The Right Time with Bomani Jones
The Right Time with Bomani Jones
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This show always brings it
I don’t even really follow sports that deeply. But Bo always brings an intriguing point of view. Even when the show gets deep into the sports of it all, it’s always great.
Joe Spacely
Bomani Jones
It’s more that a podcast, it’s a a lifestyle.
Gabe, play the music.
Cracks me up and ask infuriated me at the same time. Love the show!
Great listen!
Love the show; I listen every time.
Love it
Great work, Bo
Spencer Hall/ Ali
Jerzyxplorer I love it. All varietySpeaking to Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X talking about college sports Bomani hasn’t missed a beat
Always a great Friday
Love the show and your work—but an additional “thank you” for the intro to Sturgill
Great listen every time
Love the show and all the topics that get discussed in a thoughtful and knowledgeable way! After her appearance in the trivia tournament, a Mina guest appearance?
This guy is the truth didn’t realize how awesome he is just seeing him on other shows but I knew I had to follow his podcast because not only do I like being informed I want the hard facts that not everyone will always agree on thanks Bomani keep up the great work!!!!!!!
Aaron sing
Bo is lit (edited)
The people he interviews aren’t always lit but he holds it down Edit: this podcast has become my favorite. I used to like lebatard but Bomani has usurped him in my personal record book. Guests are great and the perspectives are one of a kind.
Real person
ESPN’s best analyst by far
Bomani combines one of the best analytical minds of ESPN with clever humor and authenticity. The takes are real (as opposed to “gimmicky” like some other shows), but still entertaining. And Foxworth Fridays might be the best sports duo since Kobe and Shaq lol. Appreciate the show.
A logical "fan"
Joel No Mas?!
Joel Anderson is very hard to listen to…know what I’m sayin’ 😳🙄 Know wha ahm sayin?
NOT a Hater!
Bo is always hilarious and personable. Miss High Noon, but always love the pod! Love listening because it's just like when you're talking sports with your friends.
Never miss a show
This is the best podcast you will listen to. Great guests, great topics, and a great host.
Easily ESPN’s best at this podcast thing
He can make you think and he can make you laugh about light and heavy sports/social topics. You never know what you’re going to get but it’s going to be original thoughts and there are genius moments occasionally sprinkled in.
Quite stereo typing!!
I’ve listen for a long time. I in general love the guest love the sports commentary. But I can not take it anymore. Bo consistently groups all white people into the same category. He consistently say “white people” are out to stop minorities from this or that. I hear all the time to stop stereo typing black people because of the way the dress or speak or act. But yet Bo can just keep on lumping in all white people as if we all see it or feel the same way. Not all white people feel or act or believe the things you say “white people” believe or feel. It’s a real shame! Bo is extremely articulate and has some awesome ways of getting is audience to go down a trail with him. But for some reason he feels he has to stereo type white people and I’m not going to listen to someone who continually lumps me and others I know into the same category as people who do actually view minorities as he describes.
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NuVision building
Deleted a star
Been a huge fan since your Raleigh days, gave you five stars more times than I can count. Your breakdown of the Rams Chargers fan fight was embarrassing. You’re glorifying what happened and at no point added something informative. Look I’m the mirror, you can’t be proud of that
boiler bio nerd
The best in the game
Love this show, guest and concept. Bo is special and hope we all enjoy this awesome talent.
Cause I am not a Hater *****
Not just sports ..but you get some life lessons.
I like the show, but…
I gave it 4 stars because I’m a hater. Dude blocked me on Twitter for liking a tweet about the show. Like, the tweet came from him & he still blocked me after liking it. I am officially a hater that is being petty.
Best sports podcast
I think bo is great at what he does never should have canceled high noon
The Right Time is one of my favorite podcasts. I am always looking for more episodes. Often I save the podcast to listen to while I am cooking and sometimes I play parts of the shows for my daughters ( Cultural parts). Love the show!
Brooklyn 00
5 stars because I am not a hater!
My only complaint is that it’s not longer because I can listen to Bomani, Gabe and all the guests talk about the wide range of topics for hours. It’s not everyday a podcast makes you rethink topics and actually laugh out loud all in one! One day I’ll work up the nerve to call in! Haha Thank you to Bomani, all the producers and guests!
Love it
Bomani and his guests are unfailing intelligent and fun to listen to. They give me glimpses into worlds I would otherwise not see, be they sport or cultural. Worth a listen.
Another Good Informative Ep.
Bowden’s last stance. Lamont under investigation by the Po Po while working for the Po Po. The lack of use of Passenger 57.
