The Ripple Effect Podcast
The Ripple Effect Podcast
Ricky Varandas
The Ripple Effect Podcast has historians on like Dan Carlin, musicians like Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory, scientists like Rupert Sheldrake, researcher like James Corbett, comedians like Jim Florentine, doctors like Dr. Burzynski, filmmakers like Adam Scorgie, authors like Christopher Ryan, philosophers like Daniele Bolelli, athletes like Justin Wren, professors like Richard D. Wolff and many more guests in hopes to bring our listeners interesting people, interesting conversations, with the goal of "Provoking Thought & Starting A Ripple."
Episode 296: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Dr. David Martin | Health, History & The PLANdemic)
Dr. David Martin is the founder of M·CAM, a corporate advisor, an entrepreneur, financier, storyteller, professor, inventor and one of the stars of the viral documentary PLANdemic: InDoctorNation.
Jan 19
1 hr 26 min
Episode 295: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Megan, Scott & Ed | TruthZilla SwapCast)
Megan, Scott, and Ed, the hosts of the TruthZilla podcast, join me to discuss everything and anything from current events, to sharing personal stories and philosophies. The TruthZilla podcast plants seeds of truth in the hearts and minds of those who seek it. The TruthZilla crew are also regulars on The Union of The Unwanted podcast.
Jan 17
2 hr 46 min
Episode 294: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Christian Yordanov | Ancestral Wisdom, Autism, Health, & Healing)
Christian Yordanov is the author of Autism Wellbeing Plan: How to Get Your Child Healthy, host of the Connecting Minds podcast, a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, Pn1-certified nutrition coach, buteyko breathing instructor, DNAFit trainer, sports and event massage therapist, and fitness instructor/personal trainer. Christian is also an avid biohacker and experimenter, and have tried most diets you can imagine, from vegetarian and fully plant-based (while training for a Muay Thai fight) to Ketogenic, Carnivoire, Paleo, and the Metabolic Typing diet.
Jan 13
3 hr 17 min
Episode 293: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Kingsley & Erin Edwards | FLOTE, BitCoin, & Big-Tech Censorship)
Kingsley and Erin Edwards from the new up & coming, censorship free, freedom promoting social media platform joins me to discuss FLOTE, Cryptocurrency, BitCoin, Big-Tech & much more. Please check out in your app store and help support big-tech alternatives.
Jan 10
1 hr 48 min
Episode 292: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Ricky Rants With Fans)
This is the first Ricky Rants With Fans episode, which is when I get together with my Patreon supporters to discuss everything and anything. Its a way to show appreciation to supporters of the show, connect with them, and help them connect with other like minded people. Make sure to sign up and support The Ripple Effect Podcast on PATREON (, if you would like to join us on the next Ricky Rants With Fans.
Jan 6
1 hr 25 min
Episode 291: The Ripple Effect Podcast (MemoryHold | From Heavy Metal, To Censorship, To Pedogate)
MemoryHold is a researcher, thinker, and content creator willing to go down any and all rabbit holes in search for truth. You can find his work on YouTube, Odysee/LBRY and BitChute. Also check out his recent appearance on The Union of The Unwanted, episode #16.
Jan 6
2 hr 23 min
Episode 290: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Kris Newby | Biological Warfare & Weaponized Ticks)
Kris Newby is an award-winning science writer at Stanford University, senior producer of the Lyme disease documentary UNDER OUR SKIN, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and author of Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons. Newby has two degrees in engineering, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and a master’s degree from Stanford University. Previously, Kris Newby was a technology writer for Apple and other Silicon Valley companies. Kris was on episode 202 to discuss her book, and returns to the show to expand on that discussion and share her take on the coronavirus, and COVID19.
Dec 31, 2020
1 hr 44 min
Episode 289: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Daniele Bolelli | History, Philosophy, And The Pandemic)
Daniele Bolelli is an author, martial artist, university professor, historian, philosopher, creator & host of The Drunken Taoist Podcast, and the History On Fire podcast. Daniele was born in Italy and now lives in CA. He was also one of my first guests on The Ripple Effect Podcast and has been on many time since.
Dec 21, 2020
1 hr 11 min
Episode 288: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Brian Festa | Co-Founder of CT Freedom Alliance & We The Patriots USA)
Brian Festa is co-founder of the CT Freedom Alliance, and We The Patriots USA, both organizations committed to preserving and expanding individual rights and freedoms. Brian has been on episode 230 and 253 of The Ripple Effect, and also the Union of The Unwanted episode with G.Edward Griffin.
Dec 14, 2020
1 hr 12 min
Episode 287: The Ripple Effect Podcast (Alex Krainer, Tim Picciott, John Sneisen | The Great Economic Reset)
Alex Krainer from , Tim Picciott from, and John Sneisen from, return to the show to discuss, the power of debt, the banking cartel, the potential collapse of the economy, and much much more.
Dec 10, 2020
2 hr 29 min
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