The Ripple Effect Podcast
The Ripple Effect Podcast
Ricky Varandas
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Great Info!
Ricky has some top notch guests on here dropping some serious info. Almost every episode is a great listen despite his excessive use of “and whatnot.”
Thanks bro.
Giraffe killa
Reminds me of old JRE
Remember when The Joe Rogan Experience used to be good? Like in 2012. This is the closest thing I can find to that. Love this show.
Great stuff
give his show a try because he has a lot of good guests on and he seems like a good dude
Heard you on Union of the Unwanted. First time listener number #283. Spot on 👊🏻👊🏻
Good stuff
Great having a local Podacast 👍🏻
Highly recommend
Stumbled across this show a while back and it’s one of my favorites. The host Ricky V. is a good dude with really interesting knowledge. His back catalogue has some great guests and great conversations. Learning a lot from this show which is what it’s all about.
r rated
is it necessary to be vulgar? filthy mouth podcast
5 Stars
Ricky is a well spoken and humble host, excellent podcast and union of the unwanted was a great idea.
Unwanted review
Shut her up. If you want to be the great podcaster learn how to interject and stop meaningless banter
"T" from Pittsburgh
Can somebody help Ricky?
You know, I really like you Ricky and the guests you choose are usually great, but please please please can you start to think about letting people tell their story instead of babbling about? I understand your perspective on it, but it’s really frustrating sometimes and sort of wastes a lot of time. It makes me really hesitant to even click on your podcasts even if you have somebody on who I’d like to hear from, and I’m sure that a lot of people feel that way too. I’m not trying to bag on you so I’m gonna give you 5 stars just because I’m trying to give you critical feedback and show you I’m not harsh ing on you, but the reason I love listening to Greg carlwood and pay to support him is this: he takes every interview very seriously, he’s prepared, and lets the subject tell their story. If you would take more seriously your preparation we would all be better for it, you included, and I’m sure people would try to support you more.
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Mikki Willis Episode
The Mikki Willis episode is amazing. Keep up the great work, Ricky!
Give Ricky your $
Ricky is the unsung hero of the truth community. Please support him.
My new favorite podcast.
Great guests & awesome interviewing. Love the longer ones where get to know guests as people. Has been a life-saver during this Covid madness.
Thank you
Provides a balanced perspective on events and issues that affect us all whether you know it or not. Please contact me at twitter @buxbucks
zinc Lozenges
I believe the scientific term is
Nut job!
Dr Doom Jr
5 FREAKIN ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ricky does an awesome job of bringing all of us on a ride to knowledge and enlightenment. Top notch pod from a top notch guy. Well done sir
5 star show.
Awesome podcast. Thank You.
What Fur
Greg Palast
“Unbiased” is a joke with Palast 😂. Every statement he made was cringe worthy 🤮.
Great podcast!! Thank you !!!
Come on this guy
Could be decent info, too much cussing
This guy sounds like he’s trying too hard. Also I can’t listen when my family is around, he’s trying too hard to sound like Rogan, except even Rogan doesn’t curse this much. I find myself being annoyed more than being informed. Be a little professional, or don’t.
Thank you sir your work is appreciated keep it up. Much ❤️....Covid isn’t real don’t pay the masters by paying attention. Free your mind you beautiful soul reading this. You’re more powerful than you could ever grasp. One love much love.
Union of the Unwanted
Please continue your efforts with the --Union Of The Unwanted-- We are out here listening (Missouri)
The Ripple Effect
In a time when media is controlled by the ruling class narratives, and freedom of speech and press is criminalized, this podcast is like finding a diamond of truth in a deep state bale of hale.
Stupidest podcast I’ve ever listened to
Great podcast
Wide variety of topics, good conversations, nice host.
Great podcast
Rickys very humble and has many different view points on and let’s them speak.
Great show
I love the show. Five stars all the way. I’m concerned about Sam Tripoli self appointing himself as the leader of the ‘conspiracy gang’ though. He’s clearly manipulating OBDM and the others for his own purposes
I don't need anything
Good stuff- fresh perspectives, chill and fun
Audio needs work but in the least annoying way, kind of muffled in an almost asmr way lol.
Horrible host
The host likes to give his point of view on similar topics and the guests end up just listening to him.
fab berry
Here we go again
Great info when it finally arrives, the host goes on and on, I usually fast forward the hosts rants.
Waaaaaay to much rambling on by the host. Like one giant run on sentence. Please. Stop.
He was born a rambling man
This is a good show, with great guests and interesting topics. The problem is that Ricky hogs up the air time like I have seen and no other podcast, and will go off on tangents that last minutes and have nothing to do with the topic at hand. The show has so much potential, they are covering very important topics with very good guests – I wish they (he) would treat it with seriousness it deserves and give more time to the guests - Ricky seems like a really cool, nice, open-minded guy, but I listen here for his guests, so let them talk! If he reads this, don’t take offense, just constructive criticism
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Let Your Guests Talk
Dude, quit talking so much and let your guests talk. You just did a solo 35 minute podcast and on your next podcast it took 15 minutes in until someone besides you talked. You had James Corbett and Sam Tripoli on a few days ago and you hogged all the air time rambling. You’re yammering on saying the same thing 10 different ways. Get back to actually interviewing people.
The Vo is a Sko
Great podcast
Love this podcast, it helps me re-evaluate and recalibrate my life goals. Keep up the great work Ricky!
Huge podcast listener and I don’t exactly remember how I stumbled upon this one but I couldn’t be happier I did. They cover such interesting subjects that have definitely sent me down some crazy rabbit holes. New fan. Can’t wait to get through them all. Good stuff!
Rambling Ricky and his good podcast
Ricky goes off on tangents a tad too much with guests but other than that he’s a lovable honest open minded guy with a solid podcast with a variety of interesting guests. Worth checking out for sure!
Gem of a podcast
Probably one of the best podcasts out there asking the hard questions on American society and making us reflect on every aspect of culture, politics, art, film, media, sports, etc. the interviews never fail to enlighten. As someone who has limited time as a surgical resident, this is an absolute must if you want to continue to be “awoken” in this world if ours.
xavi 84
Who's the hell is giving this show a bad review?! This is one of the most clear thinking and inspiring shows I've ever heard! Please give it a listen, its a revelation of truth. Keep it up Man U have so much talent
Very interesting
A pleasure to listen to
Amazing Content!!!!!
If you like podcasts like joe rogan experience then you will love the ripple effect!! Always entertaining and always has wonderful guests. You will learn new things and have a great time doing it. The ripple effect and the JRE are my go to podcasts and always will be!!
Great topics if you feel even slightly enlightened. Offers alternative perspective and makes you think!
The ripple effect
Great podcast. Very informative and touches on so many interesting topics!!
This new podcast is cutting edge! For a first show these guys have their stuff together. Looking forward to future shows.
Scary Dave
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