The Right Time with Bomani Jones
The Right Time with Bomani Jones
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Gotta Love Bo
Best ESPN podcast period. Not a hater. Shout out to Gabe too!
Best of the best.
Best podcast on the internet, and it’s not even close.
Life with sports talk—- great podcast
Sports talk the right way which encompasses real life events and provides refreshing perspective. I’m truly a fan and look forward to hearing Bomani’s perspective.
loc user
Maxwell interview was awesome
No Hate
Not a hater
Words on King
Thank you for what you said about King and how he didn’t leave room to twist his words. I got in a facebook comment argument(i know) with someone who shared a King quote to somehow disprove a King quote from his Birmingham jail letter. He wouldn’t admit if he had read it, but I could tell he hadn’t. We would all be better off if we did read it, and every speech he made.
I don't want you to think I am a hater
My favorite podcast. My only wish is you could team up with Shannon Penn more often. You two had a great rapport.
A brilliant brother
This one of the freshest shows on ESPN.
Philly 1 King
Mad Max
The interview with Vernon Maxwell was thoroughly entertaining!! Thanks for that one!
Please, more stay ready all stars. ** Update- We asked, you delivered Mad Max! Love the stay ready stories so much!
Vernon Maxwells Interview
Mad Max Interview
Bo, you got more out of that anyone else could’ve. As a Houston native, that was absolutely gold!
Mad max
No that’s a real........ solid solid love the dialogue!
Wild twist
Wow! I did NOT see the nugget about ‘08 Steph coming — very cool and makes sense that witnessing certain performances in person could inspire career/life choices. Just wasn’t expecting it. Made me sit up, rewind it and listen to that segment again.
Ps he
Vernon Maxwell interview
That was funny! I’m glad to hear about his other side, than what was usually reported about Mad Max. Actually it didn’t feel like an interview, more like 2 old friends catching up.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Very good
The Vernon Maxwell interview is one of the most hilarious episodes I have heard!
Texas podcaster
The best in business!!!
Bomani is my favorite ESPN personality and I wish they would bring back his radio show!!
Hawaiian Newt
Mad max!
We need more Vernon maxwell!
The Vernon Maxwell interview was one of the best basketball interviews I’ve ever heard, no filter!
Bo gets it right
Vernon Maxwell throwback was amazing. More 90's NBA.
The Vernon Maxwell episode was by far the best and funniest episode you have ever done an Bomani Jones keep it up!!!
el kuban
If you only listen to 1 podcast...
This is the one. For real.
Vernon Maxwell Interview
Excellent interview. Mad Max is a really interesting man. Thank you Bo.
Interview with Mad Max
This is an Instant Classic. Can I get the uncensored version of this ep.?
Bomani is the Goat
This podcast is one of my favorite podcasts. Bomani has the best guests and chill vibes. A must listen!
Stop the hold music
Love Bomani and all his podcasts. But the hold music when you want to tell and inside story/joke is just obnoxious. Just cut it out if you’re already editing it.
The Lebron James of Talking
The best and one of last good things on ESPN.
Bo's the best
Wish I'd started listening earlier. Gonna binge listen... Keep on keeping on.
Strat man9
As good as sports talk gets
A bold and insightful podcast that makes me laugh as much as it makes me think. Some of the best work being done in the modern sports landscape.
When keeping it real goes right
Love the “realness” of Bomani and Gabe. Also like hearing a black man that isn’t a caricature or stereotype discuss different topics from an intelligent point of view. The diversity is really cool too.
South Florida Chan
Look forward to this every week
This is my fav podcast. Thanks for taking the time to spit it out ✌🏼 I ain’t no hater
I’m inclined to believe
I’m not a hater
Bo is the sharpest knife in the drawer in the sports talk game
Great show!
Great thought provoking show. Makes you think and makes you laugh. Truly enjoy listening to the young man.
Great Show
Thank You Bo
6 stars if I could
Always a good listen.
One of the best
Love his point of view
5 stars
Podcast is dope And I’m not a hater 🤷🏾‍♂️
Great Podcast
Always clever and fun. Once Dan and Stu leave network, Bo will be only smart podcast along with Mia left on ESPN.
Just horrible
Only downside is we don’t get an episode everyday like before. No matter what you’re going to get honesty regardless of if you want to hear it. At the same time one of the few in sports media who can admit when he’s wrong.
I'm Me0000000
Probably the thing I like the most about the Bo Show is that I feel like it makes me smarter. I learn something from Bo or a guest in every episode. I’m not just listening to people talk about stats, odds, or playoff implications. I get my sports and I get some brain activation too.
From Farley.
Really enjoy your perspective on just about everything!
tammany hall
Tecmo Bowl
Probably best segment on any media ever.
Racism Welcome
Don’t listen to this is you have white skin color. Jones/foxworth not so subtly say white people are evil with a little more fluff. Way to To go espn
2020 was Great!
My Favorite Podcast by far! 2020 was a awesome year for this Podcast Bo and Gabe made this COVID year at least bearable twice a week! Keep up the great work fellas!
Mb Pops
Racist talk show
Sir fears a lot
Divisive racist
Terrible terrible terrible Go away! Dog Whistler America!
dr ffats
Double Standard in Racism
That Josh Allen comment was absolutely disgusting with alienating an entire fan base as racists based on profile pictures...
Smartest sports pod
It’s the smartest sports conversations going, and he’s really funny. I am not a hater.
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