The Ripple Effect Podcast
The Ripple Effect Podcast
Ricky Varandas
The Ripple Effect Podcast has historians on like Dan Carlin, musicians like Rou from Enter Shikari, scientists like Cara Santa Maria, alternative researcher like James Corbett, stand-up comedians like The Amazing Jonathan, health & medicine experts like Dr. Burzynski, filmmakers like Adam Scorgie, authors like Daniele Bolelli and many more guests in hopes to bring our listeners interesting people, and interesting conversations, with the goal of "Provoking Thought & Starting A Ripple."
Episode 284: The Ripple Effect Podcast #282 (Timothy Picciott, Josh Sigurdson, & John Sneisen | An Alt-Media Hangout)
Timothy Picciott from, Josh Sigurdson from World Alternative Media, and John Sneisen from, are researchers, thinkers, podcasters & friends who join me for a casual conversations about everything and anything. They are also regulars on The Union of The Unwanted episodes.
Nov 23
2 hr 41 min
The Ripple Effect Podcast #281 (The Union of The Unwanted | 11-16-2020)
The Union of The Unwanted, is an Alt-Media round-table hangout show created by Ricky Varandas from The Ripple Effect Podcast, Midnight Mike from the OBDM show, Sam Tripoli and Charlie Robinson. On this episode we are joined by new guests, Roger Stone, Steve from Slow News Day, Chris from Forbidden Knowledge News, and returning guests Richard Grove, Kingsley Edwards, Maryam Henein, Tim Picciot, John Sneisen, Jason Bermas, Graham from Grimerica, and Jay Dyer.
Nov 17
2 hr 8 min
The Ripple Effect Podcast #280 (Francis R. Conolly | JFK to 911 to Epstein: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick)
Francis Richard Conolly is a historian, researcher, thinker, and filmmaker of one of the most viral documentaries, JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick.
Nov 16
2 hr 36 min
The Ripple Effect Podcast #279 (Clint Richardson | Red Pill Sunday School)
Clint Richardson worked as a sound engineer on many popular movies and game titles like Resident Evil, Bioshock, and Metal Gear Solid. Clint is now a full-time researcher, author of the Strawman Story: The Real Story of Your Artificial Person, documentary filmmaker, blogger on, and he also a host of a show called Red Pill Sunday School. Check out his new documentary Wagging The Dog: The Story Behind The Story Of Covid19, and his older film, Lethal Injection, both still available on YouTube.
Nov 13
3 hr
The Ripple Effect Podcast #278 (Steve Maxwell | Strength, Conditioning, Longevity)
Steve Maxwell is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. Maxwell was named one of the top 100 trainers in the United States by Men's Journal and has been interviewed on many popular shows and podcasts like London Real and The Joe Rogan Experience.
Nov 8
1 hr 34 min
The Ripple Effect Podcast #277 (Greg Carlwood | The Higherside Chats)
Greg Carlwood is the host & creator of The Higherside Chats Podcast. THC is an interview based podcast where Greg Carlwood hosts conversations with the best researchers, authors, and experts on a whole host of unusual, suppressed, alternative, paranormal, occult, and all around fringe topics.
Nov 5
1 hr 13 min
The Ripple Effect Podcast #276 (The Union of The Unwanted | 11-2-2020)
Midnight Mike from the OBDM show, Sam Tripoli from the Tin Foil Hat podcast, Charlie Robinson from Macroaggressions and I come together for another episode of The Union of The Unwanted, an Alt-Media round-table hangout show. On this episode we are joined by new guests, G. Edward Griffin, Richard Grove, Teace Snyder, Dan Dicks, Kingsley Edwards, Brian Festa, Dr. Kendra Becker, Sean Dustin, Jen Briney, and returning guests Zach Vorhies, Maryam Henein, Brett Veinotte, Gordo Rochford, Josh Sigurdson, Tim Picciot, John Sneisen, Nancy Guberti, Jason Bermas, Monica Perez, The TruthZilla Podcast hosts, Ernest Hancock, Tim James and Melody Krell.
Nov 3
3 hr 11 min
The Ripple Effect Podcast #275 (Zak Paine | RedPill78)
Zak Paine of RedPill78 had a fast growing News and information channel on Youtube and Twitter, then he was suppressed, deleted, banned for life and generally shunned by mainstream platforms. After two years of steady growth, on Oct. 15, 2020, Youtube deleted and banned RedPill permanently after nearly 800 videos, two years of daily news reports and interviews with some of the greatest minds of today. Twitter followed shortly thereafter. RedPill quickly rose to the attention of not only the greater truth community but also the dying legacy media for his attention to detail & consistent high quality production. 2020 has seen the purge from all mainstream social media platforms, the most effective conservative voices and supporters of the President. Tune in 7 days a week to hear RedPill78 report the most important stories of the day Mon-Thurs at 6pm est on Red Pill News. If you like news talk check out Occam’s Razor with M3thods every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30-3pm est. Friday and Saturday nights Zak interviews a wide range of intelligent people with incredible stories and amazing talents, 10pm-Midnight each Friday and 9-11pm each Saturday. Finally on Sundays from 7-9pm he and M3thods host Comfy Sunday where they have a conversation about the implications of some of the weeks top stories and bring in top people from the truth movement in the second hour.
Nov 2
1 hr 45 min
The Ripple Effect Podcast #274 (Charlie Robinson | The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire)
Charlie Robinson is the host of the Macroaggressions podcast, researcher, and author of The Octopus of Global Control. Charlie has a new book, co-authored with Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante, called The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire, which is now available.
Oct 30
3 hr 7 min
The Ripple Effect Podcast #273 (Teace Snyder | Conspiracy Synergy)
Teace Snyder is a writer, director, producer, editor, actor, illustrator, and host of Conspiracy Synergy. Conspiracy Synergy is a funny, lighthearted and easy way to get everyone up to speed about the world of conspiracy. Teace is also the director of the film BLINDFOLD.
Oct 25
2 hr 29 min
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