The Right Time with Bomani Jones
The Right Time with Bomani Jones
ESPN, Bomani Jones
Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.
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Ha ha braves
I love Atlanta sports teams choking
by u t FCC CT u bcf
Dope Pod
Absolutely love this podcast!! Keep doing your thing big bro 💪🏽💪🏽✊🏽✊🏽
DB Godbee
Bomani is an important voice we ALL need to hear. Agree or not. Always insightful and thought provoking.
Zilla TB
Bomani is great on tv and after hearing about his podcast on Highly Questionable, I listened and it’s pure greatness!
The truth!
Bomani is smart, funny and is the Truth! Love this show because it’s entertaining but also thought provoking and I learn things (monkeys have gangs?!). As a white man I have listened and learned a lot from Bomani and will continue to do so. Subscribe now!
Always look forward to this show. Been a fan since the YouTube show, the Ted Talk , Around the Horn, Highly Questionable. I loved High Noon it was exactly what I wanted from sports talk. Anything with Bomani Jones will get my daily consumption. Thank you for your dedication and grind!! Blessed
Give this man another show
Bomani is way too smart for this - but his show is in one of the best on sports, random stuff, and god forbid, race relations, sometimes.
Mr. Jones
You don’t know how much of what you do have help and keep me going. The guys and I listen to you still and your show all the time when we were down range/deployment. Keep it up And I’m trying to get my command to let me ask for you to come and speak.
Love the show
But I’m a hater
mr conducter
Not giving up
I appreciated your message today and I’m not giving up either. Keep it up!
Mann I Love this dude, he keeps it real. Also very knowledgeable about sports and other various topics it’s a must listen every time he drops a new episodes!!
Shaine H
Always great content
5 Stars
International Players Anthem was an elite episode. Bo consistently delivers informative and entertaining perspective on all things in the game of life. Spencer Halls appearances are also tight. Shout out to Gabe. Keep up the good work, guys
Thank you for bringing knowledgeable and educational view points. You hit on all topics and are never boring. Don’t ever bring Nero and Desus on ever again! They say Yo! way too much!
This guy is so intelligent. I love how he connects issues together.
Bo keeps it real
Other than being a Saints hater, Bomani Jones brings great points in an entertaining way. This is my favorite podcast. Highly recommend!
Mark R R
A review
Good podcast. Bomani is funny and smart and also smart mouthed but that’s who he is lol. I enjoy it all. 👍🏽
By far my favorite episodes are when you have Spencer Hall on. Just phenomenal listening. Thank you!
i’m scared of the future of espn because of jason whitlock tbh
BEST KAJ[insert sound]FAN
Give up that narcotic
I’m so happy the Raiders moved and I don’t have to root for them anymore!
Wanny Doodhead
Insightful content
Been listening for a couple months. Good mix of sports and social commentary
The best
The smartest guy on ESPN
Trayvone Larry
The best sports show out there. Bring back hit man.
Five stars
Don’t want Bomani to be inclined to think I am a hater. But seriously, this podcast is the best. Bomani is so intelligent and so skilled at articulating his thoughts and opinions in an accessible manner. This is the thinking-person’s sports podcast.
Don't fight a small high waisted man
Been a fan of Bo's since before ESPN and this podcast is absolute must listen if you are fan of sports, interested in news through a different lense, and love funny stories about getting caught in a lie, or losing a fight. If you don't like race or politics literally AT ALL with your sports, keep it moving. For the rest of us? Come on home, baby
Full circle
I first became a fan of you because I heard Desus and Mero call somebody Jomani Bones a couple years back. Now I listen to both pods daily. 5 stars cuz I am not a hater
Jokes and Knowledge
Come for the jokes, stay for for the knowledge!
Every episode with Shannon Penn is gold. As a matter of fact you can ink that in gold. Go Giants Go Knix. Sorry can’t help myself lol
Enough of the Dissing
I’ve been a fan of yours for a while Bo But you really got a problem with Tampa Florida you and your guests be dissing Tampa like really it’s way better than a lot of places out here you even got Gabe talking about shady Tampa I bet he haven’t even been to Tampa!!!!
Learn stuff... and laugh too.
He explains complex sport and world topics with a high level of intelligence and realistic view. If verbally breaking down complex topics was a sport... then Bo is the Mike Tyson of analogies.
Never disappoints!
Always an outstanding listen! I tell people about it every chance I get.
I love sports but I love this podcast because I learn about more than sports.
I see people aren’t cool with you talking politics. Keep it up.
Entertaining and informative
I mean, where else can you get a dissertation on the cultural significance of WAP? This is one of my new favorite podcasts.
Razor sharp & .....
always bringing historical context. This day in age it’s powerful/necessary . Production’s great, love the time stamp! I really appreciate the range & quality of guests. Keep Pushin Bo!
Love to be taught
Bo, you should know immediately, white guy raised almost entirely in Houston. I heard your entire discussion on Big Suey and had to subscribe and hear more. I was raised as well as a single mom could, but surround by white older men who tried and continue try and taint my views. I don’t know if there is anything I can do other than speak when possible in my circle to my understanding of what I have heard and been taught by you and others in the black community. Please don’t give up on white people, and speaking truth. Especially with the hatred I’m sure that is spit at you in this country. As you said F the bad people, but I promise you there are some of us that are wanting to be educated and know what people are going through. Before you even said it I was thinking, I hope Harden and Westbrook who have had a bit to say go after Tillman if he pulls some junk with those polling stations he said he was opening!! Don’t let him tell you he is opening up stations and then an issue happen just before . Keep doing what you do man!
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Catching up
Enjoyed listening to Bomani for years on radio & tv, finally dialing into this podcast. Trying to make up for lost time!
Ps he
Just started listening to this podcast can’t believe I’m just now finding this but I will TUNED IN!
Nana Ankamah
The last show with Dominique was the best ever too funny
Black Gallagher 86
Dream Dinner
Four people I would like to have dinner with Babe Ruth Rachel Dolezal Clayton Bigsby Mike Tirico
Posting issue, twice on Apple?
Bo, knows. My grad school is Purdue, I am boots on the ground here in Indiana with this Covid studying pharmacology. But why does your podcasted get posted twice every Tuesday and Thursday??. The duplicate post is always dud....
Real World
Sports for the real world, not an imagined sports utopia.
App Clayton
Not just sports
I really like to listen to Bomani because he has a lot of great insights on sports, culture, and society.
Best podcast
The Right Time is always a must listen.. thank you for keeping me entertained on my drive home
Bo and the ladies jamele and cari are fantastic
Listen to Bomani Jones on all his platforms. I will be watching Jamele Hill and Cari Champion on vice! This was a terrific interesting and super informative episode. If the ladies take this energy to vice you will do well. I know maybe a bad comparison, but a female perspective show with the honesty of Desus and Mero will be amazing. Bomani you know have to fo an away on the ladies show!!!! Great episode listen in.
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Bomani Jones
Most insightful, dynamic and intelligent journalist in the sports game
Automatic Listen
I've listened for years now. I love hearing his insight on what is going on and more importantly reassess how to think through ideas. I would register to take a college course from Bomani Jones, and I am grateful I can learn from him through this podcast.
best in the game
bomani steady bringing life relevant discourse with depth, transparency and introspection. salute to the bro.
Great source for smart and credible info
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