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#363: The Occult Foundation of Scientology with Jon Atack
This week I am joined by Jon Atack to finally put in one place the explanation of how Scientology is based purely and wholly on L. Ron Hubbard’s occult beliefs and how Scientologists themselves not only have no idea this is true, but actively resist ever even finding out about it. Enjoy!
Nov 25
1 hr 56 min
#362: Christian Nationalism and the Supreme Court
This week I am joined by attorney, author and advocate Andrew Seidel to discuss his latest book, American Crusade, and how a minority religious extremist group known as Christian Nationalists are taking powerful and decisive steps to unduly influence our government and religious freedom. This is one of those topics that is controversial because people confuse our criticism of Christian Nationalists and extremists as somehow taking an anti-religion stance and become personally offended that anyone would be “against religion” when that has nothing to do with the dangers of what is going on. I hope you’ll give our chat a listen. We had a fun and enlightening discussion which I found quite enjoyable!
Nov 18
52 min
#361: Second Generation Scientology ft. Ian Rafalko
This week I welcome back former Scientologist Ian Rafalko, a man who has fascinating stories to tell about growing up in a Scientology household that was anything but a pleasant experience. In this second interview, we discuss his time on staff and in training at Flag’s central headquarters and the lingering effects of Scientology to this day. Enjoy!
Nov 12
1 hr 53 min
#360: Sex, Lies and a Manhattan Cult ft. Spencer Schneider
This week I welcome Spencer Schneider, a cult survivor, lawyer and life guard trainer from New York who wrote the fascinating book Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos and Survival.” This story demonstrates how some preconceived notions of how cults operate are totally wrong and the red flags are not always as obvious as you think. Spencer does a great job describing what his cult experience was like and how he got out. Enjoy!
Nov 4
1 hr 7 min
#359: Some Comments on the Masterson Trial ft. Ciprian Ivanof
This week I’ve invited DC lawyer Ciprian Ivanof back to the show to discuss some ins and outs of what has happened in the first two weeks of the Danny Masterson trial in Los Angeles. Tony Ortega has been offering amazing on-the-ground reporting and much of our commentary looks at what he’s been reporting of the victim testimony and how the defense & prosecution have reacted. Enjoy!
Oct 28
1 hr 5 min
#358: Helping a Scientologist Escape ft. John Christansen
This week I welcome guest John Christansen, the man who helped ex-Sea Org member Katherine Olson to escape Scientology and go to the Aftermath Foundation to create a new life for herself. We go into all the details of what this entailed and it’s not exactly a nail-biting account, but all the basics I’ve been talking about for years are covered and I hope this helps anyone out there struggling with how to help their friends or family who are trapped in a cult now. Enjoy!
Oct 21
2 hr 11 min
#357: A Billion Years with Mike Rinder
This week I’m very happy to welcome Mike Rinder, former Sea Org executive and Emmy-award winning co-host of Scientology and the Aftermath, now doing media for his new memoir, A Billion Years. We had a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Oct 14
1 hr 3 min
#356: Scientology and the Masterson Trial with Ciprian Ivanof
This week I welcome back DC lawyer Ciprian Ivanof to help me dissect some legal points and predictions for the upcoming trial of Scientologist Danny Masterson, an event five years in the making that finally begins next week. We truly hope the victims get the justice they deserve.
Oct 7
1 hr 29 min
#355: Being a Second Generation Scientologist with Ian Rafalko
We all know Scientology is a really bad thing but what about growing up in a Scientology household? What’s that like? What happens to kids who never asked to be indoctrinated into an extremist, authoritarian belief system that seeks to control every second of their lives? In this podcast, Ian Rafalko and I discuss this in some detail and give a firsthand view of what the children of Scientologists have to go through.
Sep 30
1 hr 39 min
#354: Getting an Education After Leaving a Cult (Part 2) with Pat Henrickson
Well it only took us a year, but educator Pat Hendrickson and I have put together a part two of our talks on how to go about getting an education after leaving a destructive/coercive situation. In this week’s show, we discuss my journey into higher education, what it entailed and how people can take advantage of resources all around them to learn, grow and recover. This podcast is mainly intended for cult survivors but anyone can take what we discuss here to help others with higher learning. Enjoy!
Sep 23
1 hr 31 min
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