and combating the evils of them. O-Yea first!!
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