Bimini is my favorite sportscaster of all time. His intelligence, knowledge, and preparation makes him second to none. ESPN should be ashamed for not showcasing him more with his own show. Yet, we get these white counterparts that are not even in his league with shows on tv and podcasts, Mike Greenberg, Max Kellerman and so on. Wake up and give this man his due; not only has he earned it, he is head and shoulders above the crap you give us. True Fan-
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Fingazz 123
Not a hater.
The addition of Foxworth Friday makes it the best sports podcast.
No Bo I will not “Think of the landlords”
Not only do tenets have to pay back the months of rent relief back, but federal funds are are available if you can’t get them take it up with your legislator. And still if you’re having trouble maybe sell the house? Investments come with risk live with it.
Bo knows talk podcasting!
Bomani is just the right combination of intellectual, low-key privilege and hood humbleness to speak to his generation and a little older’Xers’ like myself. Enjoy your work—5 stars—don’t want you to think I’m a Hater!
Dub 7
Excellent podcast Bomani!! 5 stars! Excellent pod Bo!
eruc solomita
400 Meter Hurdles
If you think an Italian winning the 100 was funny did you see that Norwegian Viking win the hurdles? Please talk about that. 5 stars ⭐️, I’m no hater.
No hater here!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love the show!
Bo is the best!
Gotta give 5 starts b/c I’m no hater! Also let’s get Dan Lebatard on The Right Time b/c I know you jus got that new deal and not tryin jump to the pirate ship right now. Luv the “when I tried my pops” and “when I quit football” voicemails!! They NEVER miss!
Good listen
Informative and funny shows always get 5-stars
retired army guy 2012
Foxworth Friday’s needs its own 2-3hr podcast
No mani is is a great listen no doubt, but him and foxworth have a real, non-forced, conversation that is important as a minority voice from ESPN. But overall just a great show in general.
Try the Thursday crossword
It’s a little harder but a lot more fun
Wanny Doodhead
Bo & Foxworth! Yes!
Bro, you guys legit have saved me from FirstTake HER TAKE. I cannot take that show when they are on there. Sidenote: Molly, Stephen A and Max, please don’t let the ladies host anymore. They talk about Starbucks more than anything else. We don’t care about Starbucks! We want to hear about THE Bucks & other NBA news. For the record though, I listen to The Right Time regularly now. Bomani, your pod is quickly becoming my favorite Sports Pod. I like Cowheard, but dude just has way too many advertisements per episode. J&J, keep giving the people what THEY want, but I don’t want it anymore. Bomani and Foxworth have such good chemistry. I laugh so hard on some of the stuff they say. You guys are like two dudes I grew up with (Yeah, I’m 42) Keep it up!
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Bo for President
Always informative and entertaining!
Old ATL fan
Bomani does effortlessly what others only can dream of. He conveys his point without ever being preachy or dogmatic. His natural wit shines through every episode and gives you several lenses to view sports, which not everyone can do. Salute to him. In addition, you pair him with Domonique Foxworth, another highly intelligent and introspective individual, and you get Foxworth Friday’s which have become my favorite because these two pair incredibly well together. They do deep dives on topics with calculated precision. Phenomenal podcast.
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Eric from Maryland
He is very good at spelling out sometimes difficult topics. And very funny too! I like listening to him and Roy Wood Jr. Kind of reminds me of times when all of my brothers used to get together in my parents house and cut up. Excellent show. Keep doing what you do.
E Heat
Bomani don’t miss. I learn more than I can enumerate and laugh hysterically during every single episode, without exception. Keep em comin!
Buay Dubz
Excellent Pd
Always great convo
Bo gets it right
Vinnie Goodwill is THE best guest on this pod!!! Spencer Hall is a close 2nd. Love em all
Five Stars
Don’t be inclined to think that I’m a hater! 💯
Quiet Noise
The Best!
Love Bomani! Love Foxworth Friday!
Where did the style go?
The show used to end with a woman, apologize I do not know her name, stating ‘Bomani Jones’ with such flair & lilt in her voice, I loved it. I waited to the end to hear her. Now it’s gone replaced with professional boring. The pod is filled with talk about liking players & people because of antics that set them apart. Individualization makes them get noticed & liked. This woman with her amazing voice, sassy tilt of the name was a small thing that added style. BRING IT BACK.
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Foxworth Friday FTW
I love this show. It’s the most thoughtful, educational sports show on the planet. I especially love Foxworth Fridays. The rapport between these two dudes is lovely to behold. Thank you guys for the entertainment.
Lightweight. Shallow. A political hire.
Come down to stl Chick-fil-A is just another McDonald’s in north county. Drive up to a what you want
The Show is fire!
This podcast is the highlight of my week. It’s extraordinarily insightful and funny. Bomani always presents something thought provoking and does it with a level of authenticity, credibility and context.
Black historian
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