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Sensibly Speaking Podcast #299: Scientology and Loyalty ft. Ciprian Ivanof
This week I welcome returning guest and friend of my channel Ciprian Ivanof for the first in what we expect will be a short series of podcasts about Scientology’s leadership and management theories and the gross inefficiencies that really do keep the organization from growing or becoming even more prosperous for real. Of course, we aren’t doing this to give Scientology advice, but to show up just how inefficient and even destructive authoritarian systems like Scientology are and how they preach one thing but do the very opposite every single time. Enjoy!
Jun 12
1 hr 6 min
Jon Atack on Scientology, Enlightenment and Predators
This week I welcome back Jon Atack to discuss Scientology, recovery from cults, enlightenment, history and a whole lot more in this very wide-ranging discussion. Enjoy!
Jun 4
2 hr 15 min
Joe Walsh on Trump, Cults and Washington
This week I welcome former Congressman Joe Walsh, a Tea Party conservative and former Trump supporter turned protestor who believes the GOP has gone off the rails and the reasons for that pre-date Trump. We go into all these details and more in this wide-ranging conversation. Enjoy! We reference Joe’s radio talk show in this podcast, but within the last 24 hours, Joe announced the unfortunate news that his show was pulled. The reasons for why this is happening to conservatives who are not praising Trump are something we actually talk about in this show.
May 28
59 min
Matthew Sheffield on Religion, Cults & Politics
Matthew Sheffield is a conservative-turned-progressive political pundit, podcaster, author and media personality. He started his first conservative website in 2000, dedicating it to criticizing Dan Rather. He then went on to help create NewsBusters and became the founding online managing editor of the Washington Examiner. He now hosts a politics and technology podcast called Theory of Change and is writing a memoir about growing up in a strict Mormon family. We talk about all of this and more in this week’s show. Enjoy!
May 21
2 hr 13 min
Avatar: Scientology's Wicked Offspring
This week, I welcome Ariela Sarai, a 21-year-survivor of Avatar, to discuss her experiences being recruited into and working for this destructive cult which has so many similarities to L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology that Avatar has been called “Scientology Lite.” I think you’ll see from Ariela’s experiences that there was nothing “lite” about the abuses she endured for years trying to “save the world” before she just recently escaped and is now exposing this cult for what it is.
May 7
1 hr 50 min
Scott Rudin & David Miscavige: Two Peas in a Pod
This week, I discuss the just-breaking story of Hollywood producer Scott Rudin, who according to reports has serious anger management issues and has allegedly abused assistants and co-workers for decades. The patterns of behavior and even specific actions and words Rudin reportedly used are so amazingly similar to what we know about David Miscavige and Sea Org executives at every level, I simply had to dedicate a podcast to discussing the similarities as I experienced them as a Sea Org member. Enjoy! Hollywood Reporter article Vulture article
Apr 23
1 hr 7 min
Extremism, Atheism and Other Controversies with Seth Andrews
This week I welcome back Seth Andrews, host of The Thinking Atheist channel and podcast and an all-around great guy. In this wide-ranging discussion, we take up issues with religion but spend a lot more time describing our issues with the atheist side of the coin and problems we want to see rectified in how atheists approach believers. There’s a lot more too including some Scientology references. I hope you enjoy all of it. Seth’s YouTube channel
Apr 16
1 hr 17 min
The Power of Showing a Little Gratitude
This week I talk from a psychological perspective on the surprising power of gratitude and how this helps us maintain perspective. I share some very personal experiences of this in my own life as well. Enjoy! Harvard Medical School article Dr. Summer Allen article
Apr 9
41 min
How to Understand Everything with Tom Beakbane
This week I welcome neuroscientist Tom Beakbane to the show to discuss his book “How to Understand Everything” and the subject of consilience, a word Tom has used as a foundational idea for a multi-faceted approach to looking at our relationships, our biology and even consciousness itself. If nothing else, we certainly had an interesting conversation. Enjoy!
Apr 2
1 hr 28 min
Indoctrination and Radicalization in Cults
This week I am offering something a little different: an interview I did for Paganicon 2021 on the subject of cult indoctrination and radicalization and how this might also apply in groups and relationships. We had a great time, even if I was a little chatty, and I hope you enjoy it. My earlier interview with Penny
Mar 26
1 hr 41 min
